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  1. Hi, Willenette, Yes, I'm lucky. San Diego has a big Korean Community, so I get to enjoy to watch his movie. Also, going to the Korean grocery stores, and restaurants are the things that I get to do. I soo love their fried chicken!!! Come over and let's watch it again. I just got introduced to K drama last year and got to know him. Now, I'm a die hard fan. I am hoping that he gets to do more projects that he will enjoy doing and that his followers will eagerly await. I am also hoping after watching some shows that he went to promote his movie (yes, I am a subscriber for both drama fever and wiki - obsessed!!!), that he finds the perfect girl for himself!! My siblings and I are already planning to visit Korea (and the cafe Everything but the hero) but it has to wait since we already have other travel plans. Hopefully, by April 2020. Hoping to at least see a glimpse of Jo In Sung.
  2. Thank you very much. I already ordered the magazines. My friends and I watched "The Great Battle" last night, and it was heartwarming to heat from people who really don't know Zo In Sung state that he is a really good actor. They even started asking the other projects he was in. The movie was very well done and as expected, Zo In Sung really delivered. Now, I'm hoping that there are more projects for him soon. Hoping for a drama and more movies.
  3. Hi, @willenette and @syntyche, Thank you for all the updates. It's like a deluge after a famine. But, I'm not complaining. I am really hoping that his new movie will even surpass 10M moviegoers. My friends and I are going to see it tomorrow after work. Do you know, by an chance, how i can buy those new magazines that has him featured? And, also, any new more projects in line for him.
  4. Jo In-sung went to Jeju Island where he bought a town house worth 1.5 billion won. He visited the house with his family and carefully looked at the structure and facilities beforehand. It looks like he's going to use it as his second house. In fact, Jo In-sung has been going back and forth Jeju a lot recently. Witnesses have been popsting pictures and signatures on SNS saying that they've spotted him. A real estate agent in Jeju Island says the house he bought it 10 minutes away from the airport and it's possible to reside in it right away anytime he goes there from Seoul. A famous duty free store is nearby and security systems run 24 hours. Jo In-sung also bought an office-tel space in the Jamsil Lotte World Tower worth 4.5 billion won last year and presented it to his parents and sister. Meanwhile, Jo In-sung is taking a break after filming the blockbuster "Ansi Fortress". Blockbuster "Ansi Fortress" is the story of the war to defend Ansi Fortress fought between General Yang Man-chun of the Goguryeo and the Tang dynasty, one of the most powerful wars in Chinese history starring Jo In-sung, Nam Joo-hyuk, Park Sung-woong, Bae Sung-woo, Um Tae-goo, Seolhyun, and Sung Dong-il. Source : star.mk.co.kr/new/vie... Copy & paste guideline for this article Always put a link back to the source and HanCinema permalink
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