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  1. hello, thanks so much for the comment on my post. and nice to meet a mod. still trying to find my way around soompi forum and well, the technology that goes with it (aging person here, generation from the first internet service). :blush: 


    may i ask how does one post photos here? from howi understand the buttons set-up, one can only do so by providing a link to where the images can be found? am i correct? what if i have screen grabs that i put together and wish to upload here, i still need to upload them first someplace else?


    looking forward to the tips. thank you!






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    2. foolmoondance


      will do thank you again. have a good week ahead!

    3. bebebisous33


      I am busy grading tests!:)

    4. foolmoondance


      well aja to the whole class :D

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