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  1. @Cheryl295I don't have exact figure how many copies do they need in order to start their production! But based on the past experience, 500 will be minimum and 1000 if eng sub is included! The production team is asking us to send them e-mails but no reply so far
  2. Dear all: Please kindly order the director's cut version of 'Encounter' as a way to show our support to Song Hye Kyo (Our pretty Kyo)! You know? She keeps deleting instagram posts on her public account from about 280 photos to 218 photos at the beginning of the year and there is only 63 remaining now! I just wanna say, nothing happened in such coincidence. I don't want to guess what is happening to her but maybe she is having a hard time with sorrow. But still, she finished filming all the episodes and try her personal best to give us a memorable love story. I would like to call for all your support by sending e-mail to production team (Even though no reply yet) if you really love this drama! I really hope Kyo is truly fine, let's wish her all the very best
  3. Hi guys I think the survey of director's cut BLURAY/DVD is on the progress, any interested? To me, this drama is really great, I don't wanna see such fantastic drama is out of DVD/BluRay
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