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  1. good luck to you bro with your decision, it definitely worth it!
  2. I didn’t actually feel any pain, perhaps bc the first couple of days I constantly was on painkillers but was swollen like hell! And bc of that swelling felt terrible discomfort, everything gone only in 2 months. The most annoying restriction was the diet I had to follow for a month or so… Since the bone was involved, to exclude any undesired movement even though it was fixed, I could eat only liquid or very soft food but in general, the post op was quite smooth.
  3. don't really think so... I'm still in love with female idols... they are super hot
  4. yea, a surgeon plays the biggest part when choosing a hospital, since 80% of your result depends on him, as I think. I went with dr Park Jonglim, he is from banobagi hospital. If you have no idea how to choose the right doctor, here are some tips for you bro! First, pay attention on his previous works that are similar to your case. Next, see the ratio of his satisfied/not satisfied patients. And last, not least, his professional background.
  5. well… actually I got some other procedures done along with jaw reduction and don’t really remember the exact price for that particular surgery as paid total. I do believe it was around usd 5k-7k, do you need precise costs?
  6. yes, I got my surgeries done in Oct last year. I actually also left a review on realself, check it out https://www.realself.com/review/jaw-reduction-t-osteotomy-zygoma-gangnam-seoul-kr-drpark?offset=1&sle=0
  7. I think most ppl search in realself, it’s kind of special plastic surgery review forum where you can find lots of real ppl experience shares, quite helpful.
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