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  1. Hemmm i think it depends what make she/he think about that.. But, i think if you are not sure enough, the best solution is just DM someone here whom active or you know best.. For @airplanegirl situation, i think deep down in her/his heart, he/she still hope that SA is really real, knowing that he/she was very active long ago, but i know that when MUD situation last year, many of SA shippers here broken heart about them, although they ship them from many years, including him/her, correct me if i am wrong, @airplanegirl is KJK big fan right? and decided to hiatus, but many of them still reading this forum, which means, deep down still hope and believe that SA is really real. And i think why she/he commented like that was want to gained positive energy from us, and to make him/her believe it again, so i think it's all right dear, we here for you too. That i want to say again is "Shipping should be fun", don't push them to hurry marry with each other or with another just because we are not patient, because that is their privacy and their human right. You will be stress, moreover to you who ship them from 2010. And sometimes we gain information, and we discuss that here, and that is good. Just follow SA step, and appreciate every moment, good or sad, and if it is too hard, and you want to rest even quit, then it's all right, we wait you till you back here.
  2. Yes it is, and in fact that was just a game, after that you can see his face seems cannot believe what he heard, when SJH said that... Dating or not, to me, They are very suitable, so it's not wrong to ship them, and let's watch together if it s really sail or not, as long as they are not marry yet to each other or marry with another person then it's fine. Like someone said before, let's ship them happily. And i am very understand how you feel, because i read your posted before, and yes, you are our sunbaenim and nice that have you again here, welcome back . So right know here, we ship them together or as individual, nothing to lose, and sometimes we can be delulu about them, but it keep polite, don't worry..
  3. Hiii..Long time no posted here, i just gave my love to all yours comments..hahaha When i saw RM last episode, i understand why PD team choose SJH, not because they want to linked them as couple (well it;s bonus, LOL), but because they know how depends SJH to KJK. And almost all episode RM, we know that she always near KJK if that episode include mystery spy, or riddle like that. Although sometimes, they betray each other, but then you can see they together again in the next riddle episode, so PD team think that will be OK. But YJS and YSC still questioned that too, LOL. SA said that they are uncomfortable with that situation ( being in mission together), but 'that mission' being reason for them to be together and they liked it! Like when you in situation near your crush, and your friends know you have crush with that man/woman, and you warn your friends that not make you near him/her because you feel shy when that happen LOL. But, if that happen, and you 2 have the same feeling, you will enjoy that and doesn't want that moment end, LOL! So, i think SA in that situation in ep 462. And i must compare SJH reaction when KJK betray her in the end. It different with Son Ye Jin episode, in SYJ ep, it full shouted, and bickering, but in the recent, SJH just looked blank, LOL! I think SA looked sweet in 462 ep.
  4. From what i see, there's nothing wrong about SA interaction, and i don't hope they are clingy in purpose in the screen time, because it's not SA.And i don't see something 'love in the air'SA with KJK and JSM, If i were, i would be ranted in here too, but it's not. And if you watched MUD, now KJK is Coach Training of Hong Sun Young, HJY's sister, do you want to add her to the list too? LOL. But it just my feeling, not something negative, off course. And i just hope my intuition is right. Let's pray together about this thing.
  5. KJK is indeed aware of what peoples talking about him, especially the bad ones, and sadly he think to much about the negative comments. And about your thought, my answer is No, he wasn;t tried to drifted our attention to Kookmin, but i think he is aware that he isn't close with JSM like him with YSC. And in his mind, it was bad, because JSM and YSC came at the same time in RM, so as a nice hyung/oppa he tried to close with JSM like he do with YSC too, even if it's hard because KJK is shy people. He is try to give same treatment with them both, but not romantically. Why i said not romantic? because he do that in many people's eyes, LOL. And that cleared for me, that JSM is just another woman sibling. So it didn't made me worry, and it confused me why "another' people worried about it?LOL. And for SJH's case, he always said they are sibling, but sometimes it wasn't looked like that, and even their friends realized that too. And even us are realized that too. And sometimes he can't denied even if his mouth said the opposite. This 'quite' SA time doesn't mean there's 'nothing' but just some relax time. First time i ship them, when KJK and SJH said there's nothing love between them, my SA world seems crushed, and i did had broken heart, LOL. And when i tried to accepted that, they came back lovey dovey and at that time i just wanted to shake their body and said "stop played with my heart" hahaha..yeah that was old time. And it repeated2 and repeated2, so i kinda immune of that, and more understand about them. So now like i said, i just wait and still wait. Happy Shipping!
  6. Wooow I love how everybody here very mature! And because we are mature, sometimes it kinda like very serious conversation ( well i think age is the effect off this, and yes, i am quietly old enough and mature too,LOL) even tough there is nothing to worry about it. And about KJK, I observed him for couple of times, just what i can see off course..KJK always have manners towards women (and men too), and especially for his colleagues. He have many women friends, and almost all off them follow his SNS, and KJK did the same for them. For me it kinda prove that that just friends relationship, including JSM too. But, there are an exception too, like SJH's case. Logic way, we know SJH is secretive person, and she didn't like that 'kind' of publication, especially when KJK's name always being tagged to her, LOL. And KJK is respect that, and not follow her account, and off course SJH did the same to him. It's kind of deal for them. And i think not just for SJH, he did the same for all women whom not like to follow and follow back his SNS account, and that's kind way KJK respect about his colleagues, especially women. And about SJH, only this year she openly gladly accept that she and KJK always tagged along, cmiiw. Their name tagged a long for years for shippers, last year she tried to accept that, but step back in the end, yeeaahh media's effect. But, it's a BIG move for someone like SJH's case, and i was indeed very surprised!
  7. Do you guys realized that in all the 447 ep, the 2 of them almost all the time side by side? But, the funny thing for me that in the ep 446 they full off bickered and KJK's ranted about SJH closeness with KJY. But in this episode, KJK is cute as lamb! . That was very contrast! As someone whom full off preparation, maybe you are right he is worry, as a family man, and someone whom have responsibility with his work, and that is all right. But, i think SA in preparation right know ( and that's why IMO, the PD staff highlight their closeness). And about KJK's denial, are you sure he is really in denial mode? Because even if he in 'denial' mode, he still always beside SJH. Forgive me, but I can't believe every denial he said about SA relationship from the past until now, because I am more believe with his action towards SJH, his gesture, his manner screamed out that he love this girl!. So, i don't mind if he in denial mode.
  8. Haaaiii... for @tiglon and @YeJin25 , I think you both not wrong here, because i believe you both through many research before you posted here, am i right? And it's not wrong if we had many speculation of that scene. Different is normal! But here, we had one similarity which is SA. And tiglon, don't be angry if yejin said you're exaggerate, because we all are here very exaggerate, and off course me on the top of the list! wkwkwkwkw. Because for us, even the little moment of our SA is so precious! am i right? And i love all both your analysis! Keep the spirit! And about the scene that you both discussed, for me there's more speculation: 1. At first, SJH and KJK really sit in the front, before the cameramen join with them at the moment.or 2. It was Driver and the cameramen in the front seat. or 3. There's no cameramen, just driver in the end, and the camera inside the car but KJK and SJH didn't knew about this before so they both were in the front seat, because they think it;s just them with the guest, so when finaly they knew they had a driver too, they move to the back seat. I don't care which one you believe, just the fact that SA very sweet at that time it just enough for me. Remember, different is normal, like in the past we discussed about when exactly SA in the love relationship which is linzer believe it was 2013, but not every this forum member believe that, and every people had their theory and their speculation about that, and it is normal. Did we separated because of that? off course not! because of what? we are SA! So keep our passion to our SA! Happy Shipping
  9. The one think caught my attention was in BTS when SA seems in discussion, and when another members busy with their smart phone, they are in their world together and no gadget in their hands..meanwhile, we sometimes cought our SA in RM ep, busy with their smartphone ( not a lot, just sometimes), especially when they were separated, Heeemmmm
  10. I still not have time to watch this but i read, HH said KJK's mumble 'julia''s name in his sleep, LOL i know that was just a joke but when i said that 'Julia' 's name it came 'Jihyo ya' LOL..."Julia julia jihyo ya"...wkwkwkkw off course it was just a joke.. When i watched RM ep 444, i laughed in the last scene, because it was a proofed that "Kindness is always win" and i am proud to our KJK! It is just me or he is getting handsome day by day? his skin more smooth and he looks younger.. And almost all in this episode, SJH always choosed beside HH. Do they had bad comments because of SA's closeness? Or just cooling off period?
  11. Wow!! It feel so bolywood!!And it is cute! thanks for sharing!!
  12. Actually when i saw this MUD ep, i can feel that KJK really very shy people, and it was cute He even shy to promote his album or single music And when he was shy, he tended to quite like 'he don't care; or 'cool' but actually he felt shy, and surprisingly i can saw that 'kind' of face when he was with SJH so many times.
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