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  1. @angelangie Fingers crossed this time it is for real and they won't change their mind ... and postpone it again.
  2. @Ameera Ali @cinnamonsterxx I think the hand belongs to ND's little "island wife". It seems like too small to belong to Nokdu and it's maybe holding something to eat (the little girl is often seen eating something like the cucumber last episode). And meeting your mother's incredibly strong child bride would be absurd enough to seem like a weird dream the next day...
  3. At the end of the preview it says September 30. Are they skipping a week?
  4. Cover image for the show from hancinema. Also it seems the full title of the show will be Leverage: Fraud Control Operation. https://www.hancinema.net/korean_drama_Leverage.php?fullwebsite=1
  5. @lu09 @Chickpea At the funeral the step-mother said that the brother (Yong Soo) did not come because he is not blood related to the father. So they are only brothers by marriage not by blood. She seems to have had him from a former relationship. She also says that they had no contact with the father for 5 years before he committed suicide and she only came cause he did not have anyone else to mourn.
  6. @Bev The former king and the teacher at Seoraewon are NOT the same person. The dethroned king supported Seoraewon (and it's western teaching and Catholics) which is why he (and everyone else) was killed by his conservative brother - the current king. And the two characters are played by different actors too. Yi Gyeom - The former king and Yi Rim's father is played by Yoon Jong Hoon Hae Ryung's father is played by Lee Seung Ho
  7. The preview (As if the heartbreak today was not bad enough our cinnamon roll also gets hurt when he protects his love):
  8. Preview for tomorrow: Poor HR, having to record the dowager queen choosing a bride for YR.
  9. @RobinM Sadly those are old pics from episode 25. It's when the prince sees/hallucinates Hae-ryung as his maids and Sam Bo the morning after their first kiss. But we did get another kiss/peck and this time initiated by the prince
  10. Hardison will be played by Yeo Hoe Hyun (it's a small Shall We Live Together reunion). https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.hankyung.com/entertainment/amp/2019083083084
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