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  1. I might be biased against Fu Heng because he really DESERVES better. Throughout all of the episodes that I've watch so far, (47 ish) I've noticed that the one who understand Ying Luo the most is the Queen Fucha and Fu Heng. They can figure out her motive without her trying to explain anything. I think that part of them is really sweet. Even if Ying Luo is trying to push Fu Heng away, he knows that she has her own struggle and reason to do that. UGH Fu Heng just won my heart T_T, that feeling when you know you getting used but still loves her BRUH. Boiii needa wake tf up. I think the main reason why everyone enjoy this drama because of a strong lead that take revenge on who treat her badly and repay those that are kind to her. She's not some typical weak female lead that gets bully over and over again. Ying Luo also doesn't have a soft spot for love. She can love someone deeply but revenge is more important to her than anything else apparently, which make it unique. Typical lead actors in dramas would give up their position, wealth, revenge etc, for the one they love BUT AINT YING LUO.
  2. I don't think Yingluo is willing to be Fu Heng's wife because of her personality. She already want to give up on Hu Feng the moment he decide to marry Qing Er. Ying Luo is too rock headed to open about her feelings to Fu Heng again which is really sad. Fu Heng on the other hand is just a victim. Qing Er turns evil but he always thought of her as a nice, kind woman that's why he listen to her and eager to save Ying Luo. I can't really blame him. No one can be calm when the one they love is in danger of dying. What makes me kinda mad is that Ying Luo keeps giving Fu Heng the cold shoulder and never look back at him. Fu Heng's feelings are more deep and sincere. Ying Luo knows that Fu Heng married to Qing Er in order to save her yet still blame him for it. :((
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