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  1. i wached episode 30 in raw and i think XIAO XI has a secret son . can any one confirm that?
  2. OHHH; JS , so BR is too good for you ; a,d you can be "JUST" with AHR. It's BR the angel ; good ; princess lady for him . He want to marry AHR just to feel doing his responsability as father . and what the father will apologize from BR. BRis more important than his real daughter ??????
  3. I hpoe AH don't get married to JS now . let them more connected and have more real love feeling for each other.
  4. After watching today's episode with eng sub ; yes JS has feeling for BR ; and because of what happend with AHR that he desist. Br has no self estime; no shame ;selfish and annoying as caracter . and as a FL ; she is just a good looking but boring expressions . JS is trying to be responsible but he has 0 in communication ; and just learn how to be .I don't knew how he is a good besnessman. He don't knew yet that his princess daughter like him.
  5. the next episode YR will try to frame TP kelling her .but why is he so .......He dont want her to despear ??????
  6. I PITY Ahri the most ; she has a dad too perfect as hasband to a stepmom , a step sister loved by the father more and has a good live and the one that she accidently sleep with just hate her and look at her like she is a gold deagger.,,
  7. In KBS page , they said that he 'll felt betrayed when he find out the relation TP /YJ .Maybe he became bad and want to revenge .
  8. Yes ,they are twins realy . I tried to find some thing but in KBS page , YJ and YR are twins.
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