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  1. Thanks everyone who contributed to this thread sharing your views, recaps and links. I have been silent readers all this time but could not help to join the discussion whether BQ and CY had done it . In my opinion they did it. 1stly they clothes were at the side. If they were just talking, there was no reason to remove their clothes. The undergarments were worn so that the kids can safely watch the scene and for the adults to imagine. Even kissing scenes are kind of fast. 2ndly, when BQ said she was not virgin, Zen Shou and DFS were shocked but CY was smiling/choked coz he knew she had lost her virginity to him. After not meeting her for a very long time, what else could a prince been thinking when meeting the love of his life, the one he is planning to marry. Even if he has many concubines, it won't be the same as doing it with someone he loves. It is not like he is bounded by any religion ie to remain virgin until marriage. Only for the part of BQ, as a girl she has a lot to loose but judging from her character she is the daring type and she trusts CY.
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