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  1. I'm actually feeling pretty relieved that SA decided to break up with JY. I thought I'd hate it, but I did not. SA's feelings of pain, loneliness, helplessness and inferiority were delivered so masterfully such that even though I understand JY's warped logic, I couldn't help but hate him a little for making our dear girl go through all that alone. Is this what the writer meant when she said that SA was the protagonist? Because she doesn't behave like the usual, mindless female lead, who's 'selfless' and drains herself for the sake of the happiness of those around her? That she's strong an
  2. Okay, so first of alll, that kiss......was simply too good and I loved it. But at the same time, I can't help but fear that JY took action...finally, because he's afraid that if he takes any longer, then there's a strong chance of permanently losing SA. She's been pushing him away for a while now, and while he isn't sure that he's completely over JK, he sure as hell doesn't want to let go off SA either. And I'm not sure if it was the right thing to do in the long run.... It's also like JK saying she did what she did cause she felt jealous and left-out kinda liberated him, and he wan
  3. Totally agree with you How can someone be sooo extremely sweet and adorable... SA has to be the sweetest, and most genuinely nice female lead ever.
  4. WTH JY!!!! You know about her feelings for you, and you keep doing this RickRoll'D. At this point, I'm thinking maybe YDY would be better for her. He did not hurt her intentionally at least. And JK.... the hell is wrong with her brain? I seriously don't understand why JY liked her for so long. Because right now, she comes across as being fickle, manipulative, selfish and self-righteously arrogant. I really don't get the appeal.
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