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  1. Omg i feel stupid now lmao... I'm always so late on news °_° Anyway thanks for sharing... And WTF what a disapointment, what is this ? 3 ep of 30, 40, and 13 min ?? This is trolling lol, i was so hyped by the cast and there's litterally nothing in this drama é_è All the reactions are so weird and overexagered, this makes no sense lol. Okey now I want a REAL drama... Like a Love by chance 2... For exemple
  2. Meh finally I found this disapointing... I don't know, like nothing makes sense in this show for me. Kidnapping things are weirdly turned "funny". The romance isn't credible in my opinion
  3. At least we're gonna seem them back in Reminders o/ But I don't loose hopes for a LBC2 (Maybe reformed, and focused on 2wish *_*) Also I allow myself to post here my last edit about them, I couldn't avoid the Meanplan ship hehehe... Can't wait for Reminders !
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