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  1. Maybe we all should ramble more about this drama:)Thank for your insight. I enjoyed reading it. The word devour is an interesting choice of words coming from the writers. It is such an intense feeling as if he is dreaming about her all his life. Their love story might be 20 years in the making outside the gates of the hotel when a boy first laid eyes on her. As an adult on that empty train, he confirmed that she was indeed Jang Man Wol and he nervously picked up the primrose which he was throwing all his life only for the first time take the flowers home with him. I am not resolved yet with the reincarnation for the simple reason that I am leaving space for a big PLOT TWIST in the story line. I have nothing against reincarnation in this drama if it is done in a tasteful unique way and deviating away from plain old makjang kdrama tropes. We have seen reincarnation stories before and had been widely discussed in kdramas since the beginning that the story line became repetitive as a broken record. I feel that it might not be the case with Hotel Del Luna for this could be the case of unrequited love or we are heading towards a possible love triangle & a rivalry between a ghost and a human - the Goryeo captain, Manwol, and Chan Sung. I quite prefer Chan Sung to be an independent character and a sign of brand new beginning as noted by the growing leaves and violets. There are still many questions left unanswered. Man Wol's tree that never bloomed which the older lady attributed to her arrogance about life. Is Man Wol just trapped in her past that she cannot see the future that is unfolding in front of her? That the man she was waiting for over a thousand years might not be meant for her after all that is why she is still stuck in this world? The dead tree openly blooming now as Chan Sung being around it more. As always I have a weakness for characters that openly wear their hearts in their sleeves without any qualms he confessed to her in episode 3. He is destined to love her because it takes someone like Chan Sung to go through that tough bolted heart & finally break the curse of Jang Man Wol.
  2. Whether or not Chansung is a reincarnation of Man Wol's past love or a part of her brand new beginning, it does not matter to him for the way he looks at her says it all. The same look that he will put her above everything else even if at the end she will never be able to fully reciprocate anything. Jin Goo really conveyed so much in this scene. From his boyish subtle annoyance of dreaming about Man Wol's past love up to those deep glances he gives her. The appearance of a falling star as if this brewing relationship has tragedy written all over it I hope the Hong sisters will come up with a creative romance interweaving past to present without frustrating the viewers. So far so good right now. But I won't be hopeful for I was already burned from their previous dramas. If the Hong sisters can keep up the same credibility as the way they wrote Gumiho then I think this drama is going to be a good one.
  3. Three episodes down and still it gets interesting Although our heroine Ms Man Wol is an adrenaline charged scene stealer, there are moments that I happen to like Chan Sung's moments of quiet cerebration in episode 3. I have been wondering this fact since episode 1. I know he wanted to get away from the deal his father made with Man Wol. He is afraid of ghosts. But it is more than he decided to stay with Man Wol Is it first love, pity, or a sense of responsibility that Chan Sung feels for her? Either way, their first meeting was filled with the sweetest smiles. My impression Man Wol is the boy's first crush, first love
  4. Is it the time of the year already? Alright I need to wheel in back to my Soompi roots for IU is back with a brand new drama.
  5. Good morning and Happy Sunday to everyone Are we all heading at our 300 pages? Congratulations to My Ajusshi cast for winning at APAN. As we always predicted here, this drama would be a special gem during award season. My only disappointment is Lee Sun Gyun didnt win last night but I bet he is so happy that Lee Jieun won the top actress award. The always underrated and selfless LSG. He deserved all the respect in the industry. It makes me fume sometimes that he gets overlook during award seasons. LJE was a bit emotional and thanked him during her award acceptance speech. IU as a singer is a multi-awarded top soloist but this was her first top actress award. It further solidify the theory that LSG is indeed a legendary star maker. Pretty much most of his leading ladies either won awards or became critically accaimed actresses. I don't know how he does it, but IU openly refers to him as her best partner on numeorous occasions & last night award was no exception. It is quite telling on how he inspired his leading ladies to be at their best and shine brightly with him.
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