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  1. Can someone please tell me what's going on ep14(preview)??? I am so worried!!
  2. Thank you so much for the in-depth clarification! My initial thought was that no one really knows the meaning of life, until you've lived through it and everyone might has a different meaning. Even for the wise man that have years of meditation/experience, he does not know everything. The question of meaning of life is thrown back to the man who asks the question; he has to figure it out by himself. And there is no one right answer for 'meaning of life', it really depends how you decide to live your life and then you will know. I think it might relate to when BR said that he has been always looking for the right answers, but OR has been searching for new answers.
  3. Haha I cant wait for the translation for that scene. From clips of Ep 10, BR is really stepping forward to protect OR, this really just made my day. Happy Monday/Tuesday everyone!
  4. Can someone please translate the clip?? It seems like BR's mom is sick, and the hospital is too busy and no one's available to help? But what is saying on the phone?? I am so worried!
  5. Poor BR! OR does like BR but it's just that she is not ready(with her mother' illness, etc.), and she does not want to hole BR back. It really gets me thinking about the two OST songs "Somehow, Someday" and "You Are the Apple of My Eye". Some of the lyrics are really talking about the relationship between OR and BR. I feel like 'Somehow, Someday' is the reflection of BR's thoughts now. Hoping that someday he will be alright(with the pain from OR's rejection, but at the same time he couldn't stop himself to care about her and to help her..). And for OR, she keeps denying that BR on the surface, which BR truly believes she does not like him, but I do think she likes him! I hope there will be a moment in the remaining episodes that has her screaming "it's always been you, I'm so in love with you!!" to BR just like in the song 'You are the Apple of My Eye'.
  6. @0ly40 @jl08 what... On the 11th Myungsoo posted on Instagram saying "tonight at 11". So there must be new episode, right...??
  7. For anyone who’s interested, the brand of the earphones that Myungsoo wears is called 오아 싸이퍼. I’ve been looking for these since 1st episode.
  8. I totally feel you! The ending of Ep 6 was too sad! Ba Reun was on the verge of tears!!! And O Reum must be struggling inside while she was playing that piano, trying to pour all that sadness out and saying those unspoken words to Ba Reun through that song...
  9. @chatterbox22 Thank you so much for the videos! Every time I see judge Han smiles, I smile too.
  10. @jeijei Thank you so much! Finally know the name of that English song.
  11. I really do hope that they at least release more videos of the next few episodes to ease the wait...
  12. They are soooo cute!!! Teeheeheee!! thank you so much for the preview!!
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