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  1. I'm happy she has already started the filming but why is it so quiet? Even there is no confirmation from soop yet. Did you see the pictures when she is filming? Where? I want to see it too.
  2. Yes, i agree with @SweetLullaby that it is too much if it's regarding as rumours, but there is no single news in Naver about this and her korean fans also do not talk about this at all, and as we know hj's korean fans will post on twitter every single little news about her. It makes me doubt about this news and adding with her health condition. But i dont know, it is just my opinion, chill out , i also want she appears as much as she can, so we no longer thirsty about her news, hahaha. I hope there is news regarding this soon. Lets pray together that she will decide what her next project soon @LifesLikeThat
  3. After this post that she is in Bali, i doubt that she takes the drama in Kbs, because it's impossible for her goes to Bali if the drama air in September, and there is no confirmation from Soop. It's different from black dog, soop give confirmation directly that shj has been offered the lead, i think she will choose black dog as her next project, and it will air in december (from what i heard). With 100 episodes in september and black dog in december, i think it is less possible to happen. But i dont know, i hope the best for her, and i miss see her in drama.
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