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  1. Now a hello to everybody After all the richard simmons (this will probably turn into a Richard Simmons but you can guess what I wrote) that's been going on recently and the malicious rumors and attacks JY had and has to deal with I was happy when jiaersubs posted that they had subbed Ep 12 of LGOMB. It was so heart-warming to see JY smile, laugh and just being happy. This is a (I first wrote short but then I realized it's rather long) recap on the episode so in case you haven't watched it yet here are the links and I'll put in under a spoiler. Let's stay by his side, go through these hard times together and support him so he can soon be the happy, showing his tiger teeth smiling and funny JY we all love so much again
  2. Wow, I couldn't agree more with you! You captured it perfectly Thank you for joining us again I'm so proud of how far he's come. When watching the vid I had to think of the bathtub-rose photo shooting ZZ and JY had during Addicted era. I remember how the photographer said that when ZZ touched his collar it looked too artificial (well some of ZZs nervousness was probably also due to the position they were sitting in in this really small bathtub ). Now it's totally different. In a recent interview (sorry, can't remember which one) he said that in private pictures he usually looks rather dorky () but in professional photo shootings it's like acting for him, he can impersonate different roles. I think that coins it quite well. Still I feel like there's always some of his own personality in there. That's one of the reasons why I like him so much and why deep down there's ZY in my heart. I get why many people love him because of his cuteness. But for me it's because there's so much else besides this cuteness. If there was just the cute and clumsy ZZ he wouldn't growl in his songs and get that many tattoos right? It''s amazing to see all these different sides of him and I think that's one of the reasons why JY loves him. Haha this got a bit out of hand here Sorry for the ranting ZY confession That's so great you could see his pictures! @artemis73, @tuzicr and me have been trying hard to find ZZ pictures at Superdry in Europe but until now we weren't lucky I went to four different stores and even showed them a pic of ZZ (I wanted to buy the hoodie he was wearing) but they didn't recognize him. I was close to saying "this is you global ambassador/spokesperson/whatever how the hell can you not recognize him?!" but I didn't want to leave a bad impression of his fans They probably already thought I'm pretty crazy In the end I left empty handed because they didn't even have the hoodie Talking about this? (Sorry, don't know who to credit)
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