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  1. LOL I meant, Im sure I have the right guess (pertaining to the post) but Im not certain if the tea is true.
  2. THANK YOU, @meechuttso I knew Icould count on you to clarify this unnecessary confusion. I was going to have you summoned if things got messy. Riiiight? Can't he just be the angel he once was?
  3. OOhhh interesting! I hope they open a survey soon! This show deserves a Directors Cut, dont you think?
  4. As much as I adore Lee Dong Gun in real life, i find this and his character so annoying lol I have never minded JKW all throughout the series until I saw this in the preview. Like who gave him the right to even decide for YS? How is this healthy? Even if he does have feelings for her, this isn't right. LOL
  5. They would usually release the survey after the show is over right? Or atleast that's what I commonly see.
  6. LOL you did. There must be a reason for this change lol it has been hye for so long. Idk why they make it so complex and youre right about the mix-up. When you try to search her name in google, even Gu Hye Sun comes up LMAO
  7. We've actually discussed this in the project group a couple times. It really is HYE if we go by the actual spelling. But the agency is now using HAE. I dont know when they changed it, pretty sure it was HYE when i came to check there the first time. Also, SHS uses Hae in her autographs. They probably stuck to it now since it's easier to read? Lol idk or maybe a screen name which isn't really too far from the real one? Lol I use Hae Sun a lot lately but i still get confused a lot of times
  8. For the life of me, I do not know HOW I CANNOT SHIP THESE TWO. I've fallen so hard! help!
  9. You know what's funny though was I thought Kocowa was a blog or something and I've been salty about how lucky this fanblogger is to be able to get close to SHS!!! LMAO
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