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  1. The best quote from yesaem "thank you for showing up in my life" YJW is a sweetest namchin ever in kdrama land, they are lucky to have each other Thank you @triplem for describe how perfect JW is, i never see him as a boring person but a really mature bf, i'll rewatch it from ep 1
  2. Chukae yeliner Btw, i'm curious does the others know JW and BY dating in this finale ep?
  3. Just finish ep 15, keep strong yeline..i hope a proper happy ending for BY and JW, don't make this drama turn like cheese in the trap or hwayugi at the end, no open ending please...
  4. The best part, just leave BY with JW and they will make a perfect couple for yeliner
  5. Agree with you I know everyone have different taste and i'am respect that..for me, i love song jong ki and impressed with his role in "nice guy" but i can't finish "DoTS" although i love song hye kyo too because the story just boring to me, sorry if i talked about another drama..just for example
  6. After watch it with engsub, i can tell that a confrontation from MH just make JW love BY even more and she is a precious treasure for him right now. I can't wait to see everyone reaction when they know BY is JW gf, maybe in ep 15..right writernim?
  7. Yup, this series have a warm story and not like another usual kdrama that male lead act like a second male lead (sweet/mature) and 2nd male lead act like 2nd female lead (annoying) If yeline sailing smoothly till the end, i'll be watch this drama over and over again
  8. Regardless of minho issue, i think BY didn't feel disgrace about their secret dating, they are sooo happy with their relationship, at least for me and of course the ye liner
  9. Minho didn't know anything but act like he know everything..the one who suggest to keep it secret is BY because JW past, and JW clearly said to BY in ep 12 (correct me if i'am wrong) he's okay if everyone know about their relationship and he will follow which make her comfortable, they are respect and taking care of each other..
  10. Finish ep 14 with mix feeling..annoyed with minho attitude, smile with JW BY lovely moment, and LOL because of NW and mr Park (they are hillarious in this ep ) This ep make me hate MH more and more, especially when he push the car doors and make BY fell, he didn't say sorry and just jealous to see JW, minho yaa minho yaa..i'am speechless. Before i'am a little worried about our yeline because some comment here, but after i watch raw ver i think their love will get stronger especially JW love for BY, he will not let her go Note: yesaem..you are so hot when play dodgeball
  11. Waaaah..just 10 minute i watch ep 14 raw and minho act just richard simmons me off, okey..i'll continue it for JW BY lovely moment
  12. So agree with this, i don't hate JDY but this minho character just no no for me, didn't he see BY looks so happy in JW arms, let them happy minho yaa Omg the meaning...a poem together
  13. Finish ep 13 with giggling..but the preview, please mean-ho you can move..they love and perfect for each other, yeline be strongerrr till the end
  14. From i know..ex gf being married is just a rumour from his new workplace (BY hospital), she wasn't married but cheated with another man who work in the same hospital, he wants to take revenge on JW because JW became a witness at the trial of his medical case with patient, everyone in the hospital gossip about them, sorry i don't remember which ep it is..
  15. Since so much speculation to this drama, i'am a bit worry about open ending because it's a trend in kdrama nowadays, maybe 90% yeline and 10% open ending..but i hope since earlier writernim make yeline sailing till the end and not change it
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