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  1. thanks @Ameera Ali that’s my favorite scene from the preview!! with that humongous living room the butler already witnessed everything but their overreacting esp Dan running down the stairs too funny! thank you recappers and gif makers and everyone here making it fun and inviting to watch our fave angel and his ballerina those rose petals worked their magic..saranghe + kiss you sure taught him to act quick.....less talk more Action! lol
  2. ooh love that hair updo...and love her skirt....they are just lovely! @Ondine I’m sure you aren’t the only one and yes hoping for no hallmark-card painting...but why a pencil though...oh she probably getting him to start with his left hand like she did.. thank you lovely chingus for sharing — live-recappers, gif-makers, clip-sharers, theory/interpretation/twitter-posters! you are all so lovely like our OTP!
  3. lack of smooches because of DM and her espresso! at @annie1234 now hating on espresso...someone tell SJ to not give DM coffee anymore! dying here at DM’s croak/fainting face
  4. HPL trolled us again with DM in RG’s shirt.... y’all know where you wanted and hoped for that scene.... I love that Elevator and Shian’s manager re-enacting it out loud in front of DI! seems like SA sensed her awkwardness feels he tried to stop his manager or changed subject... and Love Mom too for trying to claim she’s the Shian fangirl...too funny!! she loves her Lion-Sa-bang ha! ok I should stick to english..her son in law...too cute how DM’s parents got attached to RG from day 1!! wrist grabbing at the beginning—DM grabbed RG’s wrist when they left EG at stairs to her place..kdrama norm role reversal is pretty cool in this episode RG can watch while DM does everything else you go on w ya wild self girl! and DM even comforted RG at the end.. argh work is calling and disturbing my HPL happy moment STS.... laters y’all when watching subbed epi....yay! bring it on HPL fandom keep on sharing
  5. exactly what I was thinking is it when she learned who he is....he may be her childhood friend Heo Youngjae. She didn’t say Heo Younjae-shi @rryyuu yes we will find out tomorrow....can it be tomorrow already lol ok not really since work has tons for me to get done by tomorrow but will have a real sweet treat after via HPL and spazzing on here to look forward to!
  6. Omo omo....Extra fangirling vicariously through @fangirldeokjil94 (‘s story of being there at the shooting of last scene) while watching the last scene.....and STS for hours...days...forever!! Mucho Gracias domo komawo to our recappers and all the quick fingers, fast gifs, clips/links, CSIs on here, and even those in SK able to make it to the set/sights and seeing all our HPL in real life!! Saraghae to y’all chingus on here fangirling over RG-DM loveliness! yes @rryyuu and everyone else I heard it too...DM seems familiar and her reaction watching RG as if remembering an old childhood friend...lol or am I reading too much into preview when I do not speak/understand Korean.
  7. no where to react to your post twice! dancing along with @Ameera Ali
  8. wow PMYFANSUNITED is super fast! thank you! Love this soft gentle reveal that he Knows! ha! take that EG! ..is he a policeman...lol@preview ha! detective Gold
  9. after that episode and next week's preview.....how are y'all still posting coherently?? especially those who streamed live! HPL fandom is amazing! and no one in diabetic coma! Thank you for the recappers and sharing y'all are awesome! kamsahmida
  10. fangirling is on replay or else we’d be up to 100 pages already but soon enough I’m sure. when RG-DM drove to writer’s house and car got stuck in mud, DM in the rain pushed the car since she cannot drive..so I don’t think she has a car...
  11. standing ovation to all our detailed CSI’s for noticing the table color changed, light-stars on ceiling, hand in pocket, etc.....such details i’d miss if it weren’t for y’al!! loving it! so they’ll make their first makeout sesh as they described earlier Real......start in one place (office) continue in another (car) but actually it’ll be in the wood workshop tables RG upgraded his car from black Chevy Malibu to a white Cadillac like some of you said DI-out ruined his first car. DM’s parents are the best!! for sure Replay-Partaaay is ON!!
  12. finally back to kdrama and soompi because of HPL!! ditto to all the posts --this drama will be the death of me too! @Ameera Ali I'm with you - she better respond beautifully! love all the CSI's and sharings on here, thank you!! keep it coming this week's eps are almost here..
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