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  1. 2 minutes ago, shihuangdi said:

    So who was the assassin who want to kill GTY's son? Her fighting skill is on par with Shitou, was she send by the palace, since she was kneeling outside the gate when ML beating the drum?


    Also, Molan was laughing at ML only to find out her own marriage is falling apart. 

    That was FengXian right?

    The concubine that Stepmom gifted GTY via the Gu aunt.

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  2. 5 minutes ago, linhlinh111 said:

    Aunti Kang short biography:


    Back then when Aunti Kang and Wang Daniang were still single. For various reasons, Daniang was brought up by their grandparents while Aunti Kang grew up with their mother. Therefore, she was like their mother's precious daughter while Daniang and mother weren't very close. Aunti Kang grew up pampered by their mother and brothers to be a spoilt child. She believed she should have the best things in the world, everyone should revolve around her and she secretly looked down on her sister, considering her sister stupid and lowly. Then there were two men came to propose marriage to Wang family. Aunti Kang was the favoured one so she was allowed to choose first. Of course she chose the high status son of a Marquis, and Daniang was married off to Sheng Hong, who was just a low-level official at the time. 


    Aunti Kang was very proud of her status and marriage. However, as time went by, the Marquis proved himself to be an extreme playboy. While being an useless man in his career, having no real influence in the government, he was very good at sweeping up girls and producing babies. Marquis Kang didn't care nor respect her at all. Aunti Kang had to deal with her husband's many shu children, using her own dowry to support them when they got married. She despised his concubines and shu children, treating them badly, coming up with any scheme necessary to get rid of them. Marquis Kang was also a despicable selfish man. He didn't care one bit about his women or children and pretty much just let Aunti Kang got her way. She married off most of the shu daughters to be concubines of old powerful men, sometimes in exchange for certain benefits, sometimes just to ruin them. Aunti Kang has become quite a sadistic distorted person who is jealous with anyone else's happiness. She especially hates low status people, concubines and shu children. She advises and supports her lady friends to use underhanded methods against the concubines. She holds petty grudges and will try to harm anyone who dares to oppose her (or not give a damn about her, she considers it a form of disrespect, she's a VIP).


    Back to Daniang. When they were just married, Sheng Hong actually treated her well, respected her. She had quite a happy marriage. Aunti Kang was furious. She was jealous and she thought Daniang was not supposed to be better than her in any way. So she started whispering into Daniang's ears, encouraging her to interfere into SH's career. Daniang, proven to be a stupid and easy to be manipulated woman, lost SH's favor, that's when Concubine Lin came into the picture. She then encouraged Daniang to fight off CL, however, CL was also a cunning woman. Result: Daniang completely lost SH's trust and fell in power. Til then Daniang still didn't realize she should stay away from Aunti Kang. How stupid is this Daniang anyway?


    Aunti Kang, although having no blood connection with Sheng family, considered herself an elder of the family and wanted everyone to respect and obey her. When Grandma told Daniang to stay away from her, she took that as an offense and kept score. She despised all shu children, especially ML, who was raised by Grandma. However, ML was married off to a Marquis-to-be general, who was a better catch than any of her own daughters could have. She was filled with rage and jealousy. She couldn't accept the fact that someone so lowly as ML will now have the same rank as her. From her POV, ML should know her place and bow down to her instead of standing so high and mighty. She hates ML and will jump at any opportunity to harm her.


    And that's all the reasons behind Aunti Kang's actions. There's no logic at all in this crazy woman. She is just a malicious self-centered maniac whose only joy is to watch people suffer.


    What a miserable and pathetic existence.

    She and the step mother should get locked up in a remote prison and starve.

    Or die like CL, alone and pathetic.


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  3. 4 hours ago, ChewyChocolate said:

    Questions That We Want Answers To


    1. What animal was cremated in the urn? 

    A: A curious cat which was unlucky enough to stumble upon the murder. It tried to flee and yowled for help, but the nanny skinned it alive. The cat will reappear again, because it has eight lives left. 


    2. Why is Yoon always in a hurry?

    A: He gets agitated easily and has to destress himself in the loo after every dramatic outburst.


    3. Why didn't Min Yura recognize Woo Bin in the dark that night?

    A: She has myopia, but she refuses to wear glasses.


    4. But she heard him crying, omma, omma.

    A: She has hearing problems, but she refuses to wear hearing aids.


    5. Who do you think is hot other than the two male leads?

    A: The Prime Minister


    6. What is the next explosive event to expect?

    A: Yura's ex turns up as the new chef.


    7. What explosive event can we expect?

    A: He sets the wok on fire and burns down the entire kitchen.


    8. And...

    A: The smoke clears to reveal a corpse buried under the kitchen tiles.


    9. What????

    A: It is revealed that the corpse is Yoon.


    10. You gotta be kidding!!!!

    A: The real Yoon is dead. The existing Yoon is an imposter.


    Love it

    Absolutely love it

    You are hilarious

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