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  1. Dc VIA MYTALEMYWORLD ===== c https://twitter.com/jg_k_drama_417/status/1292626987400470537
  2. --------------- Hope they do something like this for their prenup video
  3. In short: It’s Ok To Not Be Okay. REBLOGGED THIS FROM ILOCKE ------- We still have two episodes left but ,What I like about it’s okay not to be okay is how an episode can start with making you smile and cry-happy to crushing you. We seldom have an episode with it only being pure wholesome and pleasant feelings nor an episode with us only crying and angry (okay, maybe there’s episode 14 but we definitely have an ‘aww’ moment when Sang-Tae took care of his family ) But there are other times where it’s vice versa. We start off with a heavy weight on our chests then end with a light feeling. It’s possible to have days when you’re having a blast then would be feeling down later on. It’s possible that you’re tearing up, feeling unmotivated but at the end of the day, you would be smiling at something ridiculous. You know, those little moments that we hardly notice because we’re too caught up with the bigger things in life. It’s possible, and it’s okay. This drama portrays how a day isn’t just one side of a spectrum. That it won’t be all laughter or sadness or frustration all the time. That those moments are fleeting and would always lead to change no matter how much we either want to escape or let it linger. The structure and pacing is very well done and how they delivered the story.
  4. Their chemistry never failed even in their previous drama , Lee joon gi and Moon chae won chemistry is so strong. the way they are pulling off the perfect couple characters and at the same time being a detective and a killer is amazing Dc
  5. The way she swung his hands around while looking at him,and the way he looks & smiles at her.
  6. happy birthday to #LeeMinho 's most precious unbreakable sword! -------- Jo Yeong: “Do you like The King?” Eun-sup: “Who wouldn’t?” Jo Yeong: “Me too.” *smirks cheekily* Eun-sup: *nods in agreement* KGE be like
  7. ------------------ Some of the mysteries were unfolded but the much bigger suspense is still yet to be revealed, which continues to draw the curiosity of the viewers.Furthermore, the revelations of the past has given of some valid reasoning on why these people are the way they are. Asides from the storyline, the cinematography and direction is consistent in this drama. It is a great visual delight and I like every bit of it and I am sure that other drama lovers do too. In this intense narrative, I also like some of the comedic relief that comes from the supporting cast members
  8. --------- Kpopmap released the top 10 most popular dramas and actors based on the 1st week of June data top-10 w Weekly trending actor: #LeeMinho (1st) top-10 weekly trending drama: #TheKingEternalMonarch (1st)
  9. Can somebody pass the oxygen tank pls!! She kissed back! I repeat, she kissed back!
  10. === You sure that’s a wrap up party cake and not a w*dding cake? BinJin: We’re close friends BinJin/Cloy stans: okay, nation’s married couple, Now cut the cake!!!
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