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  1. @hush puppy there was a scene at the bar whereby his investigator friend met up with him remember? I suspected that TJH was investigating on YH'S background because he clearly don't know who is YH and only his name. So based on what the friend had said in the conversation, I have very high suspicion that he was already investigating him.

    And WF only mentioned the child after that. So I'm nervous and not sure what will play out.


    But hey. YH and I have the same thoughts!



    Yes. Me too. Me too!



    Uh-huh! SPOT ON!


    Lots of angst incoming and YH being jealous and QS isn't making a clear line with TJH.




    The reason why I like episode 17 and 18 were because I choose to overlook the rest. LOL.


    I mean... YH's dad and YH himself touched me on their sincerity. That earned some tears from me.


    And how can we not love drunk YH right? Lol








    Pics posted are sourced from tumblr. Credits to poster.

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  2. Episode 17 and 18 are just sooooooooo sweeeeeeet!



    Can they get any sweeter?

    I love the meet the parents. 

    I was so sad for YH when QS's mum keep bringing up about TJH. And finally QS spoke up and shut her off once and for all.

    Even her 2nd mum was protective of her!


    I love YH's dad and I love YH more when he was defending QS and her family.

    Just like QS, I'm touched beyond words.


    The last part of episode 18????




    P.S: there are parts that I dislike and detest seeing them in it but I'm gonna overlook the redundant and annoying couple because of the sweetness QS and YH had given us.


    Is TJH investigating on YH?




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  3. @hush puppy reporting for duty! :waves:


    Only managed to finish watching episode 15 and 16.

    I thought QS's family was hilarious and his father is a bit hypocritical as pointed out by QS's 2nd brother but it's too funny to be annoyed.

    However I'm not very happy with QS's attitude during the photo taking but oh well, seeing the ex wife happily interjecting herself into the family picture, I can understand. 


    I also laughed when YH told his parents about him telling QS to tell others they are married. I mean... boy.... you are falling in love with her already! Lol


    Still not liking Li Dai (QS's co worker) but ok.. at least she kept the secret and ok.. her work attitude and wanting a fair fight. But I still don't like her. There's something about her make up that make me dislike her. :sweat_smile:


    Overall these 2 episodes today are OK but I really want more scenes of QS and YH. Meet the parents. How will YH fare after meeting the parents? How will QS successfully appeal to YH's mother? 

    More, more of them! Less of other characters. 


    Just like you, I dislike what will happen for episode 17 onwards. I mean I welcomed the wedding registration but not when WF (QS's ex assistance aka ex bf's fiancee) turn scheming all of the sudden. :unamused:

    Have a bad feeling most of drama will revolve around WF/lawyer boss lady/ex bf for episode 17 and 18. If this is so, I'll rage!! 



    5 hours ago, hyall said:


    I sound like a pervert but I enjoy some skinship so sue me.


    Nah. You are perfectly normal.

    We are all here for the sweets and nasty. :tounge_wink:



  4. @hyall WHAT???

    What's a romance without some kissing? Geezzzzzzzz...... 


    @hush puppy I need time to calm down after watching the episodes :D

    Hence penned my thoughts much later. LOL.


    You mean there are previews for episode 16 to 18 available now???


    I'm off to spoil myself crazy!!!! Lol



    Just watched some previews and I'm not sure they are for which episode but I'm MAD!!!!!!!




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  5. @hush puppy @ElleSor @Latte_Anyday

    Frankly speaking, episode 10 to 14: 

    The only scenes / interactions that I'm very very interested in will be anything between QS and YH.

    But I do find the conversation sometimes weird when YH is behaving like an old man, and when he starts nagging at QS in her lifestyle, manner of eating and etc.

    But I cannot deny the attraction/chemistry/sparks I felt everytime I see them together. 

    I'm definitely waiting for more skin ship scenes between the 2 of them and how they both realised they are slowly falling in love with each other.


    For YH's mother, aargh.

    Her scene always irritates me. I like YH's father better.

    And she contacted Li Dai?? I'm pissed. Why didn't she think of contacting QS to help her? She is her son's "girlfriend" for goodness sake! 


    For the ex boyfriend: whom I always forget his name. Jun Hui I think?

    He is super annoying.

    Full of angst of their past love and I dislike the way he is playing all lovey dovey with the clueless fiancee and then getting all mopey over QS.

    Yes I get it. Bad breakup with no closure but HELLO??? Didn't you move on too and got yourself  a little girl?? :unamused:

    Even QS is behaving badly in front of them.

    I mean.. c'mon? Your fake husband is right beside you. The behaviour at the super market is totally annoying.


    The law firm and the case QS wants to work on:

    Anything and everything about the law firm and the 2 ladies are just a waste of screen time for me.

    I cannot stand the lady boss. Full stop.


    QS's 2nd bro and sister in law:


    This is just so wrong.  One moment they are at each other's throat and suddenly they went all super loving? Y U C K


    So to summarise, if it is not for QS and YH love story, I would have drop this drama because of all the other irrelevant people.


    Episode 15 looks very very interesting and it might be what I thought it will be.. 


    A wedding perhaps??.? 


    Hopefully it gets better and more screen time for our QS and YH.

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  6. I want more!!! I've finished this week available episodes and I'm already suffering from the withdrawal syndrome!!


    I need more! I like YM's character and I like XK!! The "house husband" is just too cute!!! Can I have 1 too? :please:


    I dislike the lawyer Li Dai and Yang Hua's mother.

    Both of them are just simply too loud and annoying! 

    I like how QS tell her off and not backing down.


    And some of the issues touched by QS regarding work, women and family.

    I think that resonates well with the society now. It made me feel empowered watching QS fending off the egoistic male co workers and how YH came to her rescue.


    Have you all watched the previews for next week? I'm so looking forward for next week!

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  7. I've watched up till episode 6 and I'm loving it.

    I just find the scene of the 2nd bro and sister in law a little overdone. We were thrown into their messy marriage and quarrels and fights that early of the drama and it felt disconnected from the plot at times.

    And the lady boss at the law firm.

    I thought she should have some strong character and not trying to lick the boots of the rich people. It was a turn off for me.


    However I'm definitely invested in the drama. Previews for episode 7 to 10 looks nice and worrying at the same time!

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  8. 1 hour ago, Orientalfan said:

    I like the ending though....the email which was opened indicated that they would be together...and yeah...i wanted KGE to get both ML leads. She got chemistry with both of them....


    I was devastated when he initiated the break up and went offline on her.

    For me, I wouldn't even bother to send him email at all since he wants to "find himself"

    I'm so mad!


    @Geolyvseven yes yes. CCTV room. Hahahaha.

    I really love melodrama the best. LOL


    @Joanna Alfson Yes. I actually like the 2nd male lead. They feel more at ease with each other in my opinion and he definitely won't make her cry as much as the first male lead.


    @Heilo It's still a nice drama in my opinion. KGE only has 3 drama under her belt so I think Cheese In a Trap is nice. Goblin is nice too but the age gap.. can be a problem for some.

    TKEM IS JUST PERFECT because KGE's character as JTE is super awesome.

    She's brave, she's beautiful,  she's awesome!

    And with LG... OMG.

    I shipped them very very hard!!!


    Alright.. I have many many pages to catch up.. il catch up another day since I'm going to bed! Hahahaha


    Goodnight all!!


    Hopefully I can rewatch The King from episode 1 tomorrow again if work is less hectic!


    Watching episode 16 gives me all the good feelings... 

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  9. On 6/14/2020 at 11:34 AM, Heilo said:


    Is Cheese in the trap good can anyone recommend whether I should also try it out for KGE


    I like it a lot!

    Cried and laughed a lot.

    Breaks my heart whenever KGE cries.




    The ending sucks big time!!!!!!!!! :angry:



    @Alice Wonderland @YongZura⁷

    Yes.. That ending.. :angry:

    I cried so much every episode and especially in the last episode and then with that ending...

    I'm super duper upset!!!




    And this is the first time I wanted KGE to have both guys! LOL


    And with TKEM, that is how I determined that KGE has the most hugs and kisses scenes in TKEM.

    It's just so cute and endearing!



    my most repeated scene will be the epic rescue scene.

    The most curse scene will be the security footage room as I keep screaming "GET BACK INSIDE THERE!"




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  10. 5 hours ago, YongZura⁷ said:


    This is their recommendation :ph34r:



    Credit to the owner


    p.s I really love "Kill Me Heal Me"


    I went to watch "Cheese in a Trap" because I cannot get enough of Kim Go Eun. :wub:


    And then when it's finished, I went to watch her movie "Tune in For Love".


    All from Netflix. 


    Oh man...

    This is sad. My kids know my Friday and Saturday schedule so well that they even let me watch the TV on Saturday despite me telling them The King has ended on Friday.  


    So as not to disappoint them. I watched The King again. Hahahahahahaha


    I missed you guys! 

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  11. 7 hours ago, mychoiyoung said:


    I could not believe that SJ's character let TE go to the portal alone with LR. Whether TE is someone SJ loves, or his best friend or as next to family all his life or even just as his partner in the work force, how can he? Does not compute at all... Show why did you? Why?


    JTE is pretty bada$$ herself to handle LR.

    I really love JTE. Even when she is sad and heartbroken, she is still calm not irrational. 


    I'm thinking that SJ is respecting JTE's decision and not to make things worse in his friendship with JTE.

    He can't just leave like that leaving his mum alone as well. JTE at least has Luna to cover for her.


    Oh man... I can't believe The King has ended!!!!!!



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  12. 1 minute ago, ms_inquiry said:

    Sure there's Luna and LJH, but in real life there are people who look like doppelgangers and especially in KOC it LG could definitely create an identity for JTE. 



    He's the King. He could just create an identity for her!

    If Luna comes forward and said they look alike... then JTE could have claimed she has a long lost twin sister.

    Then we will get our wedding and the official announcement of Queen.


    Oh well.. it is what it is.

    I'll still take this happy ending. Ok. Gone to bed for real now. Lol

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  13. tenor.gif?itemid=5943085


    I'm still feeling so giddy and happy that our OTP are still together till the ending.


    And those hugs and kisses (I think I've mentioned this in every of my post today) are just making me  loving them even more!




    I wish the lovely dovey never ends...

    These 2 are just so cute together!


    Time for bed since I'm in a happy mood.


    Thanks to everyone here. Every Friday and Saturday will never be the same for us again without our King and Queen.


    Will be hanging around here for a while since I have a lot of homework to catch up on.

    Take care and stay safe!


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