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  1. we have to see the rich daughter like the lead and want him badly ,so the father will treaten him to marry her because he saved him................
  2. i think that things will be harder from now on .poor sw ans GH
  3. I LOVE this drama but i don't want to complete it because i think it has a sad ending
  4. I agree; she just accept that without asking her heart. she don't want to li_e to her self; she is a women in this area who shoulld accept the rules.
  5. @UnniSarah Merry christmas to you and your family too. yes she is the lead for this drama . i read she is an idol in korea or some thing like that . this drama is for her to shine. i didn't like her acting neither loook but....
  6. it's the consequence of his choice; he could get revenge without divorcing GY. And what she do now is what she learned from him.
  7. @celebrianna i don't know why the crazy one threaten him by teling usa he is been in media ;so every one cabn saw him ; i'm confused.
  8. yes i'm bad. now that jh feel the same thing that ky did ; i can be by his side agree with you @celebriannaky should tell jh what his crazy wife do.
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