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  1. I am watching this drama at KBS but unable to understand why woman married to that chubby man. However, cast could also be improved.
  2. Honestly speaking, I like her style more than singing. Always follow her styles. Love the way, she carries herself. You can call her one of the most stylish k-pop artists.
  3. Though I love the way V plays saxophone but as a big fan of Jin. I love the way he plays piano, ukulele and especially guitar. After visiting their concert Pasadena this year, I also bought some music instruments. Though I am good at playing guitar but to play like Jin, I bought some compressor pedals from here to improve the sound clarity. I also love the way Jin plays. See it here:
  4. Thanks. I am searching at Google. What about the story? A serious pitch?
  5. Hello! As a big fan of Korean dramas, I am willing to watch a most recent Korean drama with a soft romantic story of struggling girl and handsome boy. Please give me your suggestions. It should be based on serious pitch. Secondly, it should be a new one because I have seen many old ones already.
  6. See at Amazon or if belongs to China then see at Alibaba. Their sales day were a big hit.
  7. Cookies with tea in morning and snacks for launch. Now, baking pizza.
  8. I am in good mood and that's why listening k-pop and yes, its Itzy song icy. Love these lyrics: Hey hey hey yo, whooBeep beepHey hey hey hey hey heyI see that I'm icyGo rising up upI see that I'm icy Interestingly, Itzy is also performing in US in the first months of 2020. However, as a big fan of rap and pop music, I have also big fan of English pop and love this song "stranger’s kiss" by Alex Cameron. As a big fan of Alex Cameron, I also got a chance to see his live concert at Denver. Yes, I just got this news from this Denver concert site and now, I am ready to get tickets. Hopefully, it would be a great fun. It would also be great if I get concert ticket of any k-pop that is holding in California or Florida in first month of next year.
  9. Mia Carr


    So, its November and yes, its my birthday month
  10. I was damn interested in Contract Marriage but only got its first half with English Subtitle and good quality. Didn't find the last half episodes. By the way, I would recommend "Express Ki". The leadership role of Wang Yoo inspired me a lot.
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