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  1. This version started off well and was doing great until past few episodes where caina and that other old guy got more screentime. I don't know what writers are thinking its not even f3 and leads but some random side characters. From the looks of the preview of episode 29-30 it looks like we will still have to bare her and the worst part ah si who just had a major break up will be shown fooling around with f4 and cai na tagging along with them in uniform now what's all that about? Tbh, they ruined the essence of the break up episode instead of experiencing the pain of lead couple's break up I was frustrated during the whole episode. Too bad the ratings will also suffer. The more I watch this the more I realize how great J version is. It's not too late and I hope writers have focused on the leads f3 and other important characters in the upcoming episodes. We already have lot of heart breaking arcs to deal with on top of that they don't have to add some frustrating storyline instead they could just focus on our other cute couple ximen and xiao you. Monkey girl is back again hopefully this time she will play a positive role in bringing our otp together. They eliminate yesha and gave us caina now I wonder if there's someone's influence behind her getting more screentime. I am sorry for the rant. I hope they don't mess this amazing remake that has lot of potential. Dylan and shen yue and rest of the cast are doing really great. I looke forward to more CaiSi scenes they have got amazing chemistry.
  2. Hey, can someone please brief me about the sequence of the arcs. Thanks in advance :)
  3. Finished watching episode 21. If you all ship main couple bad like me better skip episode 21 coz it hurts. It hurts so bad. I am glad they didn't drag the monkey girl track. Hope they don't drag rest of the sad tracks just like this one.
  4. Oh sorry It was all over the twitter in the drama hashtag and read two or three articles so I thought it was true. My apologies . Anyways I am glad that I can now watch this drama without any hesitation
  5. I feel so sorry for the rest of the cast and crew. I am really enjoying this drama. Hope they come up with a solution for this. Maybe change pd? Is it possible to change pd amidst while drama is airing?
  6. Episode 21-22 get ready for the heart break HZL is the real mvp. You may hit the SLS you were waiting for. In my case I am way too biased towards DMS(Dylan). Ep 23-24 we are getting showered with sweetness again These two are cute
  7. @kokodus and @rimjayc Indian version now has season 3 too in the form of short web series this year. I won't call it a boys over flowers adaption anymore. They dragged it a lot and completely changed the story line.
  8. Where can I find the raw version that had close up kiss? I want to see the close up. Didn't know that I am missing so much for skipping raw version
  9. All of this sounds so tiring. Most of the time they stay separated than together. I hope we get to see them being all lovey dovey for at least 8-10 episodes. In previous versions all the separation didn't effect me much because I wasn't really into the leads chemistry and my heart kept wavering between main lead(dms) and second lead(lei) but in this version I really see the chemistry and have special spot for dms (maybe its Dylan) and want them to be happy together for a long time not just in the end.
  10. https://www.allkpop.com/article/2018/07/breaking-park-seo-joon-and-park-min-young-are-reportedly-dating If this is true congrats parkpark shippers. Your prayers have been answered.
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