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  1. I'm also Brazilian and I've been following this discussion for a while. feel free <3
  2. I don't know how requests for subs work in fansubs, but someone who knows some fansub who usually legends Chinese dramas, could ask for legendary heavy sweetness
  3. DramaFever will subbing martial universe, not our heavy sweetness sometimes I hate dramaferver choices for Chinese historical dramas
  4. DramaFever will subbing this drama https://www.dramafever.com/pt/drama/5218/martial-universe-/
  5. It's a shame there are so few xianxias being turned into drama ... I particularly prefer to see a story about gods and immortals than a Wuxia cliché story about martial arts and sects ... is the main reason I want to see this drama so much. I fell in love with the xianxia universe in TMOPB, and I hope to enjoy this drama too
  6. Anyone know if dramaferve will sub another chinese historical drama after Fuyao? lately dramfever has subtitled many modern dramas, and I don't much like modern Chinese dramas
  7. people are criticizing the performance of Vengo, but in comparison to his performance in TMOPB, he has improved a lot. He was horrible doing the emperor of the human world
  8. I really hope dramafever gets this drama, since it's the only way I can watch this show in my original language
  9. I would very much like to be the same director of TMOPB this guy knows how to handle kiss scenes. Although I can't say the same of the fuyao director your angles in kissing scenes are horrible
  10. so bad that we have to wait a long time until the drama debut. This drama is probably going to air in 2019, right?
  11. Is the personality of the two in the book so different? I particularly enjoyed the unrequited romance made for the first drama, and the sweet and fluffy way of feng jiu. also i don't think Diralba acts well in more serious roles, she was very apathetic in her last two historical dramas. I'm a bit afraid the feng jiu personality will be very different in this drama because she is perfect in silly and cute roles, but not so much in serious roles or badass
  12. I've never read Pillow Book, and I've been avoiding reading because I do not want spoilers of what will happen in the drama. Can anyone tell me if there will be a secondary couple, just like FJ and DH in TMOPB?
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