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  1. Hello everybody! Great, great news! ZZ historical drama has really started the broadcast It airs on Hunan TV in their prime time (starts around 8-9pm local time, depending how the TV schedule fits) and Youku releases the same eps at 10pm. Even better, we already have an official Youtube channel that has loaded up the first episode yesterday, its China Zone and the English name of the drama is "Weaving a Tale of Love". See link to the EP1 in the spoiler. No ENG subs yet, but I hope as of now its a work in progress. To help speed it up, please go and leave
  2. Hello everybody! and welcome to the new yuzhou fan @Makoe , its nice to see there are new people joining the fandom. You can check out Bummie blog for all kinds of Yuzhou updates, both old and new at Yuzhousky . Bummie is a real treasure The day-to-day Yuzhou "business" is happening mostly on Instagram. I am not much active there as I am more on Weibo platform, but from the accounts, you can start with Bearology or go through the yuzhou/jy/zz/addicted hashtags and found accounts you like. There are also active accounts on Twitter and Facebook, but at the moment I am not
  3. Happy New Year everybody! Lets hope 2021 will bring more happiness and less worries to all of us Great news to begin with. ZZ Dear Mayang Street has started the upload on Youtube with Eng subs. Its on YoYo English channel, the playlist link is HERE They release one episode every Thursday to Sunday, currently at ep.6. Please remember to give likes and post positive comments about ZZ. First episode link in the spoiler. I checked Douban (Chinese drama/movie review app), Mayang Street scored 6.4 points, JY Something Like This 6.9 points. See
  4. Hello everybody! I have been bit more busy, but still following Yuzhou around And boy, are JY and ZZ "on fire"! 1. ZZ Mayang Street premiere in October. As far as I know the episodes are being uploaded on Youku youtube channel, but so far no subs One Yuzhou fun "fact": as the drama is taking place is 1980s in Guangdong province and that ZZ character Ou Xiaojian is an undercover cop, cpfs say he is actually LI Fei's father (Li Fei is JY character in the Thunder drama) Here comes the "evidence": (photo spoiler, cr. weibo, cos i dont know who posted it)
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