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  1. You guys!!! They won for Best Drama!! (and also Best Writer). I was hoping that they would but had resigned myself to the fact that the other higher rated shows would get it. I mean we all know LSK deserves so much more but the fact that this got best drama is also a testament to his talent. Just like in the show if Ji An (and the audience) doesn't grow to care for and respect Dong Hoon, the show doesn't work. Like all the other key players - the writer/director/Jieun/etc - the show is what it is because of him! Also I just miss them so MUCH. Do they want me to cry? Is that what they want?!! Idk why but the first thought that went through my head when I saw this was Jealous!DongHoon lmao. (Someone help a girl out here with some fanfic.)
  2. Happy Anniversary to this beautiful show!! Can you believe how lucky we got with this show, and this cast, and this director/writer/crew?!!
  3. Hey Everyone! I've really missed you guys, and missed talking about this show. This show has become one of my all time faves (regarding any sort of media) and the love I have for this show - I'll always carry it with me. @popai5 Woah I love your poem! I think you really nailed Ji An's character here. It reminded of the Dear Moon lyrics, though in that song she is a little more resigned about her feelings and doesn't have any expectations to possess her source of light/hope. But in your poem the longing just peeks through despite her intentions. It really made me ache for Ji An all over again. Anyway I just wanted to drop by and wish you guys Happy Holidays! I hope all of you are leading happy and comfortable lives.
  4. What a gorgeous post @oldschooler! It reminded me of this beautiful line from a certain film review - "The film illustrates—among other things—how falling in love is an act of looking, while being in love is an act of seeing."
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