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  1. I noticed this too! some staff members also went private on instagram. lol. I felt a bit sad that we won't be seeing much BTS updates from now on, but I do understand cause since this drama is 100% pre-produced, they must be avoiding to give us spoilers as early as now. 4 months is still a long way and they probably want to keep the viewers' excitement until a month before, or few weeks before the actual airing. I bet we'll get a good amount of updates around September-October, they must be keeping everything first. Edit: But look there's a new shot from their filming. It's YHM and MCW!
  2. Ohmygod, will that be the little Jeom Soon (Kang Mina)?? She's so cute! Look at those cheeks it's so adorable, she's definitely a mini Moon Chae Won!
  3. Things are getting more interesting about this drama! I also wanted to point that out chingu @hazelyeot! ... Here are my thoughts: *spoiler warning*
  4. Seo Ji Hoon instagram update. Based from his other filming photos, I guess this is going to be his Kim Geum look. Our Kim Geum is a perfect combo of handsome and cute!
  5. Thanks @Jillia! Our chaewonnie is so pretty, seeing this new update made my day!! I hope we see more of Chaewonnie in the coming days! For now, I tried to enhance the photo from jeonghun.jeong: Also, I love to spot the accuracy of the drama from the webtoon by putting scenes side by side. And this scene of Ji Hyun is going to be interesting!
  6. Yup! I guess they will really make a CGI of Jeom Soon's cat form, and if I get their description of Jeom Soon drama version right, it turns into human (Kang Mina) from time to time. Maybe instead of a cat turning into a tiger, they decided to make her human, which I think is okay because at least they still kept the cat form. I love the recent updates about the cast and locations. I hope we get to see more of Chaewonnie as Sun Ok Nam this week!
  7. Our handsome male leads Yoon Hyun Min and Seo Ji Hoon filming with the lovely Go Doo Shim! Look at Go Doo Shim's gestures, it's very similar to Moon Chae Won. She's so adorable! Also, they shared a glimpse of Jeom Soon cat model. It's so much like the webtoon Jeom Soon, so cute!
  8. @Jillia I think the lady in hanbok with Ahn Young Mi at the coffee shop filming is Go Doo Shim. I thought it's more likely to be her because of the gray hair as well. Also, I found this scene from the webtoon that's quite similar to that BTS shot. Looking forward to more bts updates from our chingus! Since the team is now in Seoul, I bet we'll get more bts photos this time.
  9. Omo finally a glimpse of Kim Geum! SEO JI HOON looks so handsome, I can't breathe!!! I'm now legit in love with Kim Geum, our second lead man is so charming!! Cant wait to see his dynamic and chemistry with our goddess, I do have a feeling that it's gonna be lit! Thank you for all the updates, chingus!
  10. Yoon Hyun Min just posted an update on his instagram (I dont know how to share an IG post, so here's a screenshot) caption translation: "Look at that face. #GyeryongSunnyeojeon #JungYiHyun #tvn" His hair looks lighter compared to his all-black hair during the script reading. Looks like he added some brown highlights for Jung Yi Hyun, whose hair was brown in the webtoon. On the other hand, I spotted Seo Ji Hoon as Kim Geum on stuntryu's post, which @hazelyeotshared.
  11. Yay for these new updates!! Everyone looks great, and I literally squealed when I saw chaewonnie in hanbok, she's so beautiful!! I mean look at this perfection, it's now coming to life!
  12. Thank you for the updates chingu @hazelyeot! Yoon Hyun Min looking so fine! Finally we got a glimpse of Jung Yi-Hyun. I hope we get to see Kim Geum and of course, Sun Ok Nam too one of these days! Why do I have a feeling that Kim Daekyung could be actually playing the woodcutter? Hmm... this is interesting. EDIT: I tried to search for the cafe where YHM was, and I found this recent photo from a traveler on instagram. It's a lovely place! :
  13. Wow Seonunsan is a great location for the sageuk & Gyeryong mountain scenes! Then maybe that's why it's hard for us to see shooting updates because they are still in the mountains. Can't wait to see them in Seoul, I'm sure Chaewonnie will be so visible in the city in her Sun Ok Nam clothes!
  14. @jongski, I don't think they will reach winter season. This drama will be fully pre-produced and they're already filming now. Given the said 4months of shooting (if I'm not mistaken), they should be done by September, or until early October as the latest. Seo Ji Hoon will play Kim Geum, a graduate student, and one of the two potential reincarnation of Sun Ok Nam's (Moon Chae Won) husband. @RPM thanks for sharing that tweet! now I can't unsee the similarities between Song Joong Ki and Seo Ji Hoon anymore. They really do have the same vibes! I just watched a video of SJH on youtube where he's playing this dice game, and he really do speaks like SJK too. Ohmygod.
  15. @hazelyeot same thoughts here chingu! It's really very tricky, I just hope they will be able to tell the story in a way that we won't be confused with too much characters (if they will cast other actors), and still be able to give enough screen time for our male leads. I had this idea that they can have the flashbacks thru some animated cartoon story telling, but I'm not sure too, coz I'd still prefer to see the flashbacks look real.
  16. @hazelyeot Oh that's an interesting thought! Then maybe he's really playing a quite significant role, or maybe he's actually part of the crew that plays an extra/cameo role. and yes, that scene with Jeom Soon's story is going to be fun! It's good to know that they might include these little details, then it's possibe that we're gonna get a more accurate drama adaptation here. Let's hope! One thing that makes me think is how they will do the flashback scenes with the characters' past lives. Like, are they going to cast another actor to act as woodcutter in the flashbacks, or they will have the same actor and will just make him anonymous until they reveal who he is? I love these little guessing games and discussion, it makes us pretty creative and imaginative while waiting
  17. Hi @hazelyeot, thanks for the updates! I think that guy isn't the woodcutter... if they will also follow the character clothes in the webtoon, that guy is closer to this one:
  18. Happy first day of filming to the Gyeryong Goddess team! I hope the whole cast and crew are having a great time. While we are all waiting for some updates, I made another edit for everyone. I was browsing the webtoon again this morning and saw this beautiful Sun Ok Nam art, and I was like "this is so beautiful, I can already imagine Chae Won bringing this artwork to life!" so I did some edits and here's the result: Again, feel free to repost and share... but please, give credits. Thanks! Have a great day, chingus!
  19. Thank you for clarifying about the hanbok attire, @Jillia! Well maybe what I really want to see is MCW in a hanbok, with a long hair down. I really think she would look like a goddess! And it's a good sign they had a test shoot days before the actual shooting! Test shoots are usually done before the first shooting, but most of the time they just do it within the day to get the right mix of lighting, atmosphere, and camera angles that they want to achieve and use for the filming so each camera and way of cinematography will be consistent. Good start for the prod team! They are definitely preparing ang making sure everything is set for this drama. ❤️ Thank you for the lovely updates, chingus!
  20. I can't wait to finally see Moon Chae Won in Goryeo clothes! She's one of the most beautiful actresses in hanboks, and it's always my dream to see her in Goryeo clothes and hairstyle... So I made a quick edit on how gorgeous Chae Won might look like in Goryeo clothes: I'M SO EXCITED TO SEE OUR GODDESS!! Hope we'll get to see at least bits of behind the scene photos/vids when their shooting starts. **feel free to repost my edit, BUT PLEASE give credits. Thank you! - arkrey -
  21. So happy to see the cast together for the first time! I really missed Moon Chae Won, and I'm glad to see her back looking so beautiful and fresh. I was also thrilled to see our male leads Yoon Hyun Min and Seo Ji Hoon! Both so handsome and charming! I love how Yoon Hyun Min looks so nice and cheerful in that photo with MCW, GDS & SJH, but definitely in his serious charismatic character on the script reading photo. For Seo Ji Hoon, I can't believe he's THAT tall, wow! And I agree, he looks so masculine, and even more manly when he stood beside MCW! (I therefore conclude that MCW is indeed a goddess, and creates instant magical chemistry with whoever she's with. lol.) The rest of the cast looks great as well! I've never been this excited for a drama by just looking at the cast. But I really do think they did the casting so well, that everyone looks like they jumped out from the webtoon!
  22. I agree with you guys @Jillia& @triplem I also want to see YHM character end up with MCW character, well just because they're YHM & MCW and they really look more compatible together! But...
  23. Yay! I hope we get to see script reading photos of the cast one of these days Btw, I tried to visualize our three leads on some scenes from the webtoon:
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