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  1. Hyun Bin cracking up while rehearsing the “wistful” gaze. ******* ----------
  2. Yoon Se-ri: Of course, I’m going to grow old very slowly. If you want to see that, you’ll have to stay by my side for a very long time. Ri Jeong Hyeok: I should. ****** [BINJIN] always laughing behind the scenes
  3. they introduced the characters and the relationships well plus the first case was also interesting. looking forward to ep 2 crthingskateknows ******* reblogged this from sofarawayinthemilkyway
  4. His intense stared, and her holding his gaze. c as labeled same vibes ------------- In white boarders , I can bet with anything that they were together on her birthday on July 2nd, and she (KGE) was the one who took this picture of him with her own phone, put boarders and sent it to him. We all know he hardly uses boarders. It’s KGE’s thing cr. https://twitter.com/gracieoguns/status/1288446388473389056 *********
  5. at the TKEM press conference they got naturally close without having any awkward moments one happy family
  6. ******* The reason being, the man in question already said he’s going to keep his next relationship as private as possible, plus the person he is dating, private is her middle name
  7. KGE has all qualities LMH wants in a wife Natural look, less make up Good cook Fairness cute & petite/Not too tall ,Simplicity & unpretentious , she can make him laugh/smile and Gives him calmness
  8. throwback 5 years ago today 16.07.2015 ~ 16.07.2020 when it's fate, there are no coincidences. And he updated today! It means he didn't forget this day!!
  9. This song has is indeed reflecting a mellow romantic feeling of not wanting to be separated from someone you love.
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