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  1. I feel like it’s to let others know that he, as the prince, is not ok with this illegitimate daughter.
  2. My sister just started watching it and felt the same way. But, I pushed her to keep going and she’s hooked now. I suggest picking it back up
  3. I love your observations! I’m going to watch season 1 again too. Season 1 always gives me the tears no matter how many times I’ve watched it
  4. If they decide to go with a Tan'Er and MYH route, I think it's totally doable. I feel like she was only boring in the first season because she was depressed all the time. To be fair, the girl is sharing her body with someone else and her true love is married to someone else. It'll be different if we see a happier side of her. I'd like to see some jumping around of places in S3 too. I honestly thought we would have seen more of that in S2.
  5. The same happened with me for the first season. One of the scenes came up in my Facebook feed and so I checked it out and then got hooked. The story is just so amazing. And with the actors growing with the role, it just made it that much more amazing.
  6. There is something that makes me shudder at the thought of CYW as MLC and him doing steamy kiss scenes. I just can’t picture it...
  7. I think figuring out if the original cast is coming back is becoming a drama on its own! Everyday we get tidbits that leave us on the edge of our seats!
  8. You seem to have misunderstood me. I meant chemistry in terms of the characters of MLC and XT. Also, my apologies if I’ve offended you but we’re all just expressing our opinions. There is no need to be upset and use all caps
  9. Ugh... this is seriously breaking my heart. You’re never going to get the same chemistry with anyone else. I really hope that they turn this around and are going to work something out. I feel like he likes his fan base so I would hope that he reconsiders.
  10. I know! It's like they don't want people to flip out so they're quickly putting these things together. The other thing I thought of was that technically, the season isn't over. It's only over for people who have VIP access, the last two eps for regular access is Monday. If they're going to make any announcement, it would most likely be after the season has completely finished airing. However, I'm not very familiar with how they announce things in China.
  11. We really have been spoiled. It's crazy to think how far they've come as actors. When you watch season 1, you can tell that they're novice and then watching season 2, I forget that he's 21 because he's so mature in it!
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