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  1. I don’t know about his schedule but based on EL2, his story seems to be done. If they continue from where they left off, there isn’t much of a story for him anymore.
  2. Out of curiosity, anyone know why they changed the opening song partway through?
  3. I feel like the drama is going to wrap up similar to the Taiwan versions with ample time for us to see happy family life. I feel like the trailers aren’t usually true to their episode numbers.
  4. @you-nee, this is the song @libra22 was talking about. Viet subs, but it'll do haha! https://youtu.be/EI5QBl95y-w
  5. Thanks @taekwang and @Reverie! does anyone know who sings the opening theme song?
  6. Does anyone know how to read the schedule? I got the VIP membership for wetv, so does that mean the week of the 16th, I’ll see eps 21-30? I know it’s a stupid question but the schedule shows 3 rows that week
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