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  1. I would definitely like to know what that secret recipe is, chingu. Spill it! Spill it! She finally shows herself up!!!! My fan girlfriends were all sending me DMs of her post lmao supportive folks.
  2. It took a while before I gathered my wits to re-watch the subbed episode. LOL again and again, the drama was superb, not until the last episode. I didn't like that WS was the culprit (although he has been my guess from the start), I didn't like how TOP team got away with just a few years in jail, notwithstanding the gravity of their crimes. The romance was so-so but I didn't expect much of it to begin with since the plot revolved around TOP and the MO family, but I did expect a kiss better than just a wholesome peck WS deserved so much more than what he got. I imagined him being diagnosed with a bipolar disorder (or whatever mental disorder) and SH would have had a difficult time forgiving him but at least he was alive to see his movie making it to Cannes and his mom contrite to how she treated him all these years, asking for his forgiveness in the mental ward or something and crying her brains out because she pushed him to the edge. But then again, if he hadn't committed suicide, the burden for Ms Ha wouldn't have been this heavy. She will have to live with guilt for the rest of her life especially after knowing that he did what he did because of her. And WJ would somehow feel more remorseful for how he treated his brother when all he wanted was to get at least half of the love he is getting from their mom. My heart still hurts for him!
  3. I honestly dont know, Seok Hee, I guess? YD is now leading TOP with new members.
  4. Yea, Han paid for her sins through prison time, but why do I feel unsatisfied? Her team got away, they were her accomplices. I get they wanted to maybe add feelers for season 2, but still....ugh! I do not expect everyone to be apologetic to each other but what frustrated me this whole time is the fact that I've never seen Han look defeated. And even to the very last minute, she still didn't seem remorseful! Add to the fact that her team is still intact and still loyal as ever.
  5. Since I didnt understand the dialogue, I couldnt tell for sure. But he was trying to beg AJR for something. IDK, maybe for his mom's sake? AJR was so mad. He probably got triggered.
  6. Well she was and then she got out. And her team was waiting for her.
  7. Well I think MBN is trying to cash in on the show's success. They probably did this to make the viewers clamor for season 2.
  8. Awww. My heart broke for Wan Soo!! And that kiss in the end though, so wholesome!! IM DISAPPOINTED!!
  9. They are all in the dining table celebrating. Why do I feel sad though, noone from the family is left. Where is her dad? I hope she gets Suh Jin at least? Ok, Suh Jin is back lol
  10. Oh wow, YD eomma is set free. YD now heads TOP I assume. And SH is bubbly as usual lol
  11. Geez, why does it feel like Han is still winning?!! I do not freakin' understand lol she still smiled despite it all!! WTF!
  12. Han doesnt even budge even when witnesses are pointing at her. What a cold b***h!
  13. Oh Ms Han is alive and she isn't done yet? lmao I think she just surrendered or something.
  14. They receive news about Ms Han. Did she kill herself?!!! UGH!! OR did he run away?!!
  15. Does anyone think Han's character is still capable of redemption? I don't f*****n think so! She should rot in jail. I'm still waiting for her back story. At least let us understand why she is the way she is.
  16. Does Han actually feel guilty for WS's death?? For real?!!! I think TOP is now disbanding and Ms Han is saying her goodbye to the team. If she kills herself, I swear!!!! She's in tears! Unbelievable!!
  17. Ugh I hope Ms Ha also kills herself out of guilt! lol sorry. NOT! If Han kills herself, I'm out to kick the writer's a**. LOL
  18. OMG, WS just hanged himself!!!!!! Im shook!! But it seems he made a confession video first.
  19. They're now idicting the wench and WJ for AJR's murder. WS is safe. tsk. You got the wrong people!!! Is Wan Soo out to avenge himself too? His way of getting back at his mom and brother for the way he's treated?
  20. Geez these a**h***s are still smiling! What are they planning this time?!
  21. The Milk Witch (B****h) is back! LMAO go get em, ahjumma!!!
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