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  1. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays dear Chingus! It's been days since I had the time to diligently read through the posts and respond. (haaaay Work, why must you come between me and my drama and forum time?) But just seeing how the discussion pages have increased (made me thinking about arithmetic and geometric progressions haha), I am impressed. So happy to be in the midst of such passionate, informative, sensitive, wise people. What a gift! Thank you for all the interesting updates and insights. Wishing all of you a happy heart that will make everyday Christmas/Best Day Ever. Thinking and embracing also those who are not as celebratory for one reason or another. Same here at times with the blues. My gift to you for this special day. Hope it is a warm hug for you as much as it has been for me. Pardon the cheeziness. It's Christmas and it's Bogummy, the Universal Boyfriend even prior to Encounter days (and requesting too for your good, powerful thoughts as I finish my submissions. i really want to get back on track here soonest. haha yes,it's way on top of my to-do list. thanks much!) lease
  2. Just got this on my sns From JAMSAN, artist of the Encounter opening billboard illustrations i can't remember now the Forum Chingu who led me to him -- but thanks much! so love celestial bodies especially the moon and with these stars-in-their-own-rights to go with it's bound to be quite a vision and mooning over Bogummy and that light of a person he is
  3. (please bear with the long post) Thank you all for the kind words and thoughts when i posted about The Drama within my own drama last Wednesday night. It was both comical and well, suspenseful. I am feeling much better. yes, thanks to the meds from the pharmacy but i think the recovery (even before the allergy) is more because of the happy hormones I get from this forum. I am amazed at how this space has brought strangers together and how we are being gifted two-nights in a row of every week by the quality of work that we see from our light boxes. Equally amazing is how we have enriched each other with the magic of watching the episodes together from our own corners of the world; and the joy of sharing our knowledge from whatever field or walk of life we have come from and the insights from our own view and experiences of life. I think that's what good storytelling does. It moves people to trust enough to open up to tell their own stories and to graciously listen to others' as well. My mind is still full of notes for this week's EPs but still need rest. So I leave you with this serendipity-laden find just now --- a quote from one of my fave woman authors, Jungian psychologist and "cantadora" who have put so much focus on stories and symbolisms especially from myths, folk- and fairy tales. The words also reminded me of what our dear Driver Nam said to SH (Ep 5) while they were in the car, about the flowers in spring. I just realized how my author might as well be talking to SooHyun. " I hope you will go out and let stories happen to you and that you will work them, water them with your blood and tears and your laughter till they bloom, till you yourself burst into bloom. Then you will see what medicines they make, and where and when to apply them.That is the work. The only work. " -- CLARISSA PINKOLA-ESTES, "WOMEN WHO RUN WITH THE WOLVES" and another MV for Encounter OST #2 of Lee Sora's "Into My Heart" from YT Channel of Ylime Emanu do try reading the Spanish translation seems even more fitting for the melody the song is clearly Soo-Hyung's theme. Chingus, good night/good morning, from this
  4. Ending scene recap for those who wants to read it.hehehe And the award goes to.... hahaha Thanks much! I thought I was going to bed without an English translation/recap. and die in my sleep in the process. with a smile still .
  5. freshly-baked ! Another MV ENCOUNTER OST #3 "DONT HESITATE" by Yong Jun Hyung of Highlight from YT Channel of ClsQ
  6. "Ah, now they are in a pre-relationship " @utkim ohhhhh so that's what it' called
  7. still downloading Encounter Ep 5 with subs while waiting, i am so trying not to be 'spoiled' by the thread here but *arg* i failed the marshmallow test so many times can't wait to see the continuation and your thoughts here last night, i was rushing home to catch the somehow delayed broadcast on Naver. that's been my thing since it started just watch even without the Eng subs and immerse myself in that storytelling without the benefit of the usual language but then i had t rush myself to the hospital emergency room bec of some food allergy it's the worst i've had i thought it could have led to anaphylactic shock but while in the cab, while thinking of the worst case scenario and feeling really out of breath, what or who came to mind??? well there is is my family for practical reasons but the next was 'oh no..im gonna miss Encounter OTP tonight...noooooh..' i remember characters in other dramas said at a moment between life and death it is this particular beloved that they thought of. i realized, among other life-truths, how invested i am in these our two lovely characters. and i don't even consider myself a fan ( i am not worthy next to most of you here and out there) i am just someone who loves stories about people and how they are told and how well that i find a piece of myself and life here and there and i have a confession to make -- i haven't seen EP 1 yet in its entirety and with English subtitles, would you believe that? (it's this habit of coming in in the middle of tv dramas and films but it works for me) i'm ok now. had 3 injections in the hospital and still on oral meds at home. so now i'm going to enjoy this download and that ONE too. Ep6 soon!
  8. good morning, Chingus! here's a special Encounter MV for us who wait for Ep 5 our two brave hearts will explore their world outside this time in the light of day for all eyes to see and well it seems they only have eyes for each other though it is not going to be a walk in the park for long and they both are wise enough to know that so do we and so all the more reason to enjoy these moments still looking for a proper English translation online if you find one (besides the ones on the lyric mvs) please post. thank you! here's to our beautiful, magical, brave day! - - - THE DAY WE MET (영화같던날) CHEEZE Lyricist: Nam Hye Seung, Park Sang Hee Composer: Nam Hye Seung, Park Sang Hee Info source:https://mojim.com/usy189754x3x1.htm Video from: YT channel of SEOUL TRIP https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCl0skuFDwMqmo67HcS-ULnA perfect blend of visuals for the E/B music
  9. @utkim even his imperfection is perfect! but seriously im starting to wonder what sort of flaw has writer nim put into JH's character. there ought to be somethings and still those would not make him any less endearing
  10. thank you so so much @bohmi! made my evening how'd you find him? (now i miss my camera)
  11. @NongpeeP adding another version for your listening pleasure it's simpler with just a piano playing (usually the versions are with stringed instruments) and i think not too much reinterpretation from the artist but still powerful and pretty uplifting ah this masterpiece by Johann Pachelbel popular during its time (late 17thC) then became obscure until 1968 and has since been very popular as entrance music for wedding ceremonies (*wink*) happy that even classical music has figured into this drama (a drama that i dare say is bound to be a classic by itself) still wishing and hoping the version in the sequence gets included in the OST and praying even more we get to hear Bogum play it one of these days. i miss seeing him on the piano (and i miss my piano)
  12. @bebebisous33 (yey i got the @ right!) thanks much for the insights on those amazing artwork. can't wait to do my own screengrab and do my own reading of the materials. this other art dept work is very much consistent with the rest of the storytelling visuals of the drama -- symbolical, multi-level and beautifully executed. really remind me of French fairy tale books. i am still curious to understand that artwork with the butterfly. i've read another post here with a very rich 'Psyche' interpretation, but i still want to know more. and i must say this forum is really a wealth of interpretation and insights. i have even started a file to paste some of the posts, just so i can get back to them at a later time. thats' what a good drama does to its audience. it makes us come alive. here's to a new week ahead with our Princess and Boyfriend!
  13. while looking for more info about the photography team, ijust came across this fun article about E/B. love the screenshots and gif. https://www.soompi.com/article/1270917wpp/first-impressions-encounter-warms-hearts-innocent-romance-stunning-cinematography to quote binahearts of Soompi: "Every single word and sentence that is spoken between the two carry so much weight and importance. The little things like the close-ups of their hands and feet showing their nervousness and anticipation makes you feel the butterflies that they’re feeling. This is much owed to the director and the drama’s production value!"
  14. ENCOUNTER is also a tale about Time and I would even go as far as saying, it is the third person between and around our two main story characters. first, Time has "conspired" with the rest of the universe to bring these two characters together in particular moments and spaces. how the images of time pieces (SH always looking at her wrist, she surrounded by all that wall pieces showing various time zones), the props (35mm film camera, radio cassette recorder) from certain eras that JH's character so loved are so well-placed details. this to me is what makes this tv drama a good collaboration among different storytelling medium (putting out that literary narrative and the audiovisual storytellers knowing exactly how to put that across from their end). the precision of the moments that the events happen, and the fluidity and consistency of the character's responses to the situation, puts the timelessness of the narrative. and so it appeals to a wide range of audience in terms of age group viewership. but i guess, people in my age bracket (pre-millennial) are into it because of we've had the benefit of time lived and the still possibilities of halfway more. this YT video tells this story of Time and the MV of OST #1 is but a fitting acknowledgement of this other character. (i know i posted this before but it's just so beautiful not to share again )
  15. hello, thanks so much for the comment on my post. and nice to meet a mod. still trying to find my way around soompi forum and well, the technology that goes with it (aging person here, generation from the first internet service). :blush: 


    may i ask how does one post photos here? from howi understand the buttons set-up, one can only do so by providing a link to where the images can be found? am i correct? what if i have screen grabs that i put together and wish to upload here, i still need to upload them first someplace else?


    looking forward to the tips. thank you!






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  16. we see in this the self-awareness of the writer of what is tired (*edit: i meant to say ":tried" but then "it could be tired" too) and tested formula in writing dramas, particularly the romance genre -- "that fate" "the universe conspiring" "the gods having a day playing with the lives of our hero and heroin" thing and yet we buy into, heart soul and gray matter, because of how the writer is honest about it. no need to be pretentious bec her character JH has been created with such gift for reflection about the world he is in and has the words to make sense of it (again too, another boost for why reading is important in people's lives). and again, delightfully we encounter, that roles-reversal motiff that the writer has capitalized on. thank you @gigivillaceran for pointing that out. i almost missed it being so engrossed in the other beautiful stuff happening. and I must say how there are so much beauty in the way the cinematography has been approached from various angles. there are those dreamy scenes, and then those photos- within-a-photo scenes (ah the morning window scene with SH and JH out on the beach bench, i would have that printed out and framed or better yet i should take up art classes and make me my own version). these are also tying very well with SH's love of images (the hand-drawn paintings on actual canvasses ) and JH 's (the ones painted with light thru black and white photography). speaking of cinematography, if there is a link to a SNS that belongs to the cinematographer/s, PLEASE SHARE CHINGUS. i remember, during PBG's Moonlight Drawn by Clounds/Love in the Moonlight run, an IG accnt of one of the cinematographers (i think) was found by fans and it was such a delight just browsing thru them and well getting bits and pieces of BTS stories. TNX IN ADVANCE!
  17. @bebebisous33 thanks much for juxtaposing those 2 characters. honestly, i am still too wrapped up with our protagonists to give more thoughts on the second lead. but then i really need to at some point like right now haha. seriously, it shows all the more the kind of writing that goes into this drama. nothing is by chance. one character's details is heightened all the more by putting it next to another's. i really am looking forward to how the ex-husband's character will evolve, or not, as the narrative continues. will he be allowed to or will he himself choose to rise to the occasion? that is the challenge of the writing also. will this character go the way of the usual or just how things are going, we expect some pretty delightful surprises. i like also how you pointed out the "tricks"in JWS' way of approaching SH. a complete opposite of how straightforward, honest JH has been. even SH noticed this fact when she got back to SK and was reading JH's cv and remembering bits and pieces of info about himself that he gave while they were in Cuba. JH's could have made himself "more interesting" to a stranger but he didn't. he is just so sure of himself in the most endearing way visible to anyone.
  18. Episode 4's four-minute ending is as perfect as it could get -- the courage of KJH to step up and into this other chaotic world that comes with the package that is Ms Cha; the play of emotions and thoughts on CSH's face (particularly her eyes) from fear for this Braveheart, to being moved by this display of pure love; the priceless reactions of each support character (yey Driver Nam!) including the unsupportive crowd; the surprising but impeccable placement of Pachelbel's classic Canon in D together with the close-up shots of JH's beaming face and his nice shoes, and the solid footsteps echoing, charging oh-so-surely and gallantly past SH's moat and right in-front of her equally nice boots, their unspoken thoughts to each other; JH's seemingly crazy lines that reveal all that they are and not; the music about their first encounter day, more silent messages and then cut to memories of Cuba, bare feet and sandals. it was as if saying -- "from having the rug pulled under your feet, and people just disrobing you of what you hold so dearly and privately, here i am, we take everything back to you, and all shall be well. all is well. starting this minute." how can the object of affection not believe in that more? even with just that gentle, kind smile lighting up that charged space, who wouldn't give hope a chance? and so we see SH's smiling back at the new world before her. haaay life, if only we have more Jin Hyuk in this world i just had to let go of the floodgates. and hit that rewind button again and again. and the same thing happens esp with that choice of music and the use of slowmo and how all these text and subtexts have been woven creatively and technically in a 4-minuter scene is really the work of people who know their craft -- the lines, the performances, the shots, the edits, the sounds and the silence, even the costume! cannot wait for episode 5 and the rest. in the meantime ... here's Pachelbel's music to bring us back to that glorious JH moment for SH. i hope that track gets included in the OST, and wouldn't it be nice if it's PBG who gets to play it for us?
  19. chingu @arielly, we may have this clue from a YT FMV* Could be Saltnpaper and title "Take Me on" it has not been released yet that is why we don't see it. * Info is in the comment section
  20. here's to us as we sashay our way into the weekend (when most of the lovely times our protagonists share the loveliest) and into Ep 5. i just googled the lyrics and English trans to this song that started it all and well i just have to pull my Spanish 1 & 2 -- ¡ Ayi mi corazón! SI LLEGO A BESARTE Composed by Luis Casas Romero Performed here by Omara Portuondo If I Manage to Kiss You https://lyricstranslate.com/en/si-llego-besarte-if-i-manage-kiss-you.html They say that your caresses will never1 be mine ... that your loving arms will never embrace me... And I dreamed last night that you loved me And even if I died afterwards I want to kiss you. Give me a kiss and forget that you kissed me I would give you my life if you asked for it. For if I manage to kiss you as I have dreamed, it would be impossible for you to forget me. Give me a kiss and forget that you kissed me I'd give you my life if you asked for it. For if I manage to kiss you as I have dreamed, it would be impossible for you to forget me And here the FMV with our brave and beautiful CSH & KJH . --
  21. wow to have come up with these is just amazing. now we see why this drama is not just what people expect it to be. there is so much material underneath it. with the greek and roman classic you really never go wrong. and with viewers who can catch those, this is why we have this much fun and fullness. who is the official artist's drama? no wonder it was such beautiful work. an old fairy tale book coming alive with so much richness in it.
  22. i think i'm having a headache from too much tension after just 4 episodes. i wonder how the plot would develop along? conflict is what makes the story worth watching and sticking to. and the changes that come about. i really, really hope the writing carries these lovely characters and performers way into the last sequence with the best that they've got. and i also trust SHK and PBG wouldn't take on the project esp after so long a break if they themselves do not believe in it. there is so much eye-candy in the creative and commercial work of this series. the ratings and the craze over anything associated with the series translate to significant interest. but to me story is still king. and so far, i am at its service. thank you again to all who chingus who have provided this space and who make our viewing more fun and interesting. 'til next week. and all the articles and wonderful thoughts in-between!
  23. lasting cultural impact it is! pretty accurate analysis there @ahdrianaa
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