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  1. Voila! The silhouette photo is finally revealed – Joo Won is on the left Following by recent photos I found from ig that is interesting to share here. Its absolutely fine to have our own past-time. I'm sure when the time comes JW's back to career, fans will get together again happily. These days I'm watching J-drama, with Good Doctor remake, and a few others. J-dramas are good past-times as they usually finish in less than 10 episodes. Speaking of Good Doctor remake, I found it becoming boring in the later episodes. The story line is unreasonable in some detail, e.g. the sister right after the intestinal transplant operation can roll and lean forward to talk to her little sister. What a superwoman who can either endure the pain or overpower the effect of anesthetics! A 17 year old patient suffering from head injury was transferred from neurology specialist to pediatric surgery section. In the original K-drama this patient was a primary school student and thus treatment in pediatric department was reasonable. About the main character, besides showing nervousness I do not see the character's evolution towards a better doctor or a better person. Obviously the drama's emphasis was more on the female lead and the medical cases, with the autistic young doctor as a little icing on the cake. What's left in my mind after watching the drama was the heaviness and the dim lighting inside the hospital. Compare to other J-dramas that I watched, this is quite disappointing.
  2. Its unusually quiet here, hope that everyone is fine. Annyeong dear Tasia! Please don't be upset as we will see JooWonnie appearing in the army festival in half a month from now. Comparing to last year's event, this year seems to have less pictures of our celebrities doing the preparation. Just wondering what they will do to reach out to the public. I look forward to seeing JW playing a big brother's role in the pack. While waiting for the event, let's read some funny recalls for last year.
  3. The left one because of the shape of the head
  4. Excellent artwork by the wonderful fans joowon.art Those expressive eyes described cute Yongpal in 3 different modes: rogue, white knight, romeo. Again JW is playing magic that the more I stare into his pictures, the more I immerse into Taehyun's grief and hardship. Like this one, without too much nuances and emphasis - just by looking at Shi-On's back makes me feel pity for his life. Thanks for sharing this! I think many ROKA divisions are having holidays at this time, but it’s totally possible they met because they’re preparing for an event... can’t wait! Bingo! your guess is all correct! The caption speaks for us! JW's hairstyle is so refreshing. Pretty surprises he can be so versatile in styling even in military
  5. Here's a link to the LieV. On the bottom right panel there is the choice of subtitles in which you can choose English. Please try and enjoy. https://www.vlive.tv/video/16366 This picture was taken in the event for the movie opening: Special Investigation Unit. Here are some more pictures in the same event. Another day for the same movie. This time JW in a different, more flower-boy style. Ahh, Fatal Intuition... I would applaud for JW's a nice try It is not easy to describe a character fully in a movie within such a short time. Very often there are many elements to keep the story interesting with more variety and excitement to safeguard the box office. So we are fed with fast pacing, vague incarnation of the characters and a lot of interactions to help you dive into their situation quickly. I prefer drama which can give sufficient time for the audience to digest, rethink and appreciate the details. I'm so old school
  6. Thanks @Kittyna, our mainstay Let me in with my little footstep but don’t expect something as great as Kittyna hehehe. I had long been wanted to express my feelings towards Ojakgyu Brothers but just need a real kick by someone. It’s time for me to write them down, in the next post in order not to delay a quick response here. Please enjoy a few pictures for the time being. I did not remember where exactly I gathered those from quite some time ago. Anyway credit must go to the respective owner for sharing them on the Internet.
  7. This magazine photos were taken about the same period when JW was preparing to film Sweet Sixteen. So I have the feeling that Qu Wei Ren was already in him. This pic reminds me of JW’s first (and only?) exposure with BoA in the same occasion. when at that time they may not even befriend yet. He was presenting the Golden Disk Award to SJ and BoA. Well, the beard (real or shadow makeup?) also stands out. The total look and JW’s immersive acting ability really makes a man at 30’s but mind me, he was only 24 at that time. I’ll never have enough of pics of WTH the humble man. I’ve just seen the Japanese Good Doctor episode 1. The plot mostly resembles the Korean original whereas the individual patient story combined key features of more than one patient cases from the original. This is a clever rewrite as usually the J-drama comes in less than 10 episodes. Many of the script lines were exactly replicated so I was like going through the K-drama once again. The actors and actresses all did a good job. I like the female lead in particular for her natural performance. By the way she was the original Nodame, such a small world. I'm curious about how Mountia goes without JW and just have a look at their website. Huayi supplied 2 of its stars, one being the winner of the My Sassy Girl audition. The other is well-known locally. Somehow the new portfolios give me the look and feel of a middle-age dad and his teen girl. Never the same as JW before: youthful, radiant, relaxed and calm. I wonder how well their sales is nowadays. Anymore fan-signing promotions? Here's my pics selection.
  8. His hands omo… To me this pair of hands seemed to have been crafted from hard work and hard work only. Not from a spoiled kid. I can imagine warmth, strength and security holding them. If I were to draw hands I would like to have this kind of hands as model. lol - I didn't notice this at first until I started seeing fans pointing it out, and now this is one feature that I can no longer un-see, if you know what I mean Bubbly 101 hahaha - understand? JW had said in an interview that he might want to be in cosmetic ads. I think he has nice skin and facial features well qualified for one, but somehow he was not able to come up to any in the recent years. But back in 2012/13 when he had the climax of popularity, he was once appeared in lipstick and men’s lab ads . A bonus - the rightmost model was Lee Jang Woo, the buddy of JW in the last October’s Military Festival who had a very nice voice. The making of JW’s mask. Though it was tailor-made, JW expressed that his nose hurt when wearing it for a long time and doing all sorts of actions scenes. Moreover, the eye-openings was quite narrow which limited his sight and posed difficulty and even dangerous while fighting. I’m so relieved that he stayed safe and completed this fantastic drama perfectly. Our JW with baby-fat ...looked as if his facial features were not developed fully as we can see today.
  9. Wow, you all stirred up the intensity. I can’t wait to jump in . First thing first His expressive eyes.
  10. Well, its better to follow your wisdom to post pictures through url. Here is one collage of the many cute faces of Gilro. Dear Kittyna, you are the most delicate writer. Very precise. Very meticulous. Couldn’t agree more, except on the hands part which I’ve never have that lucky touch. But I’ve seen the same comments from those who did. So for those lonely souls of fangirl missing JWonnie, your paragraphs will serve us well into fantasy of meeting him up close. Just close your eyes… If my eyes get caught by his eyes, I will certainly be petrified. Have you started the One Night 2 Days marathon? Wonnie and his hyungs will bring you lots of joy and tears of joy Here is the official video My heart was aching when I read your fic. Its amazing how much work you must have done to fill up the prequel timeline. I didn’t think in such a depth as you did even though you only watched it once (?!). The darker side suits the drama very well indeed. Good job, well done! I expect more from you now, hehehe… Nice work of you picking the event photos. Eye candies to die for. I have to complain on behalf of Ha Neul – just because he was standing next to JW made him looked shorter than Ji Chang Wook, when both of them were of the same height! Oftentimes on the near side of the camera, JCW looked much taller than JW but he was actually shorter by a few centimeters. Camera tricks!
  11. Let’s buckle up and turn fangirl mode on. Here is a video of the event from youtube, credits to the owner. I spent the last Easter in Hong Kong when luckily it was the right time JW went to HK to greet his dear fans. He said due to language barrier he was once lost in the HK airport transferring flights alone. It was quite late at night and when he was getting frustrated almost missing his flight, some fans who can speak a little Korean recognized him and helped him. So he remembered and came back to greet all fans in HK. Touching eh? Not yet… He held his fanmeeting as a free of charge fan-signing event in a high-end shopping mall. If you spend a few hundred HK dollars shopping in the mall in the previous week, the mall will donate a few hundred to Salvation Army and give you a chance to get JW signage on his event poster. That was a meaningful event. Our Wonnie was such a kind-hearted man! In contrast, there were some other Korean entertainers went to HK for fanmeetings held at concert halls, and all required tickets at nearly a thousand dollars. I did not have time to shop beforehand and thus no chance to meet JW face-to-face to sign on poster. However, I could stay at 20 meters distance to watch JW on stage. Even from afar I was stunned by his aura. He was polite and gentle. His features, side profile and silhouette are very sophisticated, showing different charms under different lighting and angles. Very outstanding and attractive even in a crowd. I just can’t imagine why his ex-s could let go such a perfect man. After the event, JW attended interviews by a number of media and tv host. Here’s one for you where he’s cute even the host said that JW was “very charming, eyes full of charges (to kill!)”. I can translate if you want any part in detail. (while I have time and you don’t mind waiting ) I have a friend who’s young boy is autistic. Since when he was a toddler up to age of 6, he only live in his own world. Pay no attention to anyone including his parents. My friend has to quit his job to take care of him. His wife can’t because of the strength needed to catch him especially outside home. It was extremely exhausted to teach him anything and sometimes he was violent when he got mad with what he couldn’t do. I can see their patience and perseverance and hope for their happiness at the end. Last year in a party, we the adults were casually talking but then we heard the boy (age 10) mumbling “uncle, uncle..”. We were surprised and start replying to him for what he want. This year we heard him repeating what we had been teaching him when he was very small. He could remember the detail very well. That was a really good improvement although he did not give eye-contact but at least he wanted to communicate! I can imagine how difficult it was like to bring up Park Si On to become a good doctor! He can remain so pure despite all the differential treatment by “normal” people. That gives a strong hope to parents with autistic child. Talking about Han Gilro, I guess JW enjoyed filming it a lot because we can always see his lively cute expressions on the set and behind the scenes. I have some pictures to share but no idea how to upload them here. Anyone please shed some light on me?
  12. Before he went to the army, he appeared in a TV show that has a part filmed on the streets in Seoul. He was welcomed by a very big crowd and you could hear a lot of fanboys shouting "Gaksital!". Looked like JW had gained huge popularity from young boys who then growing up as teenagers, and also many were joining the army successively. Some videos of the Korean Army Festival 2017 showed that JW was particularly cheered by lots of fresh young soldiers, following him around for selfie and singing together! The chaos starts at 7:05, so happy! Agree. I think one qualification of a "Hallyu star" is the taking up by international brands for grand advertising campaign. That enables the star to be seen outside Korea and still be remembered when they are not having productions from time to time. Therefore they have to keep up the specific style/image throughout the years because this is where their commercial value is. This is where JW finds himself not achieving up to everyone's expectations. He's a chameleon in acting and can't keep a fix image for any particular brand. However, I would regard JW's belongs to the class of renowned actors who gained high respect from the nation through professional acting skills and commitment. Nothing need to be picked and compared on commercial terms. The other class shall be the idol type and "hallyu star" which is rather not a long-live profession, frequently renew like trends as the term "hallyu" means in its Chinese translation- "Korean trend".
  13. My apology for not giving response earlier as I had wanted to. I actually spent quite some time putting up a reply coz I’m still awkward with the skills using this forum. And the worst thing happened when I pressed the submit button – it kept on rejecting me saying error 403 and a strange long code!!! GRRRRR… I can’t even open the forum until just now!!! Better off than I once thought I can never read you again… tears… Here are the things I had wanted to respond. Hope that it would not be boring for bringing up chats from long ago. Thanks for the warm welcome by my favorite JW pic! Luckily I was there seeing the real JW - he was glamorous even in simple casual style. Such a perfect guy with the total package! @kittyna your description of JW’s way of acting was too exact - you nailed it so effortless! I totally envy your talent. You’ll be an outstanding writer if you would like to pursue this path. The remake of Gooddoctor is also not very much my favorite. The American version is adapted to the American culture so that the Korean value, about heart-warming family/friends/senbae-hobae relationships, is no longer the main theme. (I only watched three episodes, sorry if I am not getting it right but this was the reason I couldn’t hold on watching the full series) About the main characters’ acting, again I appreciate the Korean more for I can feel them through their subtle expressions. For the coming Japanese version, I happened to watch the male lead in another J-drama. He is so young and it will be a real breakthrough if he can act like JW did. Anyway, we should be grateful because these two adaptations are really tributes to the Korean team’s achievement. His eyes - there was once a journalist described his as “Bambi’s innocent look”. It reflects a pure soul the owner got to have before such a look can be conveyed strict through his eyes. The one on the left – if my mind works well, I saw similar thing in a video clip for his rehearsing the fanmeeting in Japan during the time of promoting L7CS in 2013. @green_cardigan Hi-five! I’m not alone hehe. You are certainly superior! See I can’t even figure out how to put your id as links! I heard a story on Sweet Sixteen production issues. It was originally a very popular novel on the Internet in China which the readers really expected good portrayal of the 3 main characters: the younger one played by Chris Wu, the older one played by Han Geng, and the antagonist played by JW. There were 3 parts written for the story of each of the 3 main characters and why tragic interactions were developed amongst them. About the antagonist’s story it was really heart-breaking. It was pitiful that QWR turned out to be dark and could not release his feelings about his past girlfriend in a proper way instead of destroying the familiar girl whom he couldn’t own. JW once said he fell for QWR after reading the novel and felt it a challenge portraying this character. The filming was much more in depth than the final cut appearing on the theatre. Seeing from the movie without pre-reading the novel, QWR is nothing but a jerk tycoon and psycho rapist. Also lots of comments were that the movie seemed only want to make Chris Wu a superstar (who at that time was a new comer in Chinese movie world). The other 2 main characters were thus poorly cut to leave only splits of appearances so that the story was not properly told. Scandals were revealed by Han Geng just before the final promotion event which was the one JW went to Shanghai but Han was not present. Han announced that he was tricked by the investors by giving him a different script for decision to act but yet another script for the final cut. The investors were using him (and JW might as well) who was more well-known in China to pave the way for Chris to be a new star. If this was true then JW’s awkward appearance in the movie was understandable. What we should complain is why JW’s agency, which is a joint venture with (or actually becoming a subsidiary of?) a major Chinese entertainment group, couldn’t manage to get a better/fair deal to save JW from such situation? This although was an invaluable bad experience for JW, broke many of our fans’ hearts. Please don’t withhold yourself for Sweet Sixteen. I daresay JW is outstanding even though appearing in only a few minutes in the movie. He’s shining with subtle expressions that can change in split seconds, silently but noticeably. I can totally feel his grieve, struggle to control himself and yet the devil was let out. No other actor in this movie gave me comparable level of mastery skills. A side note that is interesting to know, was that JW performed QWR almost right after sending away Park Shi-on the cutie. I was completely amazed by his talent and professionalism. I’m putting a picture of QWR here (wondering if I can do it successfully). Can you see any trace of Park Shi-on here? I don’t. JW’s Life Log entire series with Eng sub – wow thanks for the resource! I used to watch on Tudou ( a Chinese shared video site) but the quality was no good with ads and poor traffic. I can now re-watch this, fingers-crossed. Am I too greedy to ask for similar links for 1N2D season 2? I personally really enjoyed "Nae Il's Cantabile", but I think it's one of those dramas that maybe just wasn't everyone's thing. First of all, it was an adaptation of a story that had already been adapted several times over: "Nodame Cantabile" is a Japanese manga that got adapted into an anime, then a J-drama, and then - finally! - as a K-drama. So there was that really awkward tug-of-war between wanting to stay true to the original, but also having new stuff so that it's not just a complete rehash of a story that viewers already knew. I watched a few clips of J-drama Nodame Cantabile which the very much exaggerated acting stopped me from watching it. Then the K-drama was a more pleasant entrée to me and I didn’t know why it was so underrated than the J-drama. After knowing the story, I went back to finish the J-drama and movies. My likings towards the K-drama version was unchanged although I appreciated the Japanese' creativeness and boldness. Perhaps people especially the teens need a stronger dose of fantasy in order to escape from the harsh real world. The stripe on his shirt reminds me of his habit to stick the splits together so that it does not reveal more than he wants wearing a shirt. Haha such a rare species of human being at his 20’s with a mindset of tradition at 50’s! Gaksital – LKT’s suites are perfect fits on JW’s really awesome figure. It looks not easy for JW’s hair stylist to work on such a tall guy’s hair while on the set. Again JW is one of the few artists who don’t afraid to try on different hairstyle and carry them mostly well. ******************** That's all for today. Wish me good luck to get pass the submit button. *******return to edit*********** Bingo! my first reply edit was successful.
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