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    Awesome Ladies:thumbsup::wub:





    So where exactly are we going?

    A place with no red lights.



    âSearch: WWWâ Ratings Soar To All-Time High For Finale

    “Search: WWW” Ratings Soar To All-Time High For Finale

    Jul 25, 2019
    by E. Cha

    tvN’s “Search: WWW” has ended with a bang!

    The popular drama, which followed three ambitious women working at Korea’s top search engine companies both in the workplace and in their love lives, came to its highly-anticipated end on July 25.

    According to Nielsen Korea, the finale of “Search: WWW” achieved the drama’s highest viewership ratings yet, scoring an average of 4.2 percent nationwide.


    The final episode of the drama featured Bae Ta Mi (played by Im Soo Jung), Cha Hyun (played by Lee Da Hee), and Song Ga Kyung (played by Jeon Hye Jin) working together to protect users’ personal data. It also revealed Song Ga Kyung’s ultimate reason for leaving Unicon: to expose the truth about Jang Hee Eun (played by Ye Soo Jung).



    Im Soo Jung, Jang Ki Yong, Lee Da Hee, And Jeon Hye Jin Say Goodbye To âSearch: WWWâ

    Im Soo Jung, Jang Ki Yong, Lee Da Hee, And Jeon Hye Jin Say Goodbye To “Search: WWW”

    Jul 25, 2019
    by S. Park

    The cast of “Search: WWW” shared their final thoughts.

    On July 25, the tvN series about Korea’s largest portal sites and the lives of people who work at these companies aired its final episode.

    Im Soo Jung was praised for her portrayal of Bae Ta Mi, a highly skilled employee in the industry and someone who tries her best at work and romance. She said, “It was an honor to meet a charming character like Bae Ta Mi. I won’t forget her. I was happy I was able to work with the best teams in each field through ‘Search: WWW.’”

    Jang Ki Yong appeared as the songwriter Park Mo Geon, who made background music for video games. The actor stated, “It was a joyful and grateful time where I could act as a charming character like Mo Geon. Romance isn’t easy, but I was able to do a good job thanks to the support of fans, who looked at me warmly from start to finish.”

    Lee Da Hee played Cha Hyun, who’s passionate about everything, including work and love. “It feels like yesterday when I was so excited just thinking about working with a fun script, character, and co-stars,” said the actress. “It’s all thanks to the love given by the viewers. I’ll work on other projects in the future, but ‘Search: WWW’ was my life’s best work, and I’ll be able to say that acting with my co-stars here was the happiest time.”

    Jeon Hye Jin heightened the on-screen tension during every second of her appearance as the charismatic, elegant Song Ka Kyung. The actress commented, “The ‘Search: WWW’ team was a team that always cheered for and encouraged each other. I’m going to miss everyone. I want to thank the viewers who loved every single character and supported and sympathized with our stories.”


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  2. One spring night is wonderful. and the storyline is moving , raw and real. and the relationships even beyond  the main couple (ie - the sibling bond and father/son relationship) are engaging and it’s a drama that should definitely be watched.



    Jung Hae In And Han Ji Min Enjoy Some Private Moments Of Intimacy In âOne Spring Nightâ

    Jung Hae In And Han Ji Min Enjoy Some Private Moments Of Intimacy In “One Spring Night”

    Jul 1, 2019
    by R. Jun

    Jung Hae In and Han Ji Min have an intimate, carefree date in the upcoming episode of MBC’s “One Spring Night.”

    Last week, Lee Jung In (played by Han Ji Min) told Yoo Ji Ho (Jung Hae In) that she wants to get to know his son Yoo Eun Woo (Ha Yi Ahn) more.

    In the preview for the upcoming episode, Lee Jung In gets to do just that, as the three enjoy a fun day out. Lee Jung In and Yoo Ji Ho also get to share some quiet, private moments of intimacy in a much-needed break from the persistence of those opposing their relationship.

    “One Spring Night” airs next on July 3 at 8:55 p.m. KST. Check out the stills from the episode below!





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  3. tumblr_pt70z8KJsU1qken7mo3_r1_540.giftumblr_pt70z8KJsU1qken7mo1_r7_540.giftumblr_pt70z8KJsU1qken7mo2_r2_540.gif

    same place?


    her private life: appreciation post | sung deok mi’s work clothes







    Her Private Life


    Originally posted by dramaintherain

    Okay wow. It’s over but I’m done just done with this kdrama yet so I’m going to go on a bit about why it’s one of my favourite Kdramas of 2019 yet.

    I fell in love with Ryan Gold way before he became the romantic interest of Sung curator. I fell in love with his mind, his heart and his sensitivity when he showed such consideration and understanding towards what he perceived Sung Curator’s lesbian relationship. 

    From the very beginning, he went over and beyond to not just help them by giving them his hotel room but also till the end by protecting their identity every chance he got. The fight with Eun Gi when he thought Eun Gi would reveal their identity. Volunteering to be Sung Curator’s fake boyfriend during the Cha Shi An scandal when he realized that since she’s gay (or so he thought) and she can’t come out she doesn’t have any boyfriend to protect her from all the backlash from Cha Shi An’s angry fans. I mean oh my god. That man. Need I say more? Pretty much no but I’m going to anyway.

    So a lot of family drama and estranged kids/parents is very central to most kdramas. But I love how the drama and emotionally heavy stuff was balanced so well and weren’t the spotlight of the show. But what I loved more was how understanding and mature all the characters were, especially Ryan Gold and Sung Curator. Because they were so understanding and mature, they got through all the painfully hard stuff and could be together without blaming anyone or feeling resentful. They communicated flawlessly but also gave each other some space when it was needed because in the end no matter how much support you have from your loved ones, sometimes you just need to be alone for a while to process everything.

    Also, he didn’t get all mad at her when she lied to him and took him to the church to show Lee Sol’s final painting while his mom was also there. Any other kdrama and I can tell the male lead would have thrown such a fit and got all angry on her for lying to him. But see this is what I mean about them being so mature and understanding - he obviously knew she did this for him.

    Another striking thing about Her Private Life was how grown up and chill the two leads were about intimacy. Kissing, sleeping in the same bed, making out and all that jazz. I mean you know that awkward first kiss scene in most kdramas where the guy lunges in for a kiss and the girl is just standing there like a statue with her eyes open and lips stationery? Yeah, their physical intimacy was the exact opposite of that awkwardness. It hence felt natural, the way two adults in love would behave.

    c https://creatingnikki.tumblr.com

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    Shin Hye Sun And INFINITE’s L Share Heart-Fluttering Moments While Cooking In “Angel’s Last Mission: Love”

    Shin Hye Sun And INFINITE’s L Share Heart-Fluttering Moments While Cooking In “Angel’s Last Mission: Love”

    Jun 11, 2019
    by L. Kim

    Shin Hye Sun and INFINITE’s L will share a sweet cooking time in an upcoming episode of “Angel’s Last Mission: Love.”

    In the previous episode, Dan (L) began a mission to find love for Lee Yeon Seo (Shin Hye Sun) instead of dying. Her heart melted at Dan’s innocence and affection, and he became interested in Lee Yeon Seo who put on a sharp facade to hide her wounds.

    In particular, the confession scene in the last broadcast drew an explosive response. Lee Yeon Seo told Dan, “Why don’t you like me?,” and Dan, confused between his devotion to God and his love for her, made a confession to himself saying “How can I not like you?”

    The new photos that give a glimpse into the next episode show a different atmosphere between Lee Yeon Seo and Dan. Lee Yeon Seo is carelessly trimming vegetables while Dan is gazing at her with eyes full of love as he reaches out to sweep her hair out of the way. Then in one photo, Lee Yeon Seo is leaning against the counter with a flustered expression while Dan is leaning towards her.


    More than anything else,  viewers are looking forward to seeing this scene because of the fantastic chemistry between the two actors that creates an exciting yet heartbreaking romance in the drama.

    “Angel’s Last Mission: Love” airs Wednesdays and Thursdays at 10 p.m. KST.

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  5. tumblr_pprmrfQCqh1vqfmslo5_r1_400.giftumblr_pprmrfQCqh1vqfmslo8_r1_400.gif




     BTS kiss was more passionate than what was shown in the drama




    QUIZ: Plan Your Dream Vacation And Weâll Tell You What K-Drama You Should Watch Next

    QUIZ: Plan Your Dream Vacation And We’ll Tell You What K-Drama You Should Watch Next

    May 24, 2019
    by erinunnie

    Let’s face it — most of us don’t necessarily have the time, money, or resources to visit all the places in the world we might want to go. But that doesn’t mean that we won’t get there someday. With a little dreaming, planning, and budgeting, anything is possible in time! In the meantime, this quiz gives you a chance to start planning your dream getaway and offers you a fun new Korean drama to watch over the summer. Win-win! So, what are you waiting for? Check out the quiz below!


    I got HPL:thumbsup:

    You should watch "Her Private Life"!

    You planned a stellar vacation! Based on your answers, we think you'll love "Her Private Life," a fun and flirty drama starring Park Min Young and Kim Jae Wook!

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    Ryan Gold is an interesting character, He is open-minded, patient, calm & more importantly, he knows how to reflect on his own mistakes & apologize, he shows himself as masculine,passionate,caring,mature boyfriend.There is no surprise Sung Deok-Mi & screen viewers have been falling for him. Ryan Gold setting the bar high:thumbsup:









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  7. NamJiHyun for Marie Claire oct issue!!! So pretty:love:









    Hoping NJH will have time to watch his orabeoni/oppa:thumbsup:

    Ji Chang Wook plays Dong Kyu, the son of an anti-Japanese Confucian scholar and a top student at Shinheung Military Academy. The actor said, “I think this might be the hardest character I’ve ever taken on. It was very difficult to act as this character, and I deliberated a lot on how I would ground myself in the character’s emotions.”

    He added, “I’m reflecting a lot while performing this musical. There are even times when I’ll suddenly tear up. I talked to the writer about the things that I was concerned about, and they changed things for me. The director also helped me in this way, too.”


    “Shinheung Military Academy” runs until September 23, after which it will go on a national tour.


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