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  1. @disney inspiration! arghh yet another kdrama with the little mermaid story.. so much for reading to their kids! the way YS calls Dan's name and seeing them with their wedding rings always make me smile @YS yelling at the maids for taking Dan's handkerchief and to Ms Jung as well, when it was Dan himself who took back his hanky! someone mentioned KW and Ni Na pair but I think it's more KW with Ms Jung couple lol I love YS's last outfit, well all her outfits were on point but that last one was gorgeous! so both MS and SHS changed at the wrap up party...may be they spilled gonchu sauce or got cake on their clothes that they had to change. They don't have the DanYeon's angelic white clothing clean up magic anymore!! I love that they came dressing casually nice to the party ready for photo op...before changing to tees. With the subs - the ending is a little better than just the 5 seconds hug we got at the end! how many times did someone mention "empty" during the finale and that lengthy showing of the empty house! What wasted time that could've spent more on our DanYeon couple reuniting.. At the end of the 32 eps ALML was a good show with great actors making us all escape into their angelic world and warped family drama. Top it all off is ALL y'all chingus in this thread, you made watching ALML Awesomely (Fantasia-ly) Fantastic!! Thank you!
  2. like Dan’s various white pants that never get dirty, I wonder how they clean the blood off Dan’s handkerchief.....oh wait it’s angelic pants and handkerchief he snaps his finger and it’s clean! @ppl done right...for reals! who plays jenga w makeup at the ready! how much did they contribute to the show that they HAD to add that in the show wasting another 5 seconds for DanYeon to hug some more at the reuniting end! really....no kiss at the end he could have at least hugged YS back then twirl her around happily! cheer up chingus...may be with the subbed episode we won’t need father soju party or may be we will but a totally different atmosphere.. THANK YOU! to our lovely ALML livecapper chingus, giffer chingus, and you all chingus who generously share in here making our day for us who probably broke our e-device’s refresh button to see if there’s any new bit of info about DanYeon moments. I will be back to read up on everyone’s views if they changed and also any clarifications, explanations, more theories, and imaginations after y’all watch the subbed finale. Kamsahmida!
  3. @Ameera Ali so you saying to bring watermelon to fathers soju, beer, & liquor party..?? as always I enjoy this thread w the detailed magnified view of otp’s every move from bts to actual scenes shown. Thank you everyone for making this drama even more amazing to watch and enjoy — Oh our Angel is/can be a Beautiful mess but we Pray for something Sweeter as we Welcome the Rain on The Nights that we’ll Miss ALML..
  4. still dreaming of the kisses....wakey wakey @jakey09 matey.. it’s for reals most of your predictions came true today...woohoooo!
  5. and this is also why YS fires them constantly...no one’s doing what she paying them to do! her Angel ends up cleaning! though she enjoys taking pictures and videos of her Angel cleaning....oh how we will miss them.. just saw your YS cooking eggs picnic post gifs she’s wearing pumps...it’s rare to see YS in heels she’s usually in flat shoes. oooh and count me in for the father liquor father beer father soju party! I’m coming with you @Ameera Ali let’s party this week long and onto to next week too...
  6. question for you keen eyed and attention to detail chingus.. so Hu lost his powers and is in jail....Dan gained teleport-finger-snapping power? or Dan never lost his powers or did Hu’s powers transfer to Dan? Dan was in the rain with no wings and then snapped his fingers and he was on the rooftop with Runa’s minion. I about fell off my chair at @jakey09 extremely observant post!! talk about keen eyed ALML chingu..!! of course it doesn’t take much for the long awaited cult-perverted-chingus to get on board!! my favorite was YS telling Hu n Dan what’s up in the angels den.. I was and how many times will Dan confess his love for YS.? YS hasn’t really yet but from the preview she’ll go straight to let’s get married. I loved the detective work between YS Dan and Ms Jung, great team work!
  7. @Ameera Ali i think even dog is tired of Dan’s whining and venting and saying to Dan he needs to talk to YS not him love that the dog is still there and I’ve missed Dan being on that swing/bench thinking, writing, talking to dog and even w YS thanks bunches to our live recappers and clips gifs sharers....since a i can’t watch yet you all make my day!
  8. @xroglam @Ameera Ali @Shosi_for_9 and all wondering about Dan changing YS’s clothes....from preview i kinda figured she may have worn that white top under pink suit....or so they want us to think that because i doubt she had that top on in last episode..so no cult pervert here hey why ain’t she coming down with fever like all kdrama folks who are caught in the rain!? my drink almost went up my nose when I read that @Ameera Ali’s post she was happy when lights out he’s gonna take advantage of her....we know she ain’t sleeping like last time so yeah...takes 2 to tango!! lol
  9. cto that tush extremely distracting to the fluttering touch!! again mucho gracias thank you kamsahamida! to all you fantastic chingus for sharing!
  10. thanks @Ameera Ali that’s my favorite scene from the preview!! with that humongous living room the butler already witnessed everything but their overreacting esp Dan running down the stairs too funny! thank you recappers and gif makers and everyone here making it fun and inviting to watch our fave angel and his ballerina those rose petals worked their magic..saranghe + kiss you sure taught him to act quick.....less talk more Action! lol
  11. ooh love that hair updo...and love her skirt....they are just lovely! @Ondine I’m sure you aren’t the only one and yes hoping for no hallmark-card painting...but why a pencil though...oh she probably getting him to start with his left hand like she did.. thank you lovely chingus for sharing — live-recappers, gif-makers, clip-sharers, theory/interpretation/twitter-posters! you are all so lovely like our OTP!
  12. lack of smooches because of DM and her espresso! at @annie1234 now hating on espresso...someone tell SJ to not give DM coffee anymore! dying here at DM’s croak/fainting face
  13. HPL trolled us again with DM in RG’s shirt.... y’all know where you wanted and hoped for that scene.... I love that Elevator and Shian’s manager re-enacting it out loud in front of DI! seems like SA sensed her awkwardness feels he tried to stop his manager or changed subject... and Love Mom too for trying to claim she’s the Shian fangirl...too funny!! she loves her Lion-Sa-bang ha! ok I should stick to english..her son in law...too cute how DM’s parents got attached to RG from day 1!! wrist grabbing at the beginning—DM grabbed RG’s wrist when they left EG at stairs to her place..kdrama norm role reversal is pretty cool in this episode RG can watch while DM does everything else you go on w ya wild self girl! and DM even comforted RG at the end.. argh work is calling and disturbing my HPL happy moment STS.... laters y’all when watching subbed epi....yay! bring it on HPL fandom keep on sharing
  14. exactly what I was thinking is it when she learned who he is....he may be her childhood friend Heo Youngjae. She didn’t say Heo Younjae-shi @rryyuu yes we will find out tomorrow....can it be tomorrow already lol ok not really since work has tons for me to get done by tomorrow but will have a real sweet treat after via HPL and spazzing on here to look forward to!
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