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  1. sometimes people complain about rushed finales because they really enjoyed the story and want more .i think they suitably closed the drama for most of the characters, in a manner consistent with their roles,personality and the dramas premise of being a romcom saeguk highlighting societal attitudes to traditions,old values ,change and enlightenment values of free press , non violent resolutions of conflicts, reason and scientific progress . most issues in the subplots were resolved without violence or minimal violence, the power of the historians to bring change and hold the monarchy to some level of accountability, which mirrors the press today , ghr's use of reason to effect change from the king rather than kill her to get his hands on the records. in the finale we see the same factors at play,a non bloody coup, an investigation team rather than a blood bath, limited punishment for the other family members of the traitors rather than killing everyone and lastly ghr staying true to her desire to effect change rather than get married and become a housewife, yirim truly living his love for travelling and writing while being very supportive of his love . the only issue i had was the two brothers not having a scene with a heart to heart talk after the revelations, i also didn't want yirim to completely lose his royal status given everything his grandma suffered. maybe jin can be regent until yirim is ready or pass the crown to yirims son.
  2. yes yes yes i am so happy at the ending ,yirim didn't want to be king but if he says i want to live as an ordinary person does that make him permanently non royal or he can reverse the status when he changes his mind ,i mean his blood type and dna do not change. i'm glad he is still travelling ,learning and writing just like his father .they also did a very decent job in tying all the loose ends and giving everyone their just desserts .what happened to the old king ? i'm guessing he stepped down . i am also so proud of yijin ,he did the right thing ,such an honorable man .to me it didn't feel rushed and thankfully there was no more blood bath involved in righting the wrongs. i will miss this show ,ghr ,eunwoo's handsome face in his hanboks and yijins awesome charisma.keep the beautiful ost's coming. kudos to all the cast and crew, thanks pdnim for another enjoyable kdrama.you guys really do the work of the LORD to relieve stress,boredom and warm our hearts. special shout out to kangminjae ,your supportive posts for our cast helped keep the mood positive especially during the early stages.......u know what i mean.
  3. reddit, my dramalist.com,asian wiki, google review ,drama beans is doing a recap on the series for every 4 episodes, the swoon is a youtube video site run by netflix, they put up clips of the drama and u can comment, etc
  4. me too , seems like so much stuff is going on that should have started a while back but im confident it will all be sorted out .writers pls dont give us any open ended finale just settle all the scores. min ik pyeong needs to go though ,whether his head is chopped off or his limbs are chopped off he needs to leave joseon dead or alive
  5. i have looked up some other recent dramas on soompi forum and looks like traffic is just very slow on the forum generally but there are lots of topics about the drama on reddit and other viewing sites.
  6. this episode was so good .CP's attitude is disappointing but i want to believe that he is in a state of turmoil, doesn't really know what to do and is trying to obey his father .so far he has been quite honorable, but this is literally a matter of life and death and he needs time to process it . the scene where GHR forgives her brother is so beautiful and emotionally heart rendering but i'm glad she chose a path of forgiveness rather than resentment .as for yirim my heart's been breaking for him since the last 3 episodes but i'm hopeful things will work out for all of them . in tomorrow's preview ghr and yirim hold hands and run off somewhere ,well let's see what tomorrow brings. i am so proud of how he is fighting to get to the root of the matter and claim his heritage ,not necessarily the throne but to get to the truth of what happened ,clear and bear his father's name .my baby eunwoo is killing it .
  7. last 2 episodes have been so good ,thanks to the crew and cast. i love how ghr and yirim continue to love and support one another despite haeryung's stance on their relationship . their destinies are intertwined and both of them are actively trying to unravel their birth mysteries. the ssc is the real villain in this drama ,the king while being unpleasant was also a victim of ssc's evil machinations .i hope ssc gets his just desserts .as for the relationship between the CP and yirim my heart broke for them when CP lied to yirim ,about his birth ,alas yirim knew it was all a lie ,and i'm hoping and praying that they won't be destroyed by the coming revelations. i wish i could watch the finale asap. i have confidence in the writer that yirim and ghr will be together .obviously the queen dowager knows who ghr is and in yesterday's episode after the marriage was called off there was a glint in her eyes and she also looked at ghr when she told yirim she would find yirim a very perfect girl .
  8. honestly i dont understand why some of the audience are so taken with her .at some point someone said she wished sahui was the FL and that she rocked ,but i promptly questioned their definition of "rock".just because you are rude and contemptuous of your own father doesn't make you rock ,when you have been flirting with the married crown prince , betraying the other historians and hasn't really done anything positive to help the group. if we all remember after the night of the hazing she was so rude to haeryung and tried to discredit what haerung did for them .i felt like she was so selfish considering the fact that but for HR's help, her failure to "drink well" would have affected the entire group making the male historians treat them with utmost disregard.not a word of thanks but a warning to HR to not interfere in her (their ) business. i really don't dig her that much but to each his own.
  9. where was it stated that mohwas teacher was the dethroned king ? why would a king become a teacher ? there are two different actors acting the roles of teacher and ex king .if they are siblings who is their mother ? and why did the queen dowager take yi rim and not try to find haeryung if she is a princess? mohwa asked jae gyeong about telling ghr how her father died, there is no where that she states ghr is the king's daughter .you are making assumptions with no evidence .well we will just have to wait for the big reveal.
  10. exactly , that's what i have suspected that both parents were academics and friends .they are not brother and sister .would be totally pointless having them as each others love interest. on the tombstone yi rim saw at the hanyang palace it says hodam and yeongsan who i suspect is the teacher or the murdered kings love interest aka yi rims mom.
  11. they are not siblings . was the dethroned king mohwa and jaegyeong's teacher ? i dont see where that was implied .
  12. what search list are they number one and can show me the naver link ? drama beans is now doing a recap of the drama obviously because of the positive response .
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