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  1. Don't forget dear that all the BTS that we read and see here and there were made more than a year ago during WWWSK production. Just wait and see as PSJ's said. Praying the best for PPC. @jingjaja it's okay, my previous post actually was not replying you. I write it for mostly PPC shipper accounts on IG.
  2. Long time ago since the last time I visited this thread. Just reminder, please please please..... For all PPC shipper accounts out there be aware for everything you post. Be responsible for all the contents you post and please please please refrain yourself for talking about another rival shipper. If any of the other rival shipper put bad words to PPC or PPS, just let them be. If you also say something bad, you will face the war.
  3. BinJin made big decision to be a couple in drama despite of the dating rumor, so Yejin must be extra careful to upate anything on her IG because I'm sure she doesn't want the rumor overshadows their project. But, let's wait and see after the drama airing. lol.
  4. I think one of the reasons was because they were aware with BTS camera. As I remember @twoparkcouple said that there's a moment when PSJ was surprised when he's realized there's BTS camera because he thought that there's no BTS camera that day lol. And still, sometimes both of them looked cautious when camera's rolling. lol.
  5. Yeah, of course. If it relate to them, no problem. It look like the moderator has deleted the previous message I referred to. I can't find it anymore.
  6. @twoparkcouple actually so many questions in my head about DVD contents, but I don't want to bother you more. She's really enjoying her time during WWWSK production, really....
  7. I think it's better if we only focus to PMY-PSJ in this thread. Please refrain to talk about other party. Just friendly reminder. Hope his and her next project will be successful
  8. Another romance... ...will comment later.... Anw, from tvN to JTBC...when will Itaewon Class broadcast? Early 2020 too? Also on JTBC, right...
  9. Thank you @rubiflorie someone DM me already lol. And tbh I also enjoy to read what some PPS Phil write on twitter. Some of them are really funny to describe their love on PPC with words, pic, vid, gif, emoji, even though I’m struggling to understand what they’re talking about.
  10. Thank you! It looks like many things I missed about BinJin news. Now, give me time to read it and I also need to tracking back fchopin previous posts to know more. In BinJin we trust.
  11. I have read some comments on youtube for Miso drunk scene which said that they more seeing PSJ-PMY themselves on that scene than LYJ-Miso. Now we know the reason from PMY's answer on her FM and from PSJ's DVD commentary. Actually couple days ago I read someone wrote on her twitter about PSJ's behaviour in front of PMY on one of BTS scene on DVD (it seemed she bought the DVD) and I want to confirm it with @twoparkcouple but I don't know whether it's appropriate enough or not for discussing it here
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