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  1. Hi all!! Happy December and it's almost time for Happy New Year!!! I was surprised to see MA is on Viki. Now I get to watch it again. Yippie! I have basically stopped watching dramas like 'Love is Beautiful, Life is Wonderful' but somehow I got hooked and I am watching it. I only mention this because in one episode as one main character is planning to leave the country a female character suggests shaking hands as a goodbye gesture. The male character hesitates and doesn't extend his hand. So the female character says, 'Then do you want to hug instead?' That reminded me of JA asking for a hug. The directness of this character also reminded me of JA. Also, the male and female characters in this drama are meant to be together (at least I believe that is how the drama will go). So, having them shake hands is like JA and DH shaking hands. They are meant to be together. An acknowledgement from this writer regarding MA and of JA and DH's relationship. Has anyone watched VIP? I got hooked by all the guessing of who is he cheating with? But if you did not care for the story just check out the last 10 or 15 minutes of the last episode. There is a scene of a train going by. It reminded me a lot of one of the railroad crossings in MA. The street looked kind of narrow but the railroad signs and the light pole looked very familiar. Then the drawing of the railroad crossing in one of the posts above made me think maybe it is the same street. The character in VIP is sitting outside of a photographer's studio. As the camera pans away from him you see the rail guard come down and a train going by. Almost suggesting that this character missed the train. One part of his life has ended and it is time to move on. It reminded me of DH falling in the snow by the train tracks. I think this is another acknowledgement by the PD or writer of this drama of the scene in MA and the symbolism used in MA. Maybe I'm projecting my false ideas but maybe they are honoring our show.
  2. Hey Everyone!!! Seems like everyone is doing well. Although we have move on we are still cherishing the memories of MA. Has anyone seen IU/Lee Jieun's new drama 'Hotel Del Luna' yet? I watched the first two episodes and I felt that the writer was giving hidden nods to 'My Ahjussi'. There are scenes where: 1) The full moon is featured (hotel del luna) --------- 'My Moon' 2) Main characters have a meaningful subway ride --------------- all those subway rides in MA 3) IU's character asks to 'be taken out to eat' ----- 'buy me food' in MA 4) the main characters are in a restaurant but we see them through a window ------ DH and JA in their special restaurant 5) IU's character buys shoes for male character -------------- 'Buy me slippers' 6) ghost wears dark sunglasses (I thought it was IU wearing sunglasses at first) --------------- JA with sunglasses in the office 7) IU's character tells male character to take subway #4 ------------------- subway station 4 in or near Hugye 8) Main characters walk together at night through quiet neighborhood street ------------ oh those special walks home LJE's character is strong and is playing with YJG's naive character. Strong like JA but more playful. It is like watching a mature JA toy with an innocent and younger DH. Now if I see signal lights, bugging a cellphone or a little van tipping over then I know the writer is sending signals honoring 'My Ahjussi'! Like many of you I hope LJE and LSK act together again soon. In the meantime I'll imagine LSK has transformed into YJG in Hotel Del Luna.
  3. I am so excited to learn of the wonderful and surprising results for 'My Ahjussi' at the Baeksang Awards! We were all hoping that our beloved drama would get recognized but with the popularity of some of the other dramas most of felt that even a nomination would be a win. Then when the nominations came out I felt that winning would be great but would that really happen? I can't believe they actually won! I guess the voters did recognize the beauty and greatness of MA. Now that our show has been recognized as the 'Best Drama' I couldn't be happier!!! Except I did agree with @sadiesmith I was so proud of 'My Ahjussi' but I was also disappointed that LSK didn't get recognized for his portrayal of Dong Hoon. I felt disappointment just like I was not initially happy with the ending of the drama. But after reading comments about the ending and thinking about it I did come around to think the ending was the best we could hope for considering the audience. Just like then, after being upset about the non-award for LSK I realized that he and everyone else who participated in MA all go home as winners! As the 'Best Drama' of the year everyone was recognized as being Best. The director, writer, staff and actors (lead, supporting and background) were all essential pieces in this production. It wasn't just one actor that was recognized. The whole team was recognized. Every person who participated in MA was deemed worthy of being named as the Best. The drama wouldn't have succeeded without everyone doing their part. So in my eyes and in the eyes of this awards giving group every person involved in MA is considered a winner! I think this is the appropriate result for our residents of Hugye. A group effort. And that brings me comfort. How about another round of drinks. Some celebratory songs. A nice meal for our special pair at the their special restaurant. And please more fanfic!
  4. I'm sorry that I missed the 1 year anniversary celebration here. So many exciting posts since my last visit (I skimmed the last few pages). The nominations for the Baeksang are exciting and well deserved! "Daebak!" For me the one year anniversary was some time this past week or so. I didn't start watching when it first started. I wanted to have a few episodes to watch before I started. Can't believe it is already a year. Can't believe I can't re-watch it since DF closed down. I wanted to say that I watched 'Touch your heart' and the way the lead characters finally expressed their like for each other was how I wanted our DH and JA to express their feelings for each other. I kept seeing DH's and JA's faces over these other characters. I also saw 'The light in your eyes'. I almost gave up on it. I actually said to myself that if the younger version of the main character did not appear soon I would stop watching. The younger version showed up again so I kept watching. But it was only for one episode. I understood the focus on the elderly and the message but I felt 'come on give us the relationship of the young leads'. Finally the big reveal occurred in ep 10. Everything made sense. I think 3 or 4 episodes could have been cut to make the same point but the beauty of how everything 'connected' reminded me of MA. In MA every episode (except maybe half of one episode) was crucial for the story to fulfill us. TLIYE was close. The acting was great but a tighter story would have made it better. I guess nothing matches our MA. MA spoiled me. Now no other show has really satisfied me. The search continues. Just have to wait for a LJE and LSK reunion!!!
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