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  1. New upload from the YouTube channel There's someone in the comment section that translate what they're saying. Basically, they're trying to upload video to this channel but don't really know how and arguing about it And they will choose 3 random viewers who watch in real time to give signed cups...
  2. Yes, I know. The original pic of this sketch is an edited pic by a fan, from their separated selfies with other people in MA wrap up party. It's just nice there's a fan out there going through all the trouble drawing it. Brings back all the feels...
  3. I don't really know Kim Min Sik's drama either... I only know he's one of LSK's close friends. I'm guilty of following his IG just because he sometimes post about LSK I'm sorry... And yes, he seems like a nice guy. Everybody in the team love him and he seems pretty fluent in English.. I think I'll choose the sleepy lion I need sleep just like him
  4. Another teaser... Seems like this is the official yt channel? I don't even know anymore
  5. Maybe... Korean usually very careful to cover people's faces when they have nothing to do with the show, to protect their privacy. I thought she's really one of the local crews, maybe a bit young looking, especially KNG said "this is our sajangnim" and then she waved... Hopefully, they will edit the show better in the future...
  6. New teaser! Is this the show's official YouTube channel? The video was deleted... What happened? Oh, it's up again!
  7. More teasers! Trans-Siberian Pathfinders playlist in tvN YouTube channel
  8. Hi guys! I just finished Dr. John and allow me to share my thoughts here... Ji Sung never fail to deliver! And, even though at first I had some reservation about casting Lee Se Young as the female lead, turns out she's able to match Ji Sung acting wise. Their chemistry is top notch. I always say that Ji Sung can create chemistry with a rock , but it'll be nice if the co star can give some balance. I love him with Hwang Jung Eum and Han Ji Min, and now Lee Se Young too. Love the team. I'm glad they didn't make Dr. Lee to be the opponent instead he's the fanboy. And his love line with Mi Rae is cute. That being said, I have to say that I was rather disappointed with ep 16. It's 2019, why the noble idiocy trope hasn't died yet? Staying away for three years without a word just because he thought it's the best for them is so 2014. And Kang Si Young should've slapped Cha Yo Han the first time they meet again. Well, he can't feel the pain but it'll get the point across. Also, what's with the phone call with that "I miss you" from Yo Han? No explanation until the end. Does he have a secret child or something? *cue dramatic makjang music But, despite the ups and downs, this drama has been a fun ride with some meaningful messages. And, Ji Sung is really really I mean really gorgeous as Cha Yo Han
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