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  1. so bad that we have to wait a long time until the drama debut. This drama is probably going to air in 2019, right?
  2. Is the personality of the two in the book so different? I particularly enjoyed the unrequited romance made for the first drama, and the sweet and fluffy way of feng jiu. also i don't think Diralba acts well in more serious roles, she was very apathetic in her last two historical dramas. I'm a bit afraid the feng jiu personality will be very different in this drama because she is perfect in silly and cute roles, but not so much in serious roles or badass
  3. I've never read Pillow Book, and I've been avoiding reading because I do not want spoilers of what will happen in the drama. Can anyone tell me if there will be a secondary couple, just like FJ and DH in TMOPB?
  4. Anyone know if they will ignore the whole story told in TMOPB and follow only the pillow book?