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  1. Mother Nam Shin decides to kill Nam Shin 3? Where will the couple's affection go? The more you see the pain ...
  2. Su Bong decided to return? Where will the emotional happenings go? It seems that Nam Shin's mother decided to destroy Nam Shin III
  3. 060718 [You Are Human Too][Preview Ep 9][17+18] What happened after Su Bong left The more chaotic, the Shin Robot. I hope there is a HE for this robot couple and bodyguard Making Film_Robot Nam Shin set up Su Bong's protection order
  4. After the kiss before their relationship will be [Part 4] [Are You Human Too] Making Film to ep 10
  5. So Bong discovered the truth. Will she continue to be the bodyguard of Nam Shin and how their relationship will be?
  6. 120618 [You Are Human Too][Preview Ep 7] Romantic at the pool P/s:The villa seems like the management of Do in the movie You Who Came From the Stars?
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