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  1. Nice to see a lot of people are back I visited Korea a few days ago and managed to go to a fee of the filming sites of My Ahjussi. It felt surreal seeing it in person I especially loved the railway line and the special bar they spent a lot of their time together in. I went to where the coffee shop was but I think it’s shut down already from the looks of it. There were two other coffee shops in what seem to be in place of that one ☹️. I managed to take a picture of where they shook hands though. Seeing the actual filming sites in person gave me a new perspective, in terms of how intentional the details the director put in the drama were. Where they shook hands and walked their separate ways, I saw how the pedestrian lights werent really facing the camera. Meaning it must have been captured at such an angle to show that changing of the red man into the green walking man.
  2. Its been a year already! It feels both like it’s been a long time and also like it was just yesterday since MA aired. ❤️
  3. Aww I hope they remain close and if Lee Sun Kyun confirms his appearance in the new drama then theyll both be appearing in a new drama, almost at the same time. I wish wish wish theyd reunite someday.
  4. This was so beautifully written!! This was so subtly written but the meaning is there. This and that open door in the end, wow, everything in this drama was so carefully woven together. I like to think this, plus all the ones I’ve quoted and probably missed in your analysis all leads to the conclusion of them actually being together in the end. It probably isn’t the only intention of what you’ve written but it certainly drove home that one point. The way you’ve managed to express yourself with this is amazing. Reading this with a neutral mind, anyone would be convinced that what they had certainly isn’t platonic. And you’ve done it seeming so effortlessly as well. I really missed reading long posts like this and your one is one more eye opener. When you thought there’s nothing more to notice, a post like this comes along.
  5. Oh I love how IU looked whilst the piano was playing. She looked lost in it and completely looked the way she did when she first saw DH in the cafe. Now I truly get how much she meant it when she said she couldn’t even listen to the osts after filming. She looked like she was about to cry here any minute. Andddd Im so happy about the awards - truly satisfying, they all deserved it. I’m not going to even talk about LSG and the Daesang. I just wish he gets a form of recognition somehow through awards. Are there any other awards ceremonies My Mister is up for? Nice to see others posting more here - I still check on this site time and again. And what a good time for Joon Gi-IU fans - theyve guested together at Knowing Brothers. Now, if we can only get a follow up project from LSG and IU. All these lingering feelings would be satisfied. But well done and Im so happy that Kim Won Seuk is recognised. As Mr Sunshine is a heavy contender, the award feels even more sweet. Who would’ve thought this drama would end up getting awards or even nominated after all that talk? I feel so proud and happy
  6. Hi everyone things have quietened down but definitely checking this often still. I’ve watched a handful of dramas already. They were good in their own ways but this drama really is different. The more I watch the more it highlights that for me. Im really trying not to rewatch clips but I failed again I feel like rewatching the whole thing but I don’t want to feel down - we need to move on lol. Consolation is Im happy to see them nominated in some awards :). Im not expecting much but Id feel so ecstatic if they win just one atleast. They really deserve it
  7. I just wanted to pop back in and say My Mister osts album is available on itunes!! I got so excited, all 33 songs/music are there
  8. Hello everyone. Just saw some people on twitter linking back to the fansite. One called it a “gold mine” and that’s so true. Imagine just stumbling upon analysis after analysis about the drama and soo many more insights, I would have felt so overwhelmed and mind blowned. I feel so lucky for them, everything collated in one organised site to be devoured. Like an extension of the drama. So again, well done to everyone who helped/helping with the fansite and thanks for your work, it looks amazing Tell me about it there’s so many scenes I see from other dramas and when they come up, I automatically think of those ones in MA. What is this. Yes he is. And also everything that comes out of his mouth, esp. about women liking DH and about DH himself, sounds so matter of fact. Maybe it’s because he doesn’t like him and yet he says these things about DH’s way of showing he likes someone. He’d eat/drink with that person. We saw how many times he had refused the chairman. His confusion about why women likes DH and the way the women in his life acts in regards to him. He knows so much about DH despite not liking him. He’s like the third person in the drama, he’s removed from the attachment of everyone else so he sees it for what it is. Jian liking DH. This was one of the areas of ambiguity. We know she likes him as a person but does it mean she likes him as a man also? After a few meetings with Jian, JY would always stare at her in a knowing, suspicious way. There was one instance where he said Jian was getting talkative. He was staring at her with that knowledge in his head that this woman was there for something other than what they agreed on. That makes his statements in that regard reliable. He hits him where it hurts Because he knows where DH will hurt: YH, his senior position despite DH’s seniority over him and ofcourse, through Jian. Throughout the drama, we’ve been given hints at how much JY and DH knew about each other. The writer/pd was so clever to put him not only as the bad one but also someone to fill in more gaps about who DH is.
  9. I have to say wow this was vey well written. It really does take me back to those moments in the drama and also makes me think deeper about the scenes you mentioned. Three months on and I still haven’t moved on but Ive definitely slowly eased into other dramas now. It’s just that MA will always have that special place
  10. Yes I have read that post thank you what I meant was the one in the link, there was those individual quotes and that’s one of them. Im annoyed I didn’t take a screenshot of it but I couldn't quite believe what I read. Hopefully we get the rest of the translation of the magazine when it comes out
  11. I keep trying the links but I think theyre broken/deleted due to magazing copyright. But I do remember seeing a translated quote in one of the pics, IU said along these lines, “DH is a man you can’t help to fall in love with.” I just wanted to verify if that was actually what was said? I mean if it’s correct, that’s like ittttt already
  12. I think that would have been too much of a give away We’ll probably see those haters come back alive if they did that lol. Would have loved to see that too
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