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  1. You guys!!! They won for Best Drama!! (and also Best Writer). I was hoping that they would but had resigned myself to the fact that the other higher rated shows would get it. I mean we all know LSK deserves so much more but the fact that this got best drama is also a testament to his talent. Just like in the show if Ji An (and the audience) doesn't grow to care for and respect Dong Hoon, the show doesn't work. Like all the other key players - the writer/director/Jieun/etc - the show is what it is because of him! Also I just miss them so MUCH. Do they want me to cry? Is that what they want?!! Idk why but the first thought that went through my head when I saw this was Jealous!DongHoon lmao. (Someone help a girl out here with some fanfic.)
  2. Happy Anniversary to this beautiful show!! Can you believe how lucky we got with this show, and this cast, and this director/writer/crew?!!
  3. Hey Everyone! I've really missed you guys, and missed talking about this show. This show has become one of my all time faves (regarding any sort of media) and the love I have for this show - I'll always carry it with me. @popai5 Woah I love your poem! I think you really nailed Ji An's character here. It reminded of the Dear Moon lyrics, though in that song she is a little more resigned about her feelings and doesn't have any expectations to possess her source of light/hope. But in your poem the longing just peeks through despite her intentions. It really made me ache for Ji An all over again. Anyway I just wanted to drop by and wish you guys Happy Holidays! I hope all of you are leading happy and comfortable lives.
  4. What a gorgeous post @oldschooler! It reminded me of this beautiful line from a certain film review - "The film illustrates—among other things—how falling in love is an act of looking, while being in love is an act of seeing."
  5. The rumours are true. I'm still very much in love with this show. But a combination of factors has been keeping me from it. I'm just now sort of catching up on all the wonderful interviews that IU and LSK did for the Japanese magazines. I really didn't think we'd get to hear so much of their perspective on the show. Now if only we could get the video interview too! The more I get, I greedier I become. First of all thank you so much to @justamom for translating all the interviews! Thank you so so much. And everyone else involved with the fan-site. You guys are the best. We're so lucky to have you guys in the fandom. Makes me feel bad that I can't seem to contribute that much to the fandom of a show I love. Cause this show (and by extension the fandom) has really meant a lot to me. It's been a while since I was this invested in the personal happiness of fictional characters. This show is so unassuming and quiet that it catches you unawares. I find it difficult to describe it to people who haven't seen it. I can only say -"just watch it please, you won't regret it!". I've heard this show described as a melo sometimes but personally I've never found it to be melodramatic. If anything it undercuts its sentimentality or potential for melodrama. I remember IU said something during the press conference - this show doesn't glorify or vilify life but just shows us how these characters are living. And that's how the show really gets into the audiences' head space. It sort of lures the audience into this world until we are so empathetic to the characters, we feel their pain/happiness just as acutely. (Technically all shows/films/books should do this, but how many actually manage it?) Even now after months, I'm still so affected by the show. If I hear just a bit of the OST/or watch a scene I'm transported back to its world, feel it sinking in my bones, my heart aches again. And I don't think I would have it any other way.
  6. This post is my kryptonite. Another of my favourites is this scene in ep 9. The fact that Dong Hoon purposely didn't go home cause he was hoping to run into Ji An still gets me. The few moments where he's just watching her before she notices him. She's the one being observed now instead of him (even if just for a moment). The look on their faces when they finally see each other, the background music, the fact that the traffic light has to turn green before he can join her. Why is this show so good?!!
  7. Whaat. This coming from someone who consistently has some of the most comprehensive and well-researched posts on this forum. Aww I'm blushing. I'm not sure I can even acknowledge @sadiesmith's restaurant post. You guys are too wild.
  8. Did I ghostwrite this? I cannot tell you how many times I re-played that scene when the episode first came out. And I also have no idea why I loved that short scene so much. @h2ogirl - your post on the traffic signals is kinda incredible! I can't believe how well so many things line up? I'm going to pay attention to this the next time I rewatch any of the episodes. And I finally checked out the fansite! Wow you guys are truly the MVPs. Thank you so much for putting it together. I can just imagine so many new fans of the show just stumbling onto this treasure trove of goodies.
  9. Dong Hoon's hand flex reminded me of another iconic one - Mr. Darcy indeed. Give me all the quiet longing and slow (and begrudging) realizations of love.
  10. Regarding the opening scene in ep 13, I always thought the reason for Dong Hoon's long walk back was not really in service of his character but in service of Do Joon Young. I think it just provided them a smoother transition to cut to this scene. Showing that Joon Young had followed them home or was waiting for Ji An. He obviously could not have been waiting any closer as Dong Hoon and especially Ji An would notice. And if they didn't have this shot then it would just be an awkward cut to Joon Young waiting at the foot of the stairs without any context. It felt similar to the scene in ep 8 where Ji An tells him fighting! and Dong Hoon appears surprised at first. Then there's a long moment where we just see him walk back to his apartment and he doesn't show much reaction (even though we know how much that fighting! meant to him) but at the end of the scene we see Kwang Il has followed him home. So a scene which I originally thought was about Dong Hoon was actually about Kwang Il instead.
  11. I missed @widala's gem of a post earlier. I need to do some serious back reading. Haha I really wish I could write fanfiction. But writing is just soooo hard. My eternal respect for fanfic writers. I think one of the reasons I really want to see Ji An and Dong Hoon sort of become unlikely partners or whatever is because I really enjoyed their antagonistic chemistry at the start of the show. I mean don't get me wrong I really love their whole - "You're a good person. No you're a good person." - unconditional love and support thing they had going on by the end of the show. But I also really enjoyed it when they didn't trust each other at all (or liked each other) but couldn't help but be intrigued by each other. Especially Dong Hoon cause Ji An was doing it for the money at the start at least. There's something really magnetic about their scenes when they're just starting to get to know each other. Just to share a few examples.
  12. Honestly Ji An is such a cool character. I mean she's a natural born spy. The NSA would be lucky to have her. James Bond who? Jason Bourne what? They got nothing on our girl. Watching that fan made trailer just made me crave for a 10k au fic where Ji An is in some sort of law enforcement agency. An up and coming rookie who is talented but unable to make much headway into the closed off boys' club that is the Agency. So she when she gets a particularly difficult case she has no choice but to team up with the even more reticent older agent Park Dong Hoon. A man from whom great things were expected but his safety first approach has stalled his professional life and left his personal life in shambles. Dong Hoon can instantly recognize her natural talent but is baffled (and a little scared) of her reckless nature. But he has no choice other than teaming up with her to solve this case if he wants to keep his job. The more they work together, the more they realize how similar they are. But will they be able to trust each other?? Stay tuned for the next episode of... (Am I basically writing fanfiction now?? What has this show done to me!?)
  13. I'm not sure if this has already been shared or not but this fan made trailer for Ji An is sooooo cool. Turn on the subtitles when you watch it.
  14. Not to add another IU centric post but reading all of your words I can't help but say my piece on IU as well. I find it a little infuriating how women in kpop have to bear the brunt of this stunningly misogynistic industry and then are criticized when they do their best to survive in said industry. I find most of the criticism/controversy of female idols like IU, happen whenever they try to take control of their work. IU started working in the music industry when she was only 15, and when her debut song (a dark and moody ballad) didn't click with the public, her company forced her to re-vamp her image (and music) into something cute, bubbly and far more marketable. And I imagine IU hated every single minute of it but she was young and had to acquiesce to her company's wishes. So she changed her image and tasted stratospheric success in her "Good Day" era. And slowly but surely she started leveraging that success to take back creative control of her music (and image). IU like most young girls in kpop started with a vast amount of "uncle" fans and that dictated how she was marketed. But once she started writing her songs and producing her albums, she started reaching out to a wide variety of listeners. But that fact that she took control and started shining a light on the hypocrisy of certain parts of the audience who only wanted to see her as a young girl forever (especially during Chat-Shire era) - I think that angered a certain section of the audience. I think that coupled with the fact that she's wildly popular anyway, means anything she does gets scrutinized and some people are always ready with their pitchforks. But having said that, I don't think the fear of controversy will ever stop IU. I think she will continue to do what she wants. As it stands now, IU has more female fans than male (which is a rarity in kpop for a female act). I think right now IU is one of the few singers/idols who have hard power in the kpop industry, has creative control of her work and has been consistently successful 10 years into her career. I don't know about you guys, but I really admire how she has navigated herself through this deeply patriarchal and mercurial industry. I hope she continues to do really really well in both her music and acting projects.
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