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  1. Well the night owl is certainly at it, isn't she? Up all night to have cute and hidden Instagram conversations with her love. It's so cute! Like a little game they're both playing. 


    My opinion on the back to back updates is this:


    OYS says find the difference between the pictures while LSG says to find the hidden picture. Which hidden picture could it be? One difference I note between OYS's posts is obviously the Magazine title and the Lee. In the second set of pictures, OYS is wearing the ring on Instagram after a long time given how strict celltrion was recently being but in the second pick she hid it again since it's hidden by the dog. So are OYS' subtle hints, LSG's way of telling his fans to find his beloved? If so, then this is a really complicated game of hide and seek for casual shippers even if it's child's play for us. 


    Their little guessing game is certainly one to keep close observers on their toes. I also think the message in the captions and the coincidence of OYS using Lee and Ring in one picture of each set but hiding it in the next is a way of her saying or symbolizing that it's not the right time just yet.


    This last theory might be a bit of a stretch but the cat and dog in the pictures paired with LSG saying "hidden picture" might also mean that one of their friends has uploaded a hint too. Dogs and Cats are considered the best friends and who else are working as hard as otp to hide and hint at the relationship than their friends? 


    Maybe LSG was referring to a completely different hidden picture but I have no doubts it's related to OYS no matter where it is, given the timing of his posts. 

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  2. Wow it seems the analysis are strong these days even without me. I'm always lurking but because of university I'm so tired that I can't think of analysis posts very much anymore (Thats a lie, I'm just lazy). 


    28 January is my birthday so if it's OTP's anniversary then I'll be so happy. I think we can wait a few more months and we'll probably get a very vague bit sweet anniversary Instagram post from both of them. XP


    Given how LSY teased OYS on her insta with her "What Unnie likes is me" and how CSW keeps telling LSG to get married, they've known from the very start that this couple is dating. 


    Have there been any more posts on the 28th of other months that we should look into? Or with reference to the number 28. Ahh otp, always with the hint dropping for their perceptive shippers. (Were OTP in Japan on 28th of May? Could LSG have proposed then?) 

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  3. 40 minutes ago, kopikosong said:

    Gosh haven't been here in a while and so many pages have turned. What happened today? Ohvely was alive and on VLive? Thank goodness, almost called the police for her. :tears::unsure::o No shiny bling bling on her fingers but she has shiny bling bling on her ears. :lol::wub:



    I don't want to. Why should I? How much will you give me? Even if you give me 500 won I won't say ok.


    Just kidding, I love you and ohvely. :lol::wub: Still wondering if ohvely managed to fetch some souvenirs for her little fanboy back at home. *cough twice* *cough what is love* 



    Ahh Ohvely and her fan boy back home could certainly explain What is Love to the Twice members in lengthy detail. So much that entire albums could be produced. Still looking forward to charming friend and his return to the music scene. I have no doubt all the new ballads would be odes to his coolest partner :wub:

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  4. 26 minutes ago, kopikosong said:


    Exactly. Very well spoken my friend. Come over here and let this kopi soh get you some coffee. What's the point of warning/ shutting down a thread that has built a community based on love, joy and friendship just because someone anonymously feels bitter about not being part of this community. Shutting down a thread doesn't solve the issue when the relationship everyone has with each other on this thread is so strong. If our thread is taken away, and we find each other in some other place, the vibe and content of our discussion will still be the same. Preventing us from posting here can temporarily relief (anonymous person's) eye sore at the expense of the many, but our love and believe in otp will never be erased. 


    I have no idea who has issues with looking at contents of two heterosexual people being meant each other (I'm not targeting anyone here, if I must spell it out. Just saying, in general. Don't get offended.), but I am here to talk about why my otp are meant for each other. 



    This was from a fortune telling segment from a Taiwanese variety show a few years back.


    As I've said before, so lame to quote myself but I just felt like quoting my old post. 


    Will Lee Seung Gi marry the woman he meets when is he around 32 years old? Please refer to the response Jin Seon Mi gave a little kid who wanted to marry her man. 



    Again, if I must spell it out properly. I am not targeting anyone with my post. Just sharing the coincidence I found about my two favourite people, because coincidence is god's way of remaining anonymous. That's Einstein by the way, I'm referencing Einstein now. Don't call me out for plagiarism please, if that's even a thing now. 

    You know I was thinking that the fortune teller said that LSG will meet his destined woman around 32 years old. In Korea LSG is 32 and internationally he is 31. They have a slightly different aging system. He met OYS right near his 32nd birthday so even if I don't believe in fortune telling, this kind of coincidence is really too specific to ignore. And if they marry by next year he really will be 32 years old internationally too when he marries her. Sometimes fate and destiny really obviously come into play. They may normally work behind the scenes but for certain people they become obvious and apparent.

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  5. 9 hours ago, haymochi said:

     :sweatingbullets: On point


    Charming friend watching his fav library scene shares the same facial expression as mine when rewatching their kisses (except no one is looking at me , while his thousands of fans are watching him)


    cr to 





    8 hours ago, muishami said:

    I think my fave is his shy reactions during his FM haha... it’s from latest fm (8 of july).

    He watched that scene basically every fm, but he was still shy... Mr.Charming is so obvious.... :rolleyes:




    8 hours ago, smilegirl88 said:

    Looking forward to his sept. 15th FM in Japan :wub:

    An actor who can't act indifferent to save his life. Tsk tsk. What a pity. Are we sure he is the same actor who played versatile complicated Son Oh Gong in Hwayugi ? It's adorable how real feelings are unable to be covered.


    Analyzing his previous dramas and then this drama, there is definite desire and deep emotion when he is staring at OYS compared to previous costars. That is why we are so touched by SOG and JSM. When SOG looks and kisses JSM as if he is terrified he will lose her and she will disappear from his arms, its also LSG who means it towards OYS. 


    What's funny is that most actors can cover up their feelings for their real life partners during acting but LSG can't. Its not to say he's a bad actor, just that his feelings seem to be too intense that he doesn't know how to figure out what to do with them when he is put on the spot. That is why he is so shy every time. I can almost imagine his fast heartbeat when he's forced to watch his kiss scenes over again. 


    Looking forward to seeing his same reaction at the second Japan FM. Is it too hopeful to assume there will be an OTP Japan trip part 2? I guess we'll find out if he decides to take off early again and OYS conveniently uploads Japan photos right after. It's funny how that was the one and only time he left early with no statement or notice. In all other business trips he tends to go on time/late and come back ASAP. He must miss his beloved too much when he's away to even think of staying extra :wub:

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  6. 9 hours ago, madinked said:

    As I said, I’m still trying to figure out why and how not to get warnings/closed. 


    But! If someone posted something inappropriately in our thread, shouldn’t that person get the warning or worse, be banned instead of killing the whole thread and as a result, banning all innocent parties too? Unless of course ton of us are talking inappropriately (in this case talking and gossiping about other people/ships?)  which I highly doubt so. 

    If you figure out a way we should take action accordingly. I fear a 'if the show fits' situation is happening with lurking antis. We joke about each other and otp on this thread and some third party people feel targeted even though they aren't even the topic of discussion. I agree, if certain users are causing trouble then they should be banned. The whole thread shouldn't be shut down. I was thinking of talking to the mods but would they listen ? They are people too and unless they have followed the thread from the beginning then how can they know our inside jokes and realize we haven't directly or indirectly been insulting or targeting anyone. 

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  7. 9 hours ago, haymochi said:


      Hide contents

    Well... can’t  do anything about it *shrugs*.

    This thread purpose is only to spread 503 love and we all enjoy submarine mode more because we know things  but

    even friendly  jokes btw our own members is also receiving  button  ^_^


    shipping is a fun , loving, and lighthearted fandom activity anyway not a life and death situration but of  course it’s special when your otp is real :wub:



    Poor Mawang is zoning out while the two are in their own world. They both have too much vitamins :wub:









    I love how Mawang is falling asleep sitting and those two just look at each other wide eyed with hearts in their pupils :lol: Too many vitamins indeed :P I am just imagining them napping on each others shoulders before this interview which is why they are so energetic.

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  8. 10 hours ago, kopikosong said:


    Hello my love, ohvely chose the coffee life. She is coffee ahjumma. 




    Here's ohvely endorsing her favourite coffee, otherwise known as kopi o kosong which *cough* seung gi the coffee ahjussi loves making. Call me spoilsport but I need to bring their coffee preference to everyone's attention. :P:D




    She is not quite Ahjumma yet XD Coffee Ahgasshi for a few more months. Then once the grand wedding happens then 503 will officially be Ahjumma and Ahjusshi :P

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  9. 18 minutes ago, madinked said:


    I am, I am. But now first few episodes still focused on the older generation. 


    When my aunt was watching this show, I thought the villain, that famous actress in her own right, is really pretty too. She’s the actress in the Father is Strange melodrama right? 

    OYS appears in Episode 8. 


    And yes the actress is Lee Yuri and she was in Father is Strange

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  10. 9 minutes ago, madinked said:

    Suddenly so many posts. And between the stars and shiny objects, I’m lost already. Old soul can’t keep up with you young things. Seriously.


    and hey, i named kopikosong coffee lady. Why you all take it for oys?! Much as I love oys, I want coffee lady for our Kopi Soh here (but I’m more Soh than you).  


    (Am I going off topic here?? Will I be Banned?! I have no idea already what’s the line not to cross. Seems like a very very thin line. A little pressured posting here). 


    I really miss miss seeing these 2 on screen. Easy to catch lsg but not oys. So I resort to watching an old drama - something my 80yo aunt was addicted to when it was shown years ago. And now I’m that old auntie watching. It’s already epi 4 and I still don’t see OYS in Jang Bo-Ri!!!! I’m going to start cursing already. 

    You should watch Jang Bori. I could not stop watching until I had reached the end. Oh Yeon Seo's acting was phenomenal and hard hitting as always. OYS acting as a mother was just awww. Her chemistry with the child actress was really natural and I love looking up bts for the drama cuz of that. And the villain... Ahh in all my seen dramas I have never hated a villain so much. Her chemistry with Kim Ji Hoon is not bad either. There are a lot of funny moments so I laughed a lot but a lot of emotional moments so I felt anger and a little sadness sometimes too.

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  11. 2 hours ago, kopikosong said:




    Scene of Altair & Vega being separated. I like her starry starry blue necklace because it is so shiny. So sad I don't see her wearing it outside of hwayugi. But it is shiny and I like shiny. @haymochi do you like this shiny object? I like blue shiny starry starry objects more than lavender. Don't tell lavender ok? 

    Also it seems OYS herself is shiny too. She's the sun. We all read which star is the brightest in 5th grade science class. The sun is and so is Oh Yeon Seo. She is the sun in LSG's life and the brightest star that he gains love, support and strength from. 

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  12. 11 minutes ago, haymochi said:

    Anyway.. since the bts is cut for a certain reason :P


    Not sure should I post this or not..



    i will share  some comments from Korean fans who directly witness Hwayugi filming 




      Reveal hidden contents


    (Please do not share this on you social media. This is not mine, thanks)



    A: “OYS is  really pretty ㅜㅜ”


    B: “Dog Secretary is super pretty too”


    C: “Filming in such cold weather must be so hard ㅜㅜ.

    How are the male and female lead relationship?”


    A: “The two keep laughing and joking with each other. Atmoshphere is really good...:heart:


    Aha! So they did laugh and joke with each other a lot! The bts did lie and most definitely because the electric chemistry and cute flirting would have been hard to disguise without it.


    Do translate more live comments from k fans or K netz comments from when the drama was airing please! We would love anything since the bts TvN gave were so stingy. It won't be like experiencing otp in person but we can hopefully get more of an easy analysis/lock down of their relationship from that time. 


    Of course, they have progressed far past that and at this point there is even an expensive shiny ring in the picture but it would still be nice to know and sweet to imagine how they were like in the filming days. 

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  13. 4 hours ago, muishami said:



    Is there is a need to remind everyone about that scene?:wub:

    Every time this gif shows up I can't stop staring! I'm just always left in awe of them. And I love LSG's expression too. Clearly he can't get enough of OYS' lips either. He looks like he's in pure bliss and his heart is at peace because he is getting to kiss her so passionately. OYS seems to be enjoying getting kissed just as much. I don't know how but every time I watch it seems as if I can almost feel their racing heartbeats in this moment. If they really were dating at this point and even if they weren't I'm amazed and impressed at the kind of emotional and physical trust they had built with each other in just 3 months that this scene is the epitome of natural love and desire. Even if they were dating which I assume is true, it's difficult to get this comfortable so easily with your partner. They must have had a very strong connection and those are generally the most unbreakable ones since the strongest connections are built on truthful communication and trust. 


    I just can't believe the sheer electric chemistry these two have that even after seeing this scene millions of time over I still can't get enough. NO TV or movie couple has ever made me feel like this before. It's like I can also share a piece of their love since they are radiating so much of it that it's uncontainable to just themselves. 


    I guess this is what pure love looks like when the timing is just perfect and the circumstances are just right to make a relationship flourish beautifully. 

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  14. 18 hours ago, sysupporter said:

    I love shipping our Couple! They're always throwing hints and mysteries for us to solve which keeps it so fascinating. They sure seem to want to shout to the world that they're in love with each other!


    So I'm good at math because I have an engineering degree and am an accountant but I could only come up with the following feeble theories. Because it's a branded tee and not a personalized one, I think he chose one which had a number which meant something to him (so not necessarily all the numbers on the tee or the dates are meaningful). And I too agree that it's probably the #27 that is meaningful since it's repeated twice on the tee.


    - Koreans use their birthdates a lot as passwords etc and they also refer to the lunar dates as well as the normal Western dates. So I looked up both their birthdates  and it turns out OYS' birthdate 6/22/87 is 5/27 on the lunar calendar. So maybe 27 stands for her? So the tee means "lost in love with 27 (OYS)"



    - Lee in LSG's name is 이 which sounds just like the #2 이. Oh in OYS' name is 오 which sounds just like the #5 오. If you add the 2 numbers, you get 7 so 27 could mean they are two and yet one- a couple.



    -Since they're both born in 1987, it could be the 2 7's (just the last digit of the birthyear) to get 27.


    Of course, alternatively it could simply mean 3/27 was a meaningful date for them such as first kiss, first confession!


    Runs away embarrassed at the feeble attempt.. :sweatingbullets:

    Since I'm very poor at Math I'm glad you theorized all this. It's not a feeble attempt, it's actually quite a smart way of thinking. Of course we can't be sure if any of them are true but we know by now that 27 means something. I guess we should keep digging for clues. I love the first theory the most but I'm most inclined to believe that 3/27 was an important date as a whole. I still think they probably confessed 'ILY' or something else important to each other that day but I also think that any other theory regarding those numbers is possible since we aren't sure if just the 27 is important or the March 27 as a whole. I just have a hard time imagining two 30 year olds would go so far to have a code for a special day/date. :sweatingbullets: It's something I imagine teenagers doing but not adults with responsibilities and more complex concerns in a relationship. I wish we could know if those shirts are customizable regarding date or time or not. That would help confirm the most. 


    Also just in case the date had any general significance this year like an important event, I searched up March 27 2018. Nothing of relation came up but I found a fun fact that apparently every March 27 is International Whiskey Day :lol: That is nothing of importance but as we all know "Coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous." And we all know that the only person Son Oh Gong would share his precious alcohol with is Jin Seon Mi :P In fact, Jin Seon Mi was even represented by whiskey in one of the episodes where Son Oh Gong had a hard time deciding which alcohol to dream of. In the end he chose whiskey (meaning he chose to aaccept his feelings for JSM instead of fighting them) but ended up using the mermaid tear to give her happiness. :wub:



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  15. 5 minutes ago, cikbie572 said:

    I share with u all the link of that shirt..




    What i found interesting is that the price of that shirt is below the price tag that lsg normally wear. 

    It might be preprinted shirt but i'm sure that he is trying to give hints. Starting with strawberry/cotton candy/sunmoon brooch/heart/love.. its all got connection with one another..

    That definitely is interesting. We know that LSG normally wears branded clothes. What's interesting is that OYS normally doesn't. She's normally very careful about what she spends on and her normal style is simple but elegant T shirts and dresses. However lately, it has been observed she's been wearing more and more branded clothes while out and about and they are mostly from the brands that LSG wears. I assume they were gifts from him or that they do a bit of clothes shopping together.


    If LSG is shopping out of his usual price tag too then that does give us a good clue in itself. And I also agree that LSG is looking for opportunities to give hints about the fact that he is dating. 

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  16. 5 minutes ago, haymochi said:

    Basic Trans:

    Actress Oh Yeon Seo new profile picture  . Have you guys seen it ?

    This face is true story. #realGoddess_vibe

    #OfCourse #OhvelyisEverything

    New profile picture and an announcement!! #2018SoribadaBestMusicAwards #20180830 #prizeattendee #DressGoddess_Ohvely

    Ahh this picture is so stunning ! I can imagine a certain charming friend staring at it intensely because it is of the woman he loves. Also I'm so excited to see OYS on the red carpet at the Soribada Awards. Do you guys suppose she will make an announcement of her next project then ? Maybe we will see a certain shiny shiny something glittering on her finger as she walks the red carpet in a beautiful dress, looking her lovely self as always. :wub:

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  17. 10 minutes ago, smilegirl88 said:

     What about “one more half of the news” part? I’m eagerly waiting for her next project updates!



    You and me both. Next project of hers is highly anticipated. I wonder who she will star with next. I hope it is someone good and that the drama is a hit. Also is it selfish of me to hope that her next drama is 50 episode drama even though it would be tiring for OYS ? Sometimes I even wish Hwayugi could have been a 50 episode drama so we could gave seen more of OTP. Even though I know that 50 episodes are tiring to film and the schedule is demanding, I can't help but wish for OYS to star in a long drama. Either way, I am excited to see what she will film next. I hope it is a hit because she deserves to be loved by more and more fans always. :wub:

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  18. 17 minutes ago, smilegirl88 said:

    so many new developments!! I’ve been watching that OBC acct and keep asking about the 27 so maybe this is all tying in lol. Such a mysterious person. 


    Is the shirt a branded shirt or personalize?


    Can someone translate celltroin post? Are we expecting more news about oys?

    I don't think the shirt is branded. Since it is so specific there is no way it could have been branded. If someone finds this shirt as an actual branded shirt then please post here. However it is more likely it is a personalized shirt since the date and caption on it are specific and special to LSG. I think it would be wise to keep an eye out for OYS wearing a similar shirt in the future. If it is personalized then it is all the more likely that its one half of a couple T shirt set.

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  19. 24 minutes ago, daloula said:

    I was here before too. I am curious about this pair since the airing of the drama. I lurk from time to time to see if there is any new development. I read all articles so I don’t think I missed anything. If it’s just theories then I am not really interested in knowing. I want something concrete. 

    All the info regarding OTP has been discussed over the past 100 pages or so. It's tedious to repeat it again and again although we do often repeat it while discussing and mention for the new members. If you're not interested in theories then maybe this thread isn't the one for you. If you're confident that you haven't missed anything regarding this couple then that's well and good. You may choose whether you wish to remain a part of this thread or not and whether you believe our observations and conclusions. 


    As for the news of OYS and KB being fake, what kind of an article are you expecting, if I may ask ? There won't exactly be headlines stating that "X and Y couple confirmed to only be fake dating !" That defeats the purpose of the fake news in the first place. It also gives the celebs and agencies involved a bad reputation so if that is what you are looking for then I'm sorry to burst your bubble but that never happens in the media. 


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  20. So quite by coincidence it seems we have stumbled upon a very curious hint/clue. While we have been assuming Japan was the most exciting part of OTP's escapades, it seems that's not the case. OTP are one step ahead as usual :lol:


    LSG was wearing this shirt in LA:





    Lost in Love. That much is obvious. LSG never hid it in the first place. (Yes, yes oppa we know you are very much in love and taken. You don't need to walk around with this fact plastered across your body as well :P) However below it is where it gets curious. The date and time are very curiously specific. :o:phew:


    March 27 2018. 9:27 PM 


    Hwayugi ended in March and we know that not too long after: 





    In fact, the date on the shirt and the news release is *extremely* interesting. The cover up fake news regarding OYS' relationship was revealed the very next day. :huh: That doesn't tell us very much aside from the fact that some major events more or less transpired for OTP within March. 


    (We've already been over the circumstances but once more, lets repeat. Celltrion and KB's agency set the record for fastest confirmed relationship. Normally agencies need to ask and discuss with their celeb but the news was confirmed in only 9 minutes and that too without any incriminating photos or solid proof of any relationship). 


    It's hard to assume exactly what transpired on the 27th of March and 9:27 PM but there has to be something more that we're not aware of just yet. So aside from Japan in May, we can assume that March 27 is an important date for OTP and that the number 27 is important as well. Question is... why ?  :huh:




    I'm gonna go off on a limb here and guess that maybe OTP said 'I Love You' to each other for the first time on March 27. They would have been dating for 3-4 months give or take so it's a reasonable time to confess. They went to Japan at the end of May so almost 6ish months since they were together and if LSG really did propose/promise to OYS then it's not out of the norm for Korean couples to do that so soon after confessing.  However this is just a guess and until we have more proof, all that we really know is that *something* happened. 


    Let's keep our eyes peeled for more clues, shall we ? :ph34r:

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  21. 20 minutes ago, smilegirl88 said:

    Welcome back chingu!  Been missing your long messages and observations.  That's a very good observation on LSG's reaction to being teased by the ladies on My little Old Boy.  Can't wait to watch the full ep on it. 

    Ahh thank you for missing me ! I missed being on here too but I lost a little of my writing spirit and just couldn't find any topic to analyze in depth. There are many but I was very much sucked into kdramas so I took a break for a few weeks. I'm back though and I can't wait to analyze MITH again and of course this interesting new variety show with the perceptive ahjummas.


    They are old enough to have sons LSG's age and probably have daughter in laws by now too. They should be able to spot hidden feelings a mile away and we already know LSG does no such thing. The word 'Hide' does not exist in his dictionary. If they can't recognize a man so obviously in love as LSG is then no one can. By the teaser it seems they already have and are actively teasing him about it too. :P

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  22. Ladies and Gentlemen of the Seungyeon Shippers Forum, I present to you Fantasy vs Reality Episode # 3:













    LSG catching a flight to Japan two days early causing an uproar among reporters despite having no logical reason to go earlier than expected and no statement from his agency regarding why he left early either *cough* undercover date *cough* :ph34r:. Him having a lovely time for two days with his pretty pretty girlfriend (maybe even fiance :phew:) resulting in a shiny shiny ring repeatedly appearing ever since. Said date most likely (definitely) included visiting cute toy stores with adorable monkey plushes and desert/snacks at shaved ice places where they did the adorable yet sappy romantic thing of ordering one large shaved ice but shared it with two spoons. ^_^






    I find it awfully sweet that LSG has taken it upon himself to fulfill the promises Son Oh Gong made but couldn't fulfill to Jin Seon Mi... because reasons (which I have still not forgiven the Hong Sisters for) :tears:. He himself said that he is more than 80% Son Oh Gong. He has taken unnie to Japan and no doubt made it lots of fun for her if her smile is an indicator. What's the next promise we will see him fulfill, I wonder ? The 3rd and final 'Real' Wedding perhaps ? :wub: 


    (Did the Hong Sisters not give us a happy ending in Hwayugi because they saw LSG and OYS and decided "Nah we don't need to. They got this..." :P)

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  23. 12 hours ago, sysupporter said:


    Thanks Haymochi for your wonderful post! Just out of curiosity, I looked up the flower meanings in Korean (in case Koreans interpret them differently and found the following)


    Sunflower: Waiting and 일편단심 (Single-hearted love only for you)

    Peach rose: Vow of love


    Whether it's the Korean version or yours, it's super-sweet and touching- aww! :)


    Such heart stopping meanings for the flowers. *sighs dreaming of love* LSG is a cheesy romantic person so he probably did look into the flower meanings. No way of knowing whether he incorporated them into a speech for OYS or not but she seems to be teary eyed in that picture, the ring made a change and the flowers are certainly held in a way that they are close to her and her hands close to her heart. I can only deduce that whatever happened minutes prior to the picture being taken, was very heart touching and meaningful for OYS and of course LSG too. :wub:


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