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  1. The drama has been aired already but no new posts on this thread??? Where are you guys - the fans of the drama, the novel, and our casts??? It's sad to be lonely here
  2. I love the novel, the movie version and Elvis Han (from Siege In Fog). Too many reasons for seeing the drama. I hope this drama would be an awesome drama too.
  3. @leah8 You made my day. I see a lot of good news and nice pics in your post. Looking forward to their reunion in Paris, where they would be together again. And happy to hear about Jiang Sheng's pregnancy. Sweet sweet sweet scenes are ahead. Can't wait to see them!!!
  4. How can they release just only 4 eps per week??? I can't help waiting for the end of the drama. I love the Jiang Sheng and Tianyou and hope to see their reconciliation. This preview made me so sad. When will Tianyou be happy??? Pls treat him well!!!
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