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  1. Omy that kiss the clearest one! Out of all the photos to include, its so strange that they decided to include that one not that im complaining
  2. If you ever get a chance, it would be amazing to visit! I even saw a couple of young guys taking a picture of the railway place too. I dont know if its because of the drama too but it definitely isn’t a place you’d just stumble into! But it was so beautiful. Hearing the warning sounds when the barriers come down transported me back to the drama. Plus the neighbourhood was just so nice and peaceful in general. It was like a cozy haven inside a bustling city. I hope you get to visit one day
  3. Nice to see a lot of people are back I visited Korea a few days ago and managed to go to a fee of the filming sites of My Ahjussi. It felt surreal seeing it in person I especially loved the railway line and the special bar they spent a lot of their time together in. I went to where the coffee shop was but I think it’s shut down already from the looks of it. There were two other coffee shops in what seem to be in place of that one ☹️. I managed to take a picture of where they shook hands though. Seeing the actual filming sites in person gave me a new perspective, in terms of how intentional the details the director put in the drama were. Where they shook hands and walked their separate ways, I saw how the pedestrian lights werent really facing the camera. Meaning it must have been captured at such an angle to show that changing of the red man into the green walking man.
  4. Its been a year already! It feels both like it’s been a long time and also like it was just yesterday since MA aired. ❤️
  5. Aww I hope they remain close and if Lee Sun Kyun confirms his appearance in the new drama then theyll both be appearing in a new drama, almost at the same time. I wish wish wish theyd reunite someday.
  6. This was so beautifully written!! This was so subtly written but the meaning is there. This and that open door in the end, wow, everything in this drama was so carefully woven together. I like to think this, plus all the ones I’ve quoted and probably missed in your analysis all leads to the conclusion of them actually being together in the end. It probably isn’t the only intention of what you’ve written but it certainly drove home that one point. The way you’ve managed to express yourself with this is amazing. Reading this with a neutral mind, anyone would be convinced that what they had certainly isn’t platonic. And you’ve done it seeming so effortlessly as well. I really missed reading long posts like this and your one is one more eye opener. When you thought there’s nothing more to notice, a post like this comes along.
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