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  1. you are asian ? i am west asian but from Lebanon i have double eyelids so i really can't understand , really did his family have double eyelids ? i didn't really accuse him , i just saw few pics from his childhood
  2. i do believe his nose i am speaking about his eyes , since he didn't have double eyelids when he was a child but now he has double eyelids and his parents and sister have monolids , i don't hate him i do believe his nose and jaw but what scares me it is his eyes , double eyelid surgery in korea is like a graduation gift so i was asking about his eyelids
  3. did he get the ssangkkeopul surgery ( double eyelid surgery ) because when he was a kid his photos show him with no double eyelids and small eyes and his whole family has monolids ? i love him but i just want to know the truth
  4. so all my faves did plastic surgery i still love them but most of them lie about it and that makes me angry
  5. what kind of eye shape does he have Double , mono or almond eyes ?
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