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  1. Is it the same spot? the house of Architectural 101? but it looks different, the window is different?..... If it is the same house OMG!!! Where can i watch full episode with Eng subtitles???
  2. I have noticed a lot of hate against Naeun lately on her IG post, why are people still hating on her? . What did you see on Twitter?
  3. OMGosh this was hilarious, I cold not stop laughing. The best I have seen in a while. Thank you for the laugh!!!
  4. Naaahhhh if you would have seen her nasty rude comments to our fellow Taeunians you would not have thought she was cute. She really sounded mentally messed up I wanted to tell her so much but I did not wanted to lower my self to her level......
  5. That sounds like the best idea! Listen, there are always going to be scary people who think they are right but sound more like someone from a psychopath hospital or jail... there is a reason why there are thousand and thousand of us Naeun and Taemin shippers around the world who know there is a genuine connection and we celebrate love not hate. The very first moment I saw the way they talked to each other and looked at each other, the whispers and just their chemistry I knew it was more than reality TV, I saw myself and the way I was when I felt in love the first time, (and we are still happy and going strong) I am 100% certain there was love there, are they still together or not? Only they know, but this thread is to celebrate love not hate. Lets ignore the troll and continue spreading love.
  6. LMAO so true. If they are still together (which am I positive they are) I am pretty sure they have done more than a romantic kiss, I mean give me a break, they are humans and we know very well they both are very sensual people deep inside. (Look at Naeun solo performance and Taemin pretty much every time he is on stage) I wish nothing but the best for our beloved muffins.
  7. Taemin was not a legendary sex icon back then dear, nor he was as popular as he is now. His popularity rose after his solo debut. WGM did help him, it made fans see a different side of Taemin that was manly, romantic and attractive. I disagree with you, I think WGM help Taemin build the persona he is now. And as per Naeun, is exactly the type of girl Taemin likes, innocent etc. Had Naeun not been that way perhaps Taemin would not have fallen in love with her. Things happen for a reason and thousands of us believe they are a match made in heaven, I have never felt this way for a famous couple at all, and I am here head over heels for these two....we can not all be wrong about our Taeun heart.
  8. The red box! yes the box that was there and then it want is such a mystery... every time I mention it people say they never noticed it. Go back to that episode and you will see it! That fact gives me hope and it tells me they had a relationship off camera too.
  9. But ]she clearly said she has not experience love yet, why would she said that if she was in love with Taemin? I am so confused. This is not the first time this year when she sais similar things right? She also said something similar at the Radio Star show.
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