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  1. please don't give up yet ... as i read in allkpop ... JH and HIGHLIGTH Junghyun .. maybe didnt break any law. investigation still ongoing and court not yet start ... maybe we just over reaction ... lets just wait and see ..
  2. OOT ..( sorry) i have a crazy thinking ...hehehe i hope there are one/many brave/crazy korean celebrity, say this ... (cha tae hyun - kim jun ho case ..) "i had winning bet for dinner with my friend in the past, i will quit all my program" or "i play bowling and betting in the past, the one who loose ..pay the game and expensive diner, i will quit all my program" (JH case ..) "in the past, i had sex with A, and i tell my friend about it .... i will quit all my program" "in the past, i had comment about men/women ... i will quit all my program" what do you thing ...hehehhe ...
  3. im sorry, can i ask .. brownies in korea or korean brownies its crime for a korean people(man/woman) to use prostitute service in another country ...? i read in allkpop, that they share private chat beetween JJY and JH about prostitution ... its legal for media to share private chat like that ..? its not defamation character ..? its ok to share person sex live ..?
  4. in my opinion, this is culture background + normal celebrity live. this is big just because they are celebrity. its something common in normal people as well. 1. korea is free sex, if two person agree ... that is ok (but not ok if hidden camera, like JJY first case, court say he is not guilty) 2. JH chat , i have seen alot another one, you can easily find in google about hidden video, i am not saying this is not wrong, but this is what a man usually do. and this is not something new, this is happen since long time ago in humanity. JH crazy of sex .? i dont think so, just imagine how many celebrity over 30 yold in korea is still single, how they are satisfied their urge ..? just watching porn ..? i dont think so 3. you cann't know what your friend do when you are not around, so i think we as sosial people must at least have one of friend that commit crime, but we are not doing anything (or let's say is not my business). 4. innocent girl ..? maybe no, maybe yes, i dont know about korea, but i read somewhere in japan if you still virgin in age 20, you r outsider. 5. sungry escort girl, is this normal..? i thing so, like japan with geisha and another country as well. did they give sex service ? its depend with the girl herself. so, basically i think just because this is celebrity, this case became this big . this is like public secret, almost everyone know but do nothing. fellow brownies, dont get down, this is just regular case that in this case just to be happen with JH. crime must be punish, but dont hate the person ... hate the crime ... because people can change. in this case until now, i think JH mistake is watching hidden camera that his friend sent it to him, thats all. if JH to be happen did hidden camera too, thats another story. lets wait and see ...
  5. Then, wat is JH position on nerdy ..? did he is just one of many store owner/reseller ...?
  6. i want to ask to brownies in korea, in regard of seugri take down his CEO/owner position in his busines for military duty, did JH did that too with the NERDY ? because, in my delulu, SY is still active wearing nerdy clothes, and during the ISAC tournament ... nerdy is active sponsor. my delulu is JH take down his position and give to SY ... or maybe someone in here can give me info for that matter
  7. delulu MODE ON ice cream at SY IG is like said ... "Oppa, your basic training is done, want get ice cream ?" heheheeheh like last day in jeju ...
  8. in hostory of WGM, i only know 2 real couple .. sinhwa member - amy and hwang eun jung and her partner ...so i think 02 couple real is small. but as iam their shipper ... i hope one day they got together ... i think after JH finish military , good news will coming ...because JH will 30 and SY 27 ..i think is ideal age to be in relationship and mariage. hope it happend
  9. i think they never date, they just college or say it like close friend in industry. just like another wgm couple. if they are couple, they will not interacting in sns (like shin hye and tae joon), that is a taboo thing, we are know how crazy is the k-nets. the nerdy thing, the jonghyun comment on SY ig etc ...that is just friend thing. it's that we're the shipper want to that happend ..because this couple is sooooo beautiful to us. so .. let's sail together ...hehehe
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