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  1. hi everyone! as usual i’m slow and lurking around for insights and fun i’m still waiting for the eng subs to last night’s ep.. so is the drama plot following the actual webtoon? i remembered what Dried Squid said the last time when characters act on their own will, things become dangerous. and with the Secrets comic book that he and Haru have been reading, the blank pages are the incomplete pages from the writer.. not too sure, sometimes in comics the writer might put himself/herself as one of the nameless characters isn’t it? i was suspecting it could have been Dried Squid or even, Haru (before he became named by Dan Oh).. with so many characters now taking their own leads of their lives in the shadows.. the relationships are going to be disastrous haha! on screen and shadows..
  2. if anyone is still looking for the ost, the full album is out on itunes:- When the Devil Calls Your Name OST by Various Artists https://music.apple.com/sg/album/when-the-devil-calls-your-name-ost/1481042772 im surprised there is so many more we haven’t seen them being performed..
  3. i have to wait till tomorrow to watch ep 18 with eng subs but with ep 17.. saya is really cruel.. he gives me the creeps and impression that he actually delighted in seeing people in pain (or fear) i felt sad for taelha.. for a woman so independent and strong, she finally found her true love tagon but he changed for the thirst of power.. its like, betrayal.. but she is quick to recover and rebound stronger as a threat.. i’m not too sure if the pregnancy is real though.. yay! more karika!! i like her the momo tribe has so much faith, and i like how they interpret all the waters in the world is connected and is their home.. thats so.. unified
  4. i super love Karika of Momo tribe.. they are like, so righteous and brave!! and, the actress is like so young.. and a japanese!! (that explains momo peach haha) http://asianwiki.com/Erika_Karata
  5. haha if there is any singapore chingus here..
  6. i finally got to watch ep 16 with eng subs.. and the ending was quite acceptable to me actually everything ended nicely in place.. Ryu returned the remaining 3 souls in his apartment.. MTK, YG and CR.. and i laughed out loud when until the end, CR chose to live soullessly as a devilish human in the prison (he slammed his poor soul, ouch!) this scene was really touching! its Ryu’s last goodbye to SY and i think he did it perfectly.. its not one with regrets and sadness cos he plucked out his courage to sing.. something he was not good at but took the effort to learn (he went off tune on the high and SY laughed) and presented it to SY with affection for this, i was glad that SY didn’t choose to get back together with the real MTK at the cafe when he offered to wait for her.. haha Ryu is definitely a better choice! there was actually a time lapse of 1yr for YG to come back and another 1yr more for her mom to be released from her sentence.. so SDC went missing for a good 2yrs or so to reappear, in the same cafe as the fishcake uncle.. thats really a good way of linking up the whole plot even with the little part of getting the money from the redevelopment of his old house. in conclusion, this final episode has much more songs that touch the hearts and souls of us audience since now we can relate the feelings of the songs much better with the details of the drama.. thanks chingus for the time spent and thoughts sharing here!! its been a nice ride on the devil’s wagon!!
  7. for someone who is going to be burnt in hell fire (or he insisted as, dissipated) he sure takes care of his skin hiding under umbrella.. in full suit (superstar image??) and a customised chair with his photo on the seat.. Ryu, is more like a funny angel than a ruthless devil..
  8. i haven’t watched the last episode.. guess it’s a “duh?” ending? i like all the bts photos and clips.. i guess that’s the best thing amidst poor storyline.. super bromance! hahaha
  9. hmm.. im not too sure about whether i should continue watching aft ep 2.. kim soo or lee soo, he submit to his fate too easily.. like being mugged and dragged into the palace and then, just accepted being the crown prince for coronation. and he simply mastered the formal palace and royal etiquette overnight? ma hoon just turned softie to gae ttong after catching her from the fall?? erm, and then went into full mode empathy for her on the runaway groom? im curious about ma hoon and the other noble boy in his childhood memory.. they seemed to be dressed like from royal descendants in the palace.. who could have been the one that taught him the love knot? too much story affirmation being forced into ep 1 and 2 to rush the story for the remaining episodes..
  10. hmm.. just finished ep15 with eng subs i guess if ep13 and 14 were about fathers love, then ep 15 is about reconciliation and farewell. the whole episode was super draggy though.. i got distracted *roll eyes* Lucca and his mom farewell to HR at the airport, it was a touching scene. i think mom suspected that HR is SDC, thus gave the message.. Lucca has so much love for his dad, with the words of encouragement that he knew his dad would rather shoulder everything and walk the dark path alone that’s why asking them to leave YG although she was mean to Lucca in every aspect, at the end she was still guilt tripped for not having a proper goodbye to him.. DH, despite the mean words YG had said to her, still sends flowers to cheer her on the concert.. sometimes little gestures warm the heart and touch the soul more.. i can’t accept the 180 degree change between the feud of Ryu and HR.. like, oh the bet with deity has ended so they are whiskey buddies now? did the loneliness and sympathy strike them so hard? did the deity did a “standby” trick and snap his fingers to them both?? Ryu is too chill accepting that he will disappear! i’m not sure if i can just be so lighthearted if i were to be recalled back to heaven and incinerated.. was he so happy that he found his soul after realising that his heart still beats for humans?? the scene where CR did those silly clown stunts to get back to his old man self, is totally redundant.. bleh. but the earlier scene where HR and CR talked about the old times with the lingering soul.. then HR jumped and panicked when CR swept himself and the soul away, i laughed out loud one thing which pleases me, is that the lost souls will eventually go back to the humans.. but how? both souls we saw, lingered but din return into the bodies.. i hope tonight’s finale will be a good one.. maybe Ryu will be back in a white robe as an angel helping the humans again as his infinite punishment, and that HR.. in that tiny hut as a 66yo man playing his guitar hahaha
  11. finished ep1 last nite and, LEE SOO!! omg he’s cute!! and so much true love for GT!! his presence wiped out all the other 3 flower crews..
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