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  1. Hello everybody! Finally I have some time to post about the Rookies cpf event. It was amazing and I feel very lucky I had the chance to participate There were in total around 150 ppl, we have booked two cinema halls, no.2 and no.6 and the atmosphere was just fantastic! Because every time ZZ shows up on the screen, we all went ooooh and aaaaah and it was totally fine Few pics from the event. We were asked not to take photos/videos from the movie itself, so I didnt take any. The tickets including the free voucher for popcorn and coke In the cinema, lots of posters of ZZ were prepared, also the LCD screen was playing a special "ZZ trailer" if you will on the loop. Including footage of different ZZ drama works, variety shows, concerts. Nice to spread the knowledge of ZZ around. And of course the freebies. For the event, we were paying from our own money for the tickets and some of the freebies, but for very good price and there was even a lottery. Great organization of the whole event We were also signing the big ZZ poster (cr. on the pic) Funny story. As it was on the floor, one cpf didnt notice and stepped directly on ZZ face So somebody quickly rushed and mopped ZZ face clean with a tissue And this is the whole assemble. Well, some at the edges seemed to be cut off, but more of less all. (i have taken the photo from the "official" weibo post, cr. on the pic). We could also order the special fisherman's hats for the event, so thats what the most are wearing there. Now the movie itself. I have no idea about the release outside China, but the English subs kinda support the notion of having it released internationally, so fingers crossed. Hence I will put spoiler alerts for the major plot segments just in case somebody wants to wait to be surprised. In general, that was the best about the movie. As it fits with crazy action comedy genre leaning towards parody of the spy/secret agent movies, the surprise effect is crucial. Not knowing what will happen and enjoying the crazy chases and unexpected settings with funny twits is what kept me entertained. The plot is not really complicated, but I didnt expect that, so that didnt bother me at all. The most confusing for me were probably the languages spoken. Because there are foreigners talking English, foreigners talking Chinese, Chinese talking Chinese, Chinese talking English, Wang Dalu mixing up English and Chinese and on top of that few Hungarian people speaking Hungarian But they found a neat way to go around the fact that Mila doesnt speak Chinese, so kudos for that! Spoiler The Plot - see spoiler ZZ as Ding Shan (contains plot spoiler, will put all in spoiler) Overall, I think ZZ made the role his own and when watching the movie, I really felt i am seeing Ding Shan, not ZZ. So good job in my books ZZ screen time is adequate his supporting role, but as this action movie, there is not much character development, the focus is on action. WDL and the blue hair lady are the main leads and they get the most screen time. I think thats pretty much it, in a rather brief and compressed way. I hope it makes some sense . I enjoyed the movie more than I expected. I was really laughing many times throughout the whole movie and I hope ZZ himself is satisfied with his own performance. Good luck to ZZ's next project!
  2. Hi there! Sorry I have not been posting anything recently, too busy with my non-yuzhou life and work After the Milan and Parish fashion week, we have been experiencing some rather quite times, but zz Rookies premiere is just around the corner on 12th July! Local cpfs are preparing for private screening, which is very exciting because i couldnt participate last time for JY Pegasus movie as I was out of China that time. Go Go Rookies! Wish everybody a nice summer and great holidays Gotta add here at least one pic (cr. on the pic), the Two Fashion Icons
  3. Hello everybody! Not only I have little free time these day, I got swamped by watching JY Thunder. At first I thought I wait for the sub version, then i thought i maybe watch without subs the free version and i ended up watching is "live" on iQiyi Talk about resolutions, right? Here are some first impressions of the series (i have watched 8 episodes so far, two are waiting for me for tonight, because ZZ with his live Olympics event got priority ) I will not talk much about the story, but in case i touch upon that, i will put a note and hide all in the spoiler. 1. High quality production. I think that money was not an issue here. There are many exterior scenes and i would guess even the hospital scenes were shot in the real hospital, its not just a "studio" built. Therefore the whole series has a very real feel, because its happening at real places. 2. Camera angles. It reminded me bit Addicted because the director from Addicted also liked to use unusual angles and filming through objects/barriers that are seemingly in the way of the shot but actually adding depth to the frame. Here the director of Thunder took it even one step further. It seems like he really likes to play with the camera and offers the scene from very different views/angles, which are interesting but at the same time not disturbing, i didnt feel the cut/editing is confusing or too obvious and the more I watch it, the more I am looking forward to what else I will get to see, what other surprises the director prepared. Here one example in spoiler, its when Lifei (JY character) is being interrogated. cr. iQiyi Apart from the angles, we also get interesting scenes that are filmed from the very distance and then at extreme proximity. The only thing I personally didnt really enjoy is when Lifei is having a direct conversation with Li Weimin and its done as each is talking directly to the camera, looking into the camera. Its nice having JY looking at me like this, but it didnt feel right as the filming technique. But it could be just a matter of opinion. 3. Plot arrangement. This is another very smart way how to keep viewers entertained and interested. Basically in one episode we see some scene and then in the next episode(s), we go back to the same scene in a rather roundabout way and extra details are added to the scene or something that happened before or after that. The smart part is that I didnt feel like i was missing anything, its just building up on what I already knew. 4. Flashbacks. We get lots of the scenes that show what happened in the past, both recent and some really old stuff (like when Lifei was at police academy for example). It happened to me with some Asian dramas before that the flashbacks were messy and I had hard time figuring out when its flashback and when its the present time. In Thunder, the flashbacks are organized rather neatly, its always easy to know what time we are at. So far they mostly added background to Lifei's life. Spoiler in the spoiler as an example. 5. Who is the good guy and who is the bad guy? Another cool thing, most of the characters could be both good and bad (apart from JY character of course ) and Thunder is playing with our mind, giving us different hints that suggest this or that character is the bad one, both on the police side and in the drug business. Not only that, they keep giving out hints that who I thought could be bad, is actually doing something good, so my mind is like a pendulum swing Again, it makes it more interesting to watch, but due to that I keep changing my "attachments" to different characters on daily basis 6. JY. I really like watching JY act in Thunder because finally he got the opportunity to showcase his acting abilities, show his range. I like his little quirky poses and all the face expressions he makes and it just all feels natural and interesting. Mostly here its not the type of acting that would only require standing/sitting in a place and do the talking, but even when LF is being interrogated and that is rather "stationary" scene, JYcan come up with few different things to give it some extra depth. Some pics (cr. iQiyi) in spoiler with minor actual spoiler. We also get to see JY doing some funny acts (everybody has seen the hospital injured lag gig) and he is even smiling here and there one cute smile in spoiler, cr. iQiyi On top of that we see JY doing BJJ that adds a really nice element to his character because we all know JY is a pro. It feels bit "wrong" when Life is defeated at fight at some times because I feel JY would just nail it, but its needed for the story, i can accept that 7. JY/Lifei clothes. Thats actually hilarious because I remember when during Thunder filming the usual JY-goes-to-work/JY-off-work photos were not hiding his clothes as not to spoil it for the drama as usual because apparently everybody thought its just JY clothes. Well, turns out they are used in the drama the baggy cargo pants, the old grey tshirt that (thanks to the JY-mentioned 4K quality) is visibly pilling and the good ole' Vans shoes that JY sometimes used as slippers and many more. See spoiler for Vans shoes "evidence", cr. iQiyi Actual spoiler in spoiler about JY character I personally prefer crime dramas to romance dramas, so I was really looking forward to Thunder because i really wished I could enjoy it because its a interesting drama as well, not just because its a drama JY stars in. And so far I truly like it. I dont understand all obviously, my Chinese level is way below for this, but I look at it as a really intense Chinese language course. Boss makes me work real hard I hope many people will enjoy the drama both in China and outside and if anybody here feels like sharing what they think after watching it, please do It wouldnt feel right to post only about JY, so as I mentioned ZZ got his big event today, the event for 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, its 1000days before they officially start. For this occasion we got another gala and ZZ was not only performing a song (Glory), he was co-hosting as well! I think the nerves of being live with so many people watching got bit to ZZ, but he was very determined and really worked hard to conduct himself in a professional way. I dont know much about what ZZ was actually talking about because seeing him all tall, cute, in the white attire and hosting (that is a big plus because instead of the usual long wait followed by 4-5 mins of seeing ZZ, I got lots of ZZ this time ), i was just enjoying watching him In spoiler ZZ aka the investigative journalist screenshot by me from Youku app Some funky stuff from streaming in the spoiler. Lets finish with a Yuzhou pic because spring is finally here! Happy streaming everybody!
  4. Hello everybody, sorry I have not been able to post recently, too busy Here comes some quick Yuzhou update 1. Drama rumors. The better type of rumors when ppl speculate about yuzhou next projects. Nothing was officially confirmed, so just read for fun 2. JY Thunder, the highly anticipated release is still up in the air. The rumored release presscon on 14th April didnt happen eventhough JY flew to Beijing on 14th, but if its related I have no clue and havent even seen any info about JY schedule in Beijing. Looks like boss is more mysterious than ever Last time JY was flying in and out of Beijing it was around his bday and afterwards he started filming Half Moon Alice, so hopefully the pattern repeats itself 3. Some more concrete stuff, ZZ Tian Tian Xiang Shang show should broadcast on Sunday 21st April and we get to see ZZ wearing his lovely jeans jacket... And "Golden Classics" program (loose translation) should air on Saturday 20th April (according to Baidu), where ZZ made the guest appearance and will give us a song wearing lovely Givenchy outfit (see spoiler, cr. on the pic) The June Paris Fashion Week is just around the corner, so in preparation I seem to "fashion-stalk" both yuzhou now Yesterday, Tmall Genie weibo account posted about ZZ as their new spokesperson (well, it was again "guess who is that", but this time it was a no-brainer cos the video voice narrator was ZZ himself ). ZZ should participate in their new product release activity on 18th April in Beijing (kinda wish JY could keep himself busy in Beijing till at least 17th cos now ZZ is supposed to be in Shanghai). I have no clue if there will be a livestream for the release, but the official weibo posted a lovely poster with the address of the venue and even included a little map (see spoiler, cr. Tmall Genie weibo) Thats pretty much all I got, so lets finish with one "power couple yuzhou" pic (cr. on the pic) Happy Easter everybody!
  5. Plus now the Japanese version . I think there are even some differences between the DVD and Blueray editions, but I cannot say what exactly. The Korean should be the longest one in terms of BTS footage This is the extra stuff from Thai DVD that hopefully Lovely Things will sub eventually. The full video in spoiler, cr. 宇宙糖果屋 Yuzhou_Office have added Chinese subs, so at least I can catch some stuff. The part that includes video from @Saikya Basically ZZ and JY start rehearsing the kidnap scene and JY is not sure about how to do all the movements and hand gestures and stuff, so they call in Xiao Long to help JY. The director is there too, but he intervenes later on. Some interesting parts: when JY grabs ZZ at his waist, ZZ laughs and then tells JY to either grab him higher or lower cos it tickles and it makes him smile (which spoils the scene). Xiao Long also tells JY he can/should grab ZZ face cos in general they want JY to act it out more fiercely and as if GH is bit crazed. So JY does it like twice, but then he touches ZZ face softly and asks ZZ if it hurt. To which ZZ just smiles and ask JY to continue with his lines before he forgets them This is just what I remember on top of my head, but its all really very sweet and I really hope we get the sub version Now, latest Yuzhou news. JY got the AFA award for the Best Newcomer! So happy for boss, so deserved. JY not only received his award, he also presented an award for the Best Cinematography. The livestream was working quite well and to my surprise they were on time, which is not something that usually happens with Chinese events JY also posted a selfie (recently he has been posting loads of them on his weibo) and for once we got the pro photo. But I still like when JY posts the "real" photos of himself. Keep it real boss No spoiler, cr. JY weibo I always like it when the top comment is from a CPF also "26 replies" Second big news, ZZ reached 11mil weibo followers! Great work, eventhough we were joking with @nyota how did that happen when "all" ZZ did between 10mil (end of December 2018) and 11mil was shooting Pingpong drama just kidding , we are very happy for ZZ. Now we need Thunder to hit the market to get JY some boost. Not that the weibo followers is all that matters, but its a KPI that for sure all stakeholders are looking at. Yuzhou weibo followers numbers in spoiler, screenshot from weibo by me. (Note. not sure if everybody knows, but 万 is 10000 in Chinese, they have a funky way of counting numbers ) We also got Yuzhou in the 2018 Annual Fashion Brands Celebs Accomplishment ranking (rough translation), ZZ ranked No.10 and JY No.3! Nice Link to the video in spoiler below, cr. Qing Ruan Speaking of Yuzhou "marketing", I have quite by accident found out that Kenzo official weibo kept two posts of JY and ZZ from 2016, related to the ELLE MEN photoshoot See spoiler, screenshot from weibo by me, cr. Kenzo Now, the "famous" 100 Most Handsome Faces of Asia. Well, we didnt make it to the list... BUT we made it to 100 Most Handsome Faces of China. JY No.74 and ZZ No.61 (screenshot from LikeTLCAsia 2018 yt channel by me) I think Pegaus Team really nailed it, because in the China list Shen Teng is No.10 and Yin Zheng No.65! And there were some other interesting winners... A kind soul posted Pegasus on YT ZZ is scheduled to film 天天向上 (every day make progress/improvement) show on 26th March for Hunan TV. I saw a list of other guests that should be on the same episode as ZZ, but none rang any bells. Which doesnt mean much My friend says its a show similar to Happy Camp. As Happy Camp it should broadcast on Hunan TV and Mango TV app. I checked and it looks like Hunan TV Official YT channel is uploading the episodes too. Jiayou ZZ!
  6. Hello there @Sayu9913 and welcome here Re JY OST songs, I dont know if there is any list, what I know of and can find on YT: 1. Date with the Stars show - there is one version where JY sings with the other cast members and then there is version when JY sings it by himself. It sounds bit sad compared to the first version, but its beautiful to listen to JY's soulful voice. (YT link in spoiler, JY version, have also ENG SUBS and pinyin version) 2. ORS - the same thing, one version with all, one only JY (YT link in spoiler, JY version) For some reason I really listen lot to this song , but im trying not to think too much about the lyrics 3. Small "bonus" - not OST song, but I like it too, JY singing "Red Bean" song at Dongfang TV Mid-autumn Festival program (YT link in spoiler) Just a quick note if anybody would like to watch the 13th Asian Film Festival on 17th March. There is official livestream via opensky.tv app (can find on app store or google play) From AFA13 Twitter, Red Carpet starts at 6pm (in the app it says 5:30pm, so not sure which is correct), Awards Ceremony at 7:30pm, all in China time The app is in Chinese, but the AFA pops up on the main page, so it should be easy to find the stream once its live (fingers crossed ) See spoiler, screenshot from opensky.tv app by me I found there also a list of all nominations; as we already know JY has been nominated in the Best Newcomer Category with the following actors/actresses: Jiayou Jingyu!
  7. I am not Chinese, so I can only make guess based on what I observed or heard. Chinese people like to double words because it sounds cute (thats explanation I got, I cannot personally judge if it sounds cuter or not ), so for example, instead of 开心 (kaixin, means "happy"), they sometimes say 开开心心 (kaikai xinxin, still means "happy"). Often the doubling is applied to names too, so for example HaoHao and ChenChen (from Let go of my baby) full names are: Dan YuHao and Xiao BoChen (using Jiaersubs source, link HERE ), but only their last part is used and then doubled. Therefore I guess its the same with ZZ and his ZhouZhou. For JY, i think the "whale" nick probably follows him from the young age as well, as its kinda obvious nickname (鲸鱼 jingyu, "whale"), it doesnt look like anybody is using "YuYu" for him. Chinese probably think it doesnt sound good, but I really cant judge I agree, its very sweet. Its also @nyota one of the most favorite Yuzhou thing I heard ZZ singing it live at his bday concert in Beijing and it made everybody crazy and crazily happy Hello @Flipps87 and welcome fellow business woman in the Yuzhou realm Thank you for sharing the story... Regarding our Yuzhou, there have been quite busy this week. ZZ TV Drama Quality Awards on 5th March We started (and unfortunately finished too ) with the red carpet. Livestream was via Tencent app, so quality was quite good. I am sure everybody have seen ZZ's fantastic shirt One interesting thing. The lady MC wanted to hold the mic for ZZ during the short interview, but ZZ didnt want to and took the mic from her in a rather assertive way. Screenshot 1, ZZ taking the mic (cr. Tencent app) and it looked like he is trying to avoid the lady's fingers Screenshot 2, ZZ successfully holding the mic by himself For the Awards ceremony itself, there was no livestream, which many of us watching didnt know. Everybody on both tencent and iqiyi streams were asking about it, but nobody knew. i especially wanted to see ZZ playing the guitar solo that was revealed by ZZ Fanclub. What a bummer. Funnily enough, as I decided to give up, there was JY ORS broadcasted on CCTV6 can swap one yuzhou for another The Awards Ceremony was broadcasted today on Dongfang TV as cut and edited version. It feels bit lame, cos I got really spoiled by all that live coverage of yuzhou events Screenshot from CCTV app by me, ZZ receiving his apple-looking "trophy" for All-round Artist (everybody had to pick up his/her trophy him themselves from a table actually) Apart from ZZ, three more artists were awarded and the "Fantastic Four" was asked for some poses (see spoiler) Finally it was time for the music! Our "Guitar Hero" nailed it! Also its interesting to compare with ZZ rehearsal photo (cr. ZZ studio weibo) ZZ looks bit dorky here, dont you think? Still very adorable To make it "interesting" for CPFs we had JY Meifubao event today in Foshan as well! And both were originally scheduled to start at 19:30. Talk about coincidences... So I had to set up my streaming station again (see spoiler) Here I was totally unlucky, the official stream via Suning app (which I took the pains to download and install) was not working, there was some chinese chick only and after lots of lagging, buffering and complete shutdown, the livestream was closed Fortunately my friend sent me a link, Lion Sis was livestreaming from the venue herself. Thank you very much! So after lots of stress, I managed to see JY for few minutes. Well, he didnt stay long anyway, there were more pre-activities with fans that included some singing even. But I did get to see him, so I am not complaining. JY was dressed in a lovely light pink suit and it reminded me of ZZ pink suit photo that popped on the SimpleSearch app few days ago (see spoiler, cr. SimpleSearch) Then my friend said its very similar to the pink suit JY is wearing on the Meifubao promo poster (see spoiler, screenshot from Suning app by me) JY pink suit for the event itself in spoiler, cr. on the pic The most funny thing is that as soon as JY left the stage, ZZ name was announced on the Drama awards program! I mean, really?! Last but not least, ZZ Laneige activity on 6th March. There were lots of CPFs at the event in Hefei and way less BZs, i am not hating, just saying, also JY Meifubao was full of CPFs I managed to find a livestream link, which only said there will be some lady showing Laneige makeup, but turned out she was streaming ZZ and she was also ZZ real fan, cos she couldnt stop herself from saying how handsome ZZ looks and was even bit ooohing and aaahing when ZZ started talking on the stage The stream quality was not much, so im not even gonna share screenshot Most important is that after the event, ZZ flew back to Shenzhen Now, the biggest thing of the week, JY Weibo "PR Campaign". First the mysterious 3 selfies followed by THE weibo story. Im just gonna link Bummie's posts here, she summed it nicely and thoroughly as usual. JY Selfies, link HERE. The official version (also posted by JY studio) is 3y anniversary of HJT... JY Weibo Story, link HERE I just would like to add few points to the Weibo story. JY BGM is the same as the one used in ZZ Final Light promo/teaser video (I didnt realize myself, my Chinese friend told me). I have found the video on YT for those who have no weibo access, see spoiler, cr. 11301020 Adding ZZ studio weibo cover, as it was in a different Bummie post (see spoiler, cr. ZZ studio weibo) One more point from my Chinese friend, the original quote contains 相许 "xiang xu", which is similar to "想许“ (also "xiang xu"), which could be understood as "miss Xu" --> "miss ZZ" So everybody can draw their own conclusions, but we felt its all rather touching and romantic Yuzhou forever
  8. And here comes the usual yuzhou report Starting with some important Yuzhou milestones, such as the 3 year anniversary of Addicted Shanghai fanmeeting on 20th February. Remember I said 5ML wouldnt just post to commemorate some past stuff, well, looks like I was wrong cos they posted for the Fanmeeting anniversary with a song "Everybody is a universe". Looks like 5ML is as sentimental as us I found on baidu app (quite by accident) the following photos that were taken on 19th February 2016 when yuzhou landed in Shanghai (see spoiler, cr. on the pics) Another important milestone is that both Yuzhou spent more than one month in Shenzhen! JY only left briefly for few days for the Pegasus promotion in Beijing and few days to spend Chinese New Year in Dandong. Lets celebrate with the latest Yuzhou couple stuff compilation (see yt link in spoiler, cr. Qing Ruan) My favorite one in the spoiler below (screenshot by me) Today ZZ "broke the record" by flying to Shanghai due to his scheduled activities. Originally, ZZ was supposed to have Laneige event in Chongqing, but my friend said the organizers didnt get some kind of permit for the activity and therefore it had to be cancelled. I feel for Chongqing cpfs, because I also heard this is the second time ZZ event got cancelled there. I met some of the Chongqing cpfs in Beijing for ZZ bday and then again in Chengdu for JY bday and they are really lovely and dedicated yuzhou fans. Nevertheless, the second Laneige event in Hefei should be still on (6th March), so we can look for ZZ being all whitey, sparky and boyfriendy as always when it comes to Laneige Another interesting point, Hefei city (Anhui province) is not very far from Shanghai, so based on rumors, ZZ should be taking a train from Shanghai. Now speaking of trains, last time with JY in Jinan Railway Station in December it was disaster, so hopefully nothing similar will happen to ZZ We also got ZZ participating in 2019 TV Drama Quality Awards (not sure what the proper English name is) on 5th in Shanghai, and the 26th Dongfang Fengyun Chart (chinese wiki says the English name is "ERC Chinese Top Ten") on 25th in Shanghai. Based on what I could see on ZZ studio weibo, ZZ participated last year and won some award(s) as well. In between there is some unspecified program recording on 19th in Beijing. JY is still not sharing his monthly schedule, so I only know about the Meibufao activity on 9th in Foshan and the AFA in Hongkong on 17th (that Newcomer Award is hanging in the air and I so want it for JY ). Re the two projects I mentioned earlier I have been waiting to be released like forever, The Thunder and My Girlfriend. What a headache Thunder was planned for release in February, which obviously didnt happen. Then March, but we are already in March and still no sign of a fixed date ZZ My girlfriend got no fixed date either, according to ZZ vlog the airing date should be April, I hope that still holds. At least their weibo account is still "alive", the latest poster in spoiler (cr. My Girlfriend drama weibo). I really dont want to sound mean or petty, but even Pengpeng got a drama out on 1st March (see spoiler, cr. c-drama tweets @dramapotatoe) Actually I am happy for Pengpeng, good luck with "All is well"! Well, looks like all i can do is grind my teeth and practice the "Power of Patience" according to the Zen Masters There is some fun stuff with My Girlfriend too After I saw the following post from @bearology (see spoiler), I digged little bit into it... Cos Bridgette seems really slim, so what could have been the issue, right? I found a funny article on baidu app (cr. 八卦多) from June 2018. The author started with the following picture (see spoiler) pretty much saying Bridgette looks like ZZ gonna drop her at any moment and that he should go to gym cos he is too weak Then the author continued that Bridgette is quite tall, over 170cm and that her thighs look rather fat on the photo (I am not making this up, it was really written there. sometimes Chinese dont sugarcoat anything ) and that could be part of the problem. At that moment I thought Im gonna stop reading cos it was not really nice towards either ZZ or Bridgette, when suddenly the author wrote: well, if it was Huang Jingyu instead of Xu Weizhou, there surely wouldnt be any issue. (yes, I decided to continue reading ) The author concluded that probably the problem was ZZ's grip on Bridgette and showed the next photo where ZZ had changed his hold (see spoiler) Seeing the photos, of course I had to check what other Yuzhou evidence we have, so I digged for some more photos: 1. JY holding Zhang Tianai at the old Happy camp recording (see spoiler, cr. on the pic), ZTA height should be 165cm 2. JY holding ZZ (screenshot from yt by me, cr. jeong rhie ) 3. ZZ holding JY (screenshot from yt by me, cr. 哥是個傳說 ) We all know that at least once ZZ dropped JY and the technique had lot to do with it so it seems ZZ have not really learnt from his past mistakes (just kidding). To be fair, some ppl suggest that Bridgette is actually taller than her official height which is 172cm. I tried to find if there is any photo of her standing next to Guan Xiaotong (our Alice) whose official height is 173cm, but unfortunately found none. The problem is that in the showbiz the "official" height is kinda a floating number, some report less, some more, so even comparison between two celebs is quite impossible One good tip I have learned, ppl suggest to look at the waist lines more than the top of the head for the height comparison. So once ZZ will start promotions for My Girlfriend drama with Bridgette, I will be for sure checking their waist lines When it comes to comparing, one extra "no comparison no hurt" example Saw the following pic (cr. Harper's Bazaar Men) of Qi Wei and her husband Li Chengxuan... ....and what I thought about immediately? see spoiler As @nyota said: "strange posing and detached faces versus super comfortable and sexy" Gosh, I think I should stop now. Okay, two last things. 1. Article about ZZ in TSingapore magazine, original article link HERE. Please if you can also like and comment on their FB and Youtube accounts: FB link HERE YT link HERE Thank you 2. Continuing with the Yuzhou Japanese saga ( @snowlight351 ) JY Pegasus movie will be part of special Chinese Film Festival in March (see the poster in spoiler, cr. H .Jingyu Japan FC) Sorry, two more things 3. Saw this on JY supertopic on weibo 4. I just cant Have a nice week everybody!
  9. deary deary me thanks for sharing @snowlight351 cos this is definitely one of a kind! I still cannot wrap my head around hearing the Japanese dudes' instead of JY and ZZ voices @ChocoHateChip I totally agree, its enough to see why the Chinese got so hyped-up about JY after seeing him in ORS while skipping most of the gritty parts Thank you @snowlight351 for sharing your thoughts on ORS, I always enjoy others' opinions some of my reflections in spoiler. Welcome here @manifester on soompi! The first few months after I was "hit" by yuzhou were really intense, now I am more organized and figured out the routines that works the best for me, like the social media sources and coverages, weibo, wechat, livestreaming, i have even organized my phone gallery into different yuzhou folders cos it was one big mess Hello and welcome @Saikya too! I think as the party is still in full swing, you are definitely not late, just bit later than some others "yuzhou eyes cant lie" is what i hear lot from my chinese cpf friends as the reason why they fell under the yuzhou spell. for me personally it was how obviously happy they were when together and of course all the lovey-dovey. i have seen lot in china, but nothing like this
  10. Thank you and youre very welcome @yeammy Maybe just a tiny note, you dont have to quote my whole post, because its usually rather long and the repost is just taking space. if you would like to quote some specific part, you can select the text and there is a pop-up button "quote selection" if you have any difficulties "operating" on soompi, just send a note, I will try to help. Hello there @TakeMeSomewhereNice and welcome here! I cannot speak for the others, but I am still here Currently I cannot manage more than one post every one/two weeks, but I still post. As my posts tend to be rather longish, I would never be able to fit them on insta or twitter Saying that there are many Yuzhou fans posting on twitter, insta, fb and youtube and of course there is Bummie with her blog (http://yuzhousky.tumblr.com/) So no worries, yuzhou fans are still going strong Alrighty, here come the usual tidbits from yuzhou world. 1. Voting for JY and ZZ for the Asian "100 Most Handsome Faces 2018" Both yuzhou nominated, now its the voting phase, even though new faces keep popping up daily. There are two sources, one is insta, second is weibo. Insta - pls first follow the official account liketccasia (link HERE) and then give likes to ZZ and JY nominee posts (links HERE and HERE). Each like counts as one vote. For those with Weibo accounts - again, need to follow the official account first (LikeTCCAsia) and here each repost of JY/ZZ nominee post is counted as one vote (if anybody wants the weibo direct links, shout out please) Important: without following the official accounts, the votes will be discarded! Voting stage is till 8th of March, then based on the votes results, there will be some shortlist and the final winner will be chosen by a jury. So please everybody who has not done yet, please vote 2. ZZ Vlog#2 For those who cannot watch the original on Weibo, there is yt upload in the spoiler, cr. 11301020 I think that probably everybody knows the content by now, so just some notes in spoiler from me. 3. 5ML posted on 10th February, one zz post, one jy post (see spoiler, screenshot from 5ml weibo by me) The lines at JY pic are easier, "every time (I) walk with you (I am) bit childish". The song's name is "Every time (I) walk with you (I/we) will see a cat" ZZ lines didnt make sense to me at all, so I had to consult my chinese oracle, who translated as: "ignite your back profile when you start, dance with dust and rays". Well, i still wasnt much wiser until I found out the song is called "Galactic traveler". So if its about space traveling, it kinda figures Cpfs brought up YZ supposed vacation in Japan last year, that JY was doing funky stuff (playing in the snow and all that) while zz secretly traveled to Japan (you can check Bummie's blog for more details). Speaking of YZ in Shenzhen, I saw the following on Bummie's blog (see spoiler, cr. yuzhousky) It looks to me like JY is checking the shopping list he got from ZZ to buy him some snacks (in vlog1 zz did go to buy snacks in the supermarket there) 4. JY The Thunder Still waiting, still no definite premiere date released, eventhough thunder weibo keeps teasing us pretty much daily with videos and posters and whatnot. They also hopped on the Pegasus bandwagon and smartly trying to get Pegasus watchers to smoothly mover over to The Thunder (see spoiler, cr. thunder weibo) Well, I would love to watch it, just damn, release it finally what a headache really Under every thunder post on weibo, there are many ppl just asking "when its gonna be released" and even thunder ppl stopped replying to those questions. some comments are even like "the every day question. when its gonna be released." Well, lets be optimistic and hopefully it will come soon! Fighting Two more "funny" things re JY. First, he finally started following Guan Xiatong on weibo (GXT has started following the official Alice movie and the second-male actor quite some time ago, only JY was playing somehow hard to get. My running theory is that JY is carrying out extensive background checks on his potential to-follow candidates just kidding). Well, apart from GXT, he followed Jelly too. and based on the weibo it actually looks like Jelly was first and GXT second (see spoiler, screenshot from JY weibo by me) Now Jelly (its not a nick, its really her chosen English name ) turned out to be the co-start from the latest Talu Wang's movie that was just released on Valentine's day (the English name "It started with a kiss"). So JY asked everybody to go watch the movie on his weibo. second funny JY thing is bit more complicated, so I hope I will be able to explain it clearly. Some may have heard about it, so I will put in in spoiler. it concerns Pegasus and JY's brown overcoat. 5. Last but not least and equally important, we got Addicted dvd officially released in Japan, therefore to commemorate the occasion, one Addicted theme pic from me
  11. Happy New Year @lovehaiyin ! Or as the Chinese cpfs wish 年年有瑜, 洲洲平安 (niannian you yu, zhouzhou pingan) Not sure everybody heard about JY famous "Zhouzhou ping an" phrase, so just short explanation in spoiler. JY's Pegasus finally hit the movie theaters and this time many international fans could go to see JY on the big screen Excluding me cos I am on a biz trip in Europe and they dont show it in my country I wish I could have watched in China, cos they even have English subs (I was so ready to watch it without any subs anyway, but with Eng subs it would have been perfect) Well, fortunately somebody else managed to go @nyota, so I feel better One pic I think I can share cos its from a entertainment weibo account, see spoiler, cr. on the pic. I hope @nyota will find some time to share her experience here on soompi One thing that I would like to mention here and that is that nyota felt like seeing Guhai in JY's Pegasus character, Lin Zhendong. We discussed that we think its not that GH and LZD characters are so similar (well, both are rich and handsome guys ), but that JY is giving some of his real personality into his acting, hence some similarities. Actually when I was watching the latest The Thunder trailer, I also had a "Guhai moment". This is a screenshot from the Thunder trailer, JY is surrounded by some bad people and turns his head around (see spoiler, cr. Thunder weibo) This immediately reminded me of Guhai when he finds out BLY is wearing surprisingly less clothes than usual when going to sleep. See screenshot from ep10 in spoiler Speaking of the characters and personalities, ZZ recently mentioned in some interview, that his character in Pingpong is very similar to his own personality, so I think Pingpong will be very interesting to watch Our proactive Libra wielding his pro pingpong pad Many people have been getting ZZ on their weibo welcome page, but seems like I always get very different stuff. Finally ZZ Ambrosial brand started popping up, but they have so many different ambassadors, that I saw like 5 different people before I happen to finally get ZZ! Unfortunately, i am always to slow and didnt manage to screencap zz, only the yogurts (see spoiler) Small follow-up on the ban-earring-for-male-actors situation. When seeing the following JY pic, we wondered if the thing attached to his ear is a) a rather avant-garde earring, b) latest high-tech earbud or c) sophisticated cover of an actual earring to comply with the latest requirements concerning the said earrings (see spoiler, cr. Yoho! Trends weibo) Whatever the correct answer, I just love the hairstyle One more JY thing. The Dandong airport (note: Dandong is JY hometown) released a following weibo (see spoiler, screenshot from weibo by me, translation by baidu trans app cos im lazy) It is rather funny cos I remember some time ago (not sure exactly when, sorry), some JY fan commented that they cannot even travel to JY hometown to visit boss' city cos there are no flights. JY saw it and replied/tagged Dandong airport asking them when the construction will be finished. Now, at the occasion of the airport re-opening, they took a jab at JY with their post I personally find it very funny cos its a rather subtle joke. Also without tagging JY or mentioning his full name, they still played it safe Now the big thing, the Yuzhou New Year Gala programs we watched on 5th February. As "luck" would have it, both programs started at the same time at 19:30 China time. I managed to find the program lineups on weibo, but unlike New Year gala, apart from songs performance, there were also some comedy sketches and some general talk, which made it hard to estimate the time for Yuzhou to show up. We also had to split the "Yuzhou watch" and screenrecording within the team. Finally @nyota ended up on ZZ stream because their program was numbered, so it was easier to follow, also I happen to see photos from Wangkai's performance, who was number 13 and ZZ was number 15 in the lineup. So once WK pops up, we know its almost ZZ's turn I took the watch on Dongfang TV for JY. My Yuzhou Chinese New Year Gala Headquarters in spoiler I was running the whole scheme with two phones and one laptop, kinda digital "schizophrenia" My Chinese friend said that JY will probably show up first and ZZ second (they both were kinda in the middle of their respective galas), so we focused first more on JY. Once I while a tried to check on ZZ but I always happened to catch some talk part, so it was hard to see where we are and I went back to JY's gala. Then the MC lady said JY's name! (See spoiler, screenshot by me) There was another MC and I think that was the same guy that was MC for ZZ's Shake it up JY's part was not that long, a song medley with Yin Fang, but I personally think it was nice. JY totally pulled off the Dior pink suit including the sneakers shoes ala Justin Timberlake (just one screenshot, the video quality was not that great, but it was nice they included JY weibo account name on the screen in case ppl want to start following him see spoiler) After JY was done, we quickly switched to Beijing TV and within seconds ZZ showed up. It was way too close for my comfort The song was rather a simple act as my Chinese friend put it, when I whined about how ZZ couldnt show his singing skills. She told me its not ZZ's concert after all I like when she keeps me real (just one screenshot of ZZ from CCTV app) ZZ went with Givenchy outfit and his silver blazer was a nice change after the "red fever" of Chinese New Year As everybody knows, ZZ was part of a "pack of four" that included Elvis, who honestly has been kinda haunting me Not only did he take a part in the latest Dior collection with JY, and then showed up with ZZ at the gala, but now he also posted a rather flattering post about Pegasus movie on his weibo Today JY was flying back to Shenzhen (thanks to Dandong airport reopening he really could fly direct ) and if the luck and yuzhou work schedules permit, YZ could spend a Valentine together in Shenzhen Love is in the air people
  12. I see. I am sorry @yeammy , I dont have any links for ORS. I watched it on CCTV and once was enough for me. War movies are not my cup of tea, but JY is really cool there. Recently I read some article on baidu app that the most difficult was to make JY not to blink when he was shooting from his sniper rifle amidst all the explosions. that its a natural instinct for a person to blink, to protect the eyes. So they tried to come up with some ways around it, such asJY had to use ear plugs (which sounds reasonable), but the article said they were also blowing up $hit around JY to get him used to the explosions Well, I am not sure if I should say "well done", but JY is like a piece of stone there Here comes some usual random Yuzhou stuff as usual. Premiere of Pegasus is just around the corner and the promo is getting really "intense". On 28th January, there was an activity in Beijing, something like "Early Spring Festival Get-together". I didnt manage to watch the livestream, but afterwards many people commented on two things: 1. The director Hanhan is surprisingly short (he was standing next to JY, so figures ) and 2. The red hats. I had no idea, there are so many ways that ppl can put the hats on . JY has his usual style, the hat basically sits on top of his head (see spoiler, all pics cr. Pegasus movie weibo) But I think the most ridiculous was Shen Teng. I mean how is it possible to look like this considering its a woolen hat? Hanhan next to him probably lost bit of his fashion sense, but i respect his no-nonsense style And then there was this fella at the very right. I am kinda not sure how to describe that style, but guys look like having fun and thats the most important One more photo from the get-together.... ...the broccoli behind JY is rather funny, but look what (actually its who) is behind Yin Zheng (whenever I see Yin Zheng, I am reminded of the stripper-pole dance he has in Pegasus movie. Looks like he has some hidden talents too ) Speaking of hidden talents, we got ZZ in the countryside raising the pigs For a city boy like ZZ, it must have been bit of a cultural shock to come in contact with all those domestic animals. And eventhough everybody who meets ZZ says he smells incredible, I think this time he doesnt smell of roses (see spoiler, cr. ZZ weibo) As I mentioned Hanhan's height, there was also another Pegagus BTS footage where JY was standing opposite Shen Teng and Yin Zheng and to keep it leveled, guys were standing on a box (see spoiler, cr. Pegasus weibo) And once more thing for the height (looks like its really popular with JY), Half Moon Alice movie posted the following pic on their weibo...(see spoiler) Not sure what was the point with the centimeters, but personally I am more concerned about Guan Xiaotong's outfit. Well, JY has pretty moved on from Alice movie to his new drama which in English seem to be "Meet you", the filming opening ceremony was held in Shenzhen (yes, the new yuzhou city of love ) on 26th January and the lead female is Wang Likun, who seems to belong to Lucida as JY. According to the current info (all is rather tentative, these things seem to change at the end anyway), the release could be October 2019, 30 episodes in total (originally it was 45, so in this case less is more because it could have a swifter pace and less fillers ). Also with the new drama, my favorite JY character gallery has been updated (see spoiler, cr. on the pic) Moving onto the other JY's project, The Thunder drama. The promotion activities have been gaining momentum, so hopefully that means the release date is soon (knock knock on the wood). Somebody asked in a comment under the latest Thunder weibo post about the release date and reply from The Thunder account was pretty much "please wait patiently". yeah, thanks for the heads-up However, they keep blasting weibo with new trailers and cool JY posters, so I cant complain too much (see spoiler, cr. The Thunder weibo). And one equally cool pic from the latest trailer (cr. Thunder drama, screenshot by me) JY says "I am unable to run" (in the sense of running away from truth/responsibilities or stg similar). The reason it caught my attention is that it reminded me the scene from Addicted, the BLY kidnapping, where GH says to BLY that he cannot run away (from GH). If I keep watching Addicted, I will probably soon know all the BLY and GH lines by heart Drama Panda has posted an article about new restrictions imposed on Chinese dramas, if anybody interested the link is HERE. Among others, there is a new restriction on male actors wearing earrings so we were joking that thunder has been delayed because all the blurring-out of the earrings takes longer than expected just kidding. lets hope it will be released asap. Lots happening around JY these days, but we got some funky Yuzhou stuff as well. Remember Mao Buyi flight-ticket-in-JY-coat "scandal". Well, I typed MBY's name in baidu app and look at the very first picture it shows (see spoiler, screenshot from baidu app by me) MBY is such a cpf We also got lots of "fat" stuff going recently around Yuzhou world. It all started with ZZ New Year's Eve livechat where he wished everybody to be "round as pearl, smooth as jade", which is chinese idiom for "becoming fat". Lemme tell ya, my Chinese girl friends were not amused by that Well, at that time it seemed odd, but without any further reference I didnt pay any more attention to it. Today I saw a video of JY where he mentioned (among others) that he found Hanhan a bit fatter than expected. Then I saw on weibo a new song for Alice movie that can be translated as "(I am) fat, what can (you) do about it" Then I remembered ZZ lemme-show-you-my-muscles selfies where the weibo caption included "i will not say again i can eat and not get fat" Apart from the pearl/jade idiom, each instance use the same word 胖 (pang) which means fat/chubby. So maybe ZZ could have been referring to Half Moon Alice movie with his jade/pearl pun? (note: for those not familiar with the movie plot, Alice is a chubby girl who after drinking some magic potion becomes thin) Who knows, but I just love these Yuzhou "coincidences" Also, some fans suggested that JY "half of selfie" photo was not only taken earlier than when JY posted it on 28th January, but the curtains remind them of ZZ muscle-show selfie As Bummie says, belive what you want to believe or as Fox Mulder says "thetTruth is out there" Here some concrete evidence aka the "love posts", see spoiler, cr. JY and ZZ weibo Not sure, I will manage to post before Chinese New Year, so I would like to wish everybody a very happy Year of Pig! Hopefully it will be not only a prosperous year, but a year full of love not only for us, but for yuzhou too (no spoiler, cr.me, but I honestly need to work on my snow-writing skills )
  13. Thank you @snowlight351 and Happy New Year Let's start with the big stuff, JY Happy Camp For anybody who didnt watch, here is the link for the official YT channel ep (see spoiler). I know its hard to watch without subs, but JY and Shen Teng are so funny, its really worth to see. Also please give the video likes and if possible leave some encouraging comments. thank you! I have watched the episode on Hunan TV on Saturday, so I dont have any screenshots to share, when I have some more time, I will watch the episode once more and then will share. Here is just one pic of Yuzhou watching JY with me (see spoiler) In general, JY seemed to be having fun, laughing with and at Shen Teng. Even NaNa (the lady host), who is usually very competitive, kinda gave up when for the words guessing game she ended up with JY and Shen Teng on her team But there is a reason why JY and Shen Teng ended up on weibo hot search for being funny Great comeback for JY We are getting closer and closer to Pegasus movie premiere, some cool pics released by their official weibo account just today. See spoiler, unedited photos cr. 飞驰人生 Some fun stuff I came across on weibo: 1. TOP20 Most adorned celebs NOSES as per netizens feedback for 2018. ZZ scored No.19, but honestly he should have been way higher, some of those noses shouldnt even made it to top10 for example Luhan at No.5 (see spoiler, cr. AIMAN, screenshot from weibo by me). ZZ is right after Jay Chou 2. TOP20 Most adorned celebs HANDS as per netizens feedback in 2018 We got JY at No.17 and there is Jackson Wang at no.16. (see spoiler, cr. AIMAN, screenshot from weibo by me) Now I can admit to quality of some of the opponents hands, but what kind of picture they selected for JY? Yes, I left a comment about it on their weibo We have the Chinese New Year just around the corner and many foreign brands are coming up with special merchandise for the "Year of Pig". One of them is our favorite Vans shoes company, who partnered with a Chinese fashion brand Purlicue to create a special collection. It has the funny "The Fat Year" written on the bottom of the shoes (see spoiler, photo cr. me) All the shoes have some pink/red tones and are accompanied by additional "fat" shoelaces. (see spoiler, cr. hypebeast.com) This ending Chinese year was a special year for ZZ, as it was his year according to the Chinese zodiac (the Year of the Dog) and as we all know ZZ has been spotted wearing red socks and underwear at multiple occasions. The thing with this "special" year is that it can be extremely good year or it could be extremely shitty year for people born in it. Looking at JY and his year two years ago, I can understand why ZZ keeps wearing the red stuff on the daily basis and cant wait for the year to be over. Chinese ppl say the upcoming Year of Pig should be extremely prosperous, so hopefully it will be like that for Yuzhou as well. Jiayou! And lets finish with some bit sentimental Yuzhou stuff Almost forgot, ZZ was shooting the Chinese New Year Gala for Beijing TV and JY for Dongfang TV (Shanghai). I hope JY yelled there at some ppl responsible for messing with ZZ during Shake It Up recording, cos its the same tv station So there are many more hours of Chinese gala programs to watch @nyota Peace Out ✌️
  14. Hi @yeammy I am glad you find my "yuzhou reports" useful I am not sure what you are after with ORS and Thunder? Are you looking for links to watch or summary/recaps? According to the latest info (unofficial, unconfirmed), The Thunder air date has been moved to March 2019. Hopefully no further delays. "Pegasus" movie premiere is on 5th February (no change) and even JY has posted links for buying tickets on his weibo Also an official soundtrack has been just released, the song 一半人生 (translation "Half a Life") co-written by the movie director Han Han and Ashin (main vocalist of Taiwanese band Mayday) Link to the official video on yt in the spoiler I am sure I am not the only one who noticed the repeated theme of the vintage light bulbs. It has all "started" at ZZ birthday concert (see spoiler, cr. ZZ studio weibo) Then JY with his Pegasus promo song at New Year Gala (see spoiler, screenshot by me from official CCTV stream) And now Pegagus OST Another funny thing. There is a habit in China to eat a special porridge on the 8th day of 12th month based on the lunar calendar, which this year fell on 13th January. The Thunder weibo posted two posters related to this. The interesting is the one in spoiler, cr. Thunder weibo Based on the police "badge" number, that should be JY's character holding the bowl of porridge. Now as many know, porridge in Chinese is "Zhou" (粥), different character but same pronunciation as ZZ "Zhou" (洲). Now, where have we seen JY holding his "porridge" like that? (no spoiler, screenshot from BTS Thailand DVD, cr. 宇宙糖果屋) Also the background of Thunder porridge poster looks like universe, or? Speaking of ZZ, I have finally finished Evolution of Our Love drama! It took me a while to get there, but the job is done Here comes few last screenshots (taken by me from yt 感谢订阅中剧独播), see spoiler for details. Just for record-keeping purposes, here comes ZZ latest "The Rookies" trailer with Eng subs. Oh dear the hairstyle. But at least looks like ZZ's voice is his own, which is a big compensation for the hair, but lets see how we like ZZ's hair once Girlfriend drama is released, where he seemed to be bit on the ginger side The Rookies movie slated for release on 5th July. See spoiler, cr. Tangren Cultural Film Group JY had Dior event in Beijing on 10th January and surprise surprise, little Pengpeng was invited too I havent seen any photos of them together, but Marie Claire weibo compiled all the "participants", see spoiler, screenshot by me from MC weibo Fun fact, I have just discovered "Pengpeng" 彭彭 in China is used as the name for Pumbaa (the cartoon character from Lion King). Thats probably where Pengpeng got his nick from, as Peng 彭 is his surname (just guessing). So now we ( @artemis73 @nyota) call Pengpeng and Ryan "Timon and Pumbaa" Last thing, JY Happy Camp will air this Saturday and it looks like he will play the same game as ZZ did - guessing the Chinese characters. Based on the trailer and Shen Teng frolicking in the feathers, I guess JY's team lost that particular game/round (I am kinda hoping that after the Happy Camp airs, JY weibo followers number will pick up bit, because now ZZ is in the lead by almost 100k. not that it really matters, but ceteris paribus...) Happy streaming everybody! PS. @nyota found the swimming part of Baby let go. Thank you . Here is JY cut, see spoiler with yt link, cr. Timmy & Johnny
  15. Happy New Year everybody! Its quite hard to believe I have moved to a new year with Yuzhou, still feels like I just "found" them Very welcome to all the new fans, I hope you will enjoy it here on Soompi. Some updates from the Yuzhou world. I think we all got very excited about the latest addition to Yuzhou couple stuff, namely the suitcases and the top-and-bottom-clothes outfits. See spoiler. Based on this "evidence", our ( @nyota @artemis73 ) conclusion is that Yuzhou needs to color-code their suitcases, cos black is JY, silver is ZZ and red is for the couple stuff (just kidding ) The second piece of evidence is the overcoat that just popped up in JY's latest trailer for Speeding life - now with official English name "Pegasus". Not only was ZZ wearing the coat, he even did the BJJ-style knot on the belt See spoiler Speaking of Pegagus movie, my local cinema replaced a small poster with a brand new big-a$$ poster and finally started showing the trailer. See spoiler The more stuff they release, the more hilarious the movie looks like and the less I know what to expect from it I also did the end-of-the-year inspection of YZ "merchandise", so here are the results for Fila, Ecco, Coach, Superdry and A&F (all photos cr. me) 1. Fila - great results, JY is very dominant in their in-store communication 2. Ecco - the implementation was slower, took some time for JY to show up in their stores plus they are quite big on the other ambassadors. Personally I am not totally convinced about the Ecco strategy with JY, their position in the Chinese market, their products range and customer base doesnt really fit what they are trying to do now. But I trust JY that he negotiated well with them 3. Coach. Nothing new in Coach, but at least found a Coach store that is very close to an Ecco store, with just Montblanc standing in the way between them. 4. Superdry - the same as Coach, nothing new there, so I didnt even take any photos, need to wait for spring collection to arrive at the stores 5. A&F - no JY, but there was no JY before either, so still disappointed I also managed to watch few more episodes of Love Evolution during the holidays and took some more "Yuzhou evidence". Seeing those, I really hope that ZZ's My Girlfriend drama will include some kinda of Yuzhou references too. I wasnt sure about JY projects, but after seeing the YZ overcoat in the Pegasus trailer, I think we might get some surprises Fingers crossed See spoiler for details, screenshots taken by me from the official YT channel 感谢订阅中剧独播 I still have some episodes left to watch and I better hurry, cos JY's Thunder is just around the corner Thats all folks. I would like to wish all of us and Yuzhou only the best in 2019 Honestly, I cant wait what Yuzhou adventures are lying ahead of us PS. Does anybody know which episode of Let Go of My Baby includes the swimming part? It was probably part of the VIP cut, but not sure. Thank you in advance for any info
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