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  1. just finshing eng sub episode and it's great.i realy like this drama , there is no dragging , no annoying scenes, .....
  2. I'm not happy about the preview , it's seems that the brat will began another problem for our yw
  3. SA is just a person who do what she think is good for her and never ask or think of other. TR is the boring kind man .he is , like JW said, the jerk who stoole his women when he isn't here .they complement each other. .JW suffering because of his mother controling his live , he thought that it's enough to love his wife and give her money to love him.He 'll have his lessons .
  4. JH is not victim of love but he is greedy .he want to be to have the farm and that can't without the brat
  5. now he is protectif of his ex . he end up regreting beeing indiferent about the female lead.
  6. preview / i hope jh see CA with SW; We all know SA will end up with TR ; poor JW
  7. What i like in this drama is MATURE : all relationnships with mature approche.