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  1. I think LiXian is indeed enjoying a surge of popularity right now. I went to the weibo main site and when I clicked the search bar, I kid you not, I saw the words 李現黑色衣服 (LiXian Black Apparel) which were marked as newly searched keywords in weibo. This is probaby referring to his character’s all black look in the drama. Maybe weibo knows that I’ve been snooping in the internet for LiXian info for a while now
  2. They were so cute when they were playing their pretend drinking game in the bts. It’s hilarious how they were trying to outdo each other’s drunkard antics on the fly like when Yangzi kept forcing Lixian to finish his “pretend” drink (bottoms up!) and Lixian asked if they should exchange drinks (Or change her drink? Can someone correct me if I understood it wrong) to which she replied that she doesn’t want to mix drinks. Yangzi even pretended to get drunk as their game went on and proceeded to say that she has a high drinking tolerance then Lixian commented something like “oh so we should also act drunk too?” Lixian then pretended that she poured too much drink into his glass so he tried to sip it carefully so that it wouldn’t spill over. LOL. I just can’t with these two I feel like they’d really make good friends if they can make each other laugh this much.
  3. Watching this drama just suddenly reminded me how much I missed Yangzi after Ashes of Love. I was worried how she was gonna pull off this role. Man, she’s doing great acting here so far for me ☺️
  4. I’m not a die hard fan of Luo YunXi, but I have to say that even if he (rong qi) doesn’t have much screen time compared to the other main leads, he’s still giving us such great acting. I can see why they chose him to play this character. In Ashes of Love, he had the advantage of having a major role that allowed him to use the full range of his acting chops. Here, he has brought to the table as much (in some scenes, even more) star power as his co-actors even with such a limited role. I kinda think that if they didn’t get Leo for this part, RongQi’s character would have probably been completely overshadowed by the other male leads.
  5. I’m really more curious now about the identity of Rong Le because of all the flashbacks. Is she really a princess of western kingdom??? I’m liking the story so far because of the mystery hehe.
  6. So as I was watching the Korean version of GMP and seeing all the previously deleted scenes, I kinda felt grateful to be part of this awesome fandom cause not only did we get special episodes (to ease the tragic ending), but we actually GOT to see the deleted scenes because of the release outside china. I can’t really say the same for other web series which have a lot of fans too.
  7. Doing this today. Thanks for the idea! Hope one day the 55 ep version of GMP does end up in Netflix :-)
  8. I just watched the first two episodes of the korean release. Besides having more LCY scenes which give us further background into his character before he met XF, it seems to me that there are also more XF and Gujian scenes together? In the original version, it was really fast paced, in no time we already had GXW and XF meeting each other. In this version, they spent some time showing XF and GJ’s pre-gxw friendship/relationship. Sometimes I find myself thinking I’m watching a completely new drama
  9. Hi guys Posting these screen caps again because I'm a real noob with embedding images Hope this works... credit: IG stories by draco_ccccc credit: IG post by draco_ccccc
  10. For those asking about the source of these rumors/info, which I myself am seeking confirmation of: I originally saw it first in an IG post yesterday from the instagram user draco_ccccc which I follow for spoilers of the drama, Then it was deleted so I assumed it was just a rumor. Then I saw this in the stories, it’s no longer there now, but I got a screen capture of it: All credits to draco_ccccc, Are you in this forum??? I hope you don’t get mad that i share your posts IG stories post credit: IG draco_ccccc Then now there is also this post about the Taiwan broadcast of 55 episodes: IG post now about Taiwan broadcast credit: IG draco_ccccc Sorry guys, i dont know yet how to embed images, I need to figure it out again, hope the links work! Then I just randomly went to Baidu to look for info, here is what I saw from one user’s post: Tieba Baidu post about taiwan broadcast and extra ep Sadly, I am not fluent in chinese I can only understand bits and pieces and I might end up misunderstanding it. I hope someone can confirm this info
  11. guys, can anyone confirm the rumors that I’ve been seeing lately in instagram and baidu: 1. Taiwan’s broadcast of Goodbye My Princess this coming May will have the complete 55 episodes (china only had 52). So I’m guessing all the scenes that were cut out will be finally shown there. 2. They are now beginning or are already shooting a special episode, the content of which is not clear (flashback?? happy ending?) Is this for real????!!! LoL. Just when I thought I could actually move on from GBMP, suddenly this news comes out How to move on hahaha. But kidding aside, if these rumors are true, then I guess this is something to look forward to!
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