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  1. i wached episode 30 in raw and i think XIAO XI has a secret son . can any one confirm that?
  2. OHHH; JS , so BR is too good for you ; a,d you can be "JUST" with AHR. It's BR the angel ; good ; princess lady for him . He want to marry AHR just to feel doing his responsability as father . and what the father will apologize from BR. BRis more important than his real daughter ??????
  3. I hpoe AH don't get married to JS now . let them more connected and have more real love feeling for each other.
  4. After watching today's episode with eng sub ; yes JS has feeling for BR ; and because of what happend with AHR that he desist. Br has no self estime; no shame ;selfish and annoying as caracter . and as a FL ; she is just a good looking but boring expressions . JS is trying to be responsible but he has 0 in communication ; and just learn how to be .I don't knew how he is a good besnessman. He don't knew yet that his princess daughter like him.
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